Special Education Instructional Aide - Kathleen Fontimayor

Kathleen Fontimayor
Kathleen Fontimayor

Education: Currently undergrad student at South Western College majoring in Education.

Teaching Experience: Kathleen has lived in San Diego all her life. This is her first year working at OTA. She has spent the last 4 years working in different after school programs as an activity leader. She has also worked in preschools as a teacher’s aide.

Hobbies: Ms. Kat loves to take trips to Disneyland. She also enjoys dancing, arts & crafts and spending time with her one-year-old dog.

Favorite Book: The Things We Keep Written by Sally Hepworth, A Child Called It Written by Dave Pelzer & The Hunger Games Series

Fun Fact: Ms. Kat owns a few rare pair of shoes. She also loves to Jet ski!

email: [email protected]