Announcement about grades and test/quiz corrections

Hi Parents at OTA!

Several parents have contacted me wondering about quiz and test correction rules, so I will try to clarify here.

All students are allowed to do quiz/test corrections on all exams. When they turn in the corrections, the answers are required to be 100% correct, otherwise, credit will not be given. The students are all aware of this rule. Some students have requested partial credit for  partially incorrect test corrections. I believe that this goes against the learning purpose of test corrections, so the corrections must all be done properly with all work shown.

I announce in class after each exam that they must always check their corrections if they did it properly with me before submitting. I tell them what they did wrong in their corrections if they ask before submitting. 

The students typically have a week to do corrections. Students may use this time to show their parents how they did on the test and ask questions. After the corrections are done I collect all the exams again and keep them.

*How correction is graded: I give students half of the points they originally missed. For example, if the student received 50 out of 100, the student will receive a new grade which is 75 if the correction is done properly. This is an excellent chance to gain many points back, so it must be done perfectly.

**Additionally, here is how I weight the different parts of the grades (test, project, etc.):

Test: 30%

Project: 20%

Quiz: 20%

Homework/Classwork: 20%

Participation: 10%

If you have any other questions and concerns, please feel free to contact me to [email protected]

Thank you for reading my post! 


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