6th-8th Grade English/Language Arts Teacher - Turner Watts

Turner Watts
Turner Watts

Education: Mr. Watts earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Education from Shepherd University in West Virginia.

Teaching Experience: Prior to joining the OTA team in 2014, Mr. Watts worked in the Los Angeles and Baltimore school systems teaching seventh and eighth grades.

Hobbies: Hiking, camping, reading, cooking, finding new places to eat, travel, board games, writing, playing with my dog Boh

Favorite Books/ Things to Read: The newspaper, anything by Bill Bryson, anything by John Grisham (guilty pleasure), short stories by Edgar Allan Poe, historical works, favorite novel hands down: Herman Melville’s book on Captain Ahab and that white Whale!

Fun Facts: Mr. Watts was in the Navy for five years and worked on a nuclear powered submarine. He completed four six-month deployments and visited nearly a dozen countries during his time at sea. He says the OTA project trees and checklists remind him of the “system mastery checklists” (qualification cards) submariners are given and asked to master before they earn the right to wear the Dolphins and stand a watch.

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