Office Manager - Nathalie Hirsch

Nathalie Hirsch
Nathalie Hirsch

Education: BA,Psychology from National University
AS, Paralegal Studies, Office Administration

Experience: Ms. Hirsch has an extensive background in office administration. Her background has been as a legal administrative assistant for several years for some of the top attorneys in their field. She has also volunteered as an academic advisor at the community college level.

Hobbies: She loves to cook, listen to live music and spend time with her 3 girls and partner of 19 years. Most weekends though, she is shuffling her girls to Hula and Ballet classes and is currently learning how to make costumes and sew and also create perfect ballet buns.

Favorite Books/Things to Read: Cookbooks! She also loves to read historical fiction of ancient Egypt and British history.

Fun Facts: She owns over 100 cookbooks (easily, might even be pushing 200) and studied dance since she was 2 all the way through college and taught Latin ballroom. Her favorite types of dance are the Argentine Tango and Tahitian dances.

email: [email protected]