New Student Applications Now Accepted!

Applications for new students to OTA are now being accepted. Go to the About OTA tab, scroll down to enrollment, and click on application for new students. All new student applications are due by Friday, March 23, and our lottery will be Friday, April 27. Intent to re-enroll for existing OTA students will open Monday, March 5, and more information will follow soon.

SchoolMint Application New Student Sign Up

How to create an Account:

  1. Please access the link
  2. Click on the “Sign up” option.
  3. Sign Up
  4. Enter your email or phone number twice followed by your password. Then click on the “Let’s do this” button.
  5. Please answer ‘No’ to the question “Did You Have a Student at Old Town Academy Last Year?”
  6. Next, complete step 1, “Add Parent/Guardian information.”
  7. Add the “Applicant Information.”
  8. Select “Start an Application”
  9. Complete Application
  10. Click “Submit” when all information is complete