Spanish weekly update 11/12- 11/16 (1st grade- 8th grade)

1st Grade:

  • Students continue to learn about animals in Spanish.
  • This week learned about “Animals of the Amazon & Forest Animals”.


2nd Grade:

  • Students learned about “Farm Animals” in Spanish.
  • Students played a “Greetings” game.


3rd Grade:

  • Students continued to learn all about “Reptiles” in Spanish.


4th Grade:

  • Students presented their “Dream House” projects.


5th Grade:

  • Students learned about “Gender of Nouns in Spanish”.
  • Students completed Packet Unit 1.


6th Grade:

  • Students took a “practice quiz” on Vocabulary 1.
  • Upcoming quiz will be Wednesday, Nov. 28th.


7th Grade:

  • Students worked on “Vocabulario Creativo” actividades.
  • Students submitted their “Vocabulario Creativo” on Seesaw (online journal).

8th Grade:

  • Students completed a “vocabulary review” in preparation for their upcoming quiz -Wednesday, Nov. 28th.