Christina Celentino Private School Scholarship

The Christina Celentino scholarship awards an OTA student the sum of $250 toward the expenses required to apply for private high school, such as entrance exam tutoring and study guide, and application and registration fees.

To be eligible to be considered for the Christina Celentino scholarship, students must meet the following criteria:

  • Student must be enrolled in OTA at the time of the application
  • Student must be accepted to a private, tuition-based high school at the time of the application
  • ¬†Student must indeed graduate from OTA with his/her class in June of year of eligibility
  • Student must intend to enroll in the private high school in the fall, and indeed must enroll with the entering freshman class in the fall semester immediately after award of the scholarship
  • Student must have achieved high academic excellence during career at OTA
  • Student must have demonstrated and maintained excellent character during time at OTA
  • Student must submit an essay

The panel making the decision will include teachers and administration as well as a designated member of /designated by the Celentino family.

Winner’s stipend will be paid directly to their chosen school on the first Friday after enrollment; scholarship winner will be responsible for providing proof of enrollment to prior to issuance of stipend, which shall be delivered directly to the school of enrollment.

To apply, students must submit an essay, not to exceed 750 words, addressing and explaining the following:

  • Why did you choose to attend a private high school?
  • Describe your overall academic achievement at OTA and advise of which specific achievement you are most proud of, and why.
  • Describe your character development during your tenure at OTA and advise which character lesson was most important to you, and which you believe will best position you for success in your chosen high school.
  • Describe how you exemplify OTA’s core values

Students must submit their essay to Mr. Watts on or before May 10.  Announcement will be made at graduation.

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