Physical Education Teacher - Kevin Killacky

Kevin Killacky
Kevin Killacky

Education: Mr. Killacky was born and raised in Bonita and Chula Vista, graduating from Bonita Vista High School before attending the University of California at Santa Cruz where he earned his BA in American Studies. He then moved on to San Diego State University for his teaching credential. He is also the proud dad of three!

Teaching Experience: Most recently, Mr. Killacky worked at the elementary level teaching PE across the bay in Coronado, but has taught middle and high school PE as well in the Sweetwater High School District.

Hobbies: Mr. Killacky loves to be outdoors, spending time running local trails, swimming, or riding his bike. In fact, an ongoing project of his involves the construction of an outdoor BMX track in his backyard. He also plays a bit of indoor soccer on a team with his family.

Fun Facts: When indoors, Mr. Killacky enjoy classic films and reading just about anything by John Steinbeck. Although, sometimes he reads outside, too.

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