Giving Tuesday

As you may know, Tuesday, November 28 was “Giving Tuesday.” In that spirit, our kindergarten students served lunch to their 4th grade buddies. They set the table, served the food, cleaned up, and gave each 4th grader a decorated rock, exclaiming “You Rock!” when they presented them. Another example of how OTA is Family, and how our students sincerely care about each other. 🙂






Sweatshirt Weather…

As the temperature drops, the mornings are more chilly and we recommend students wear sweatshirts to keep warm. Please keep in mind the OTA Uniform Policy, outlined on pages 26-28 of the Student-Parent Handbook. Only college sweatshirts or OTA sweatshirts are allowed. Thank you for supporting our uniform policy! 🙂 

From the Student-Parent Handbook:  Outerwear: When students choose to wear outerwear, they must wear an OTA logo sweatshirt (available at the uniform store) or a sweatshirt in any color imprinted with a tasteful College or University logo. Sweatshirts may be worn over an approved uniform shirt, but not in place thereof. Hooded sweatshirts within the above guidelines may be worn to school, but hoods are never permitted to be on the head when inside the building. Students may also wear a navy blue, non-branded, cardigan style, zip-up or buttoned sweater.



OTA Robotics Team is #1

Out of 24 teams competing on Saturday, November 11, our robotics team was victorious! We rocked our presentation of our aquaponics project, and our teamwork mission was successful. After a few trials, and last minute fixes with our robot, we were able to do just enough to pull off our win. This win cements our position at the LegoLand competition on December 2nd. The team is very excited to make to this regional competition! 

Special thanks go out to Ms. Schlose, Mr. and Ms. Olenick, Ron, Mr. Hanft, and all of the parents who helped support our team. And, a VERY special thanks to ResMed, who’s generous grant helped make our success possible.