CAASPP Testing

The CAASPP testing for grades 6-8th is coming up next week.  

Testing will take place between Tuesday, May 7th and Friday, May 10th

8th Grade Testing Schedule:

The CAASPP includes 4 Tests (2 math and 2 ELA)

  • ELA CAT- this test requires students to read many passages and asks comprehension and vocabulary questions regarding the text. This includes all 6-8th grade ELA Common Core standards. There are multiple choice and short answer questions. (all short answer should be in complete sentences and very detailed)
  • ELA Performance Task- This test takes TWO days to complete. It is lengthy. The test is made of 3 sources about a certain topic. For part 1, students read the 3 sources and are asked 3 questions. These answers must be in paragraph form with textual evidence to support their thinking. For part 2, students are required to write an essay (they will be randomly assigned an opinion, narrative, or informative essay, etc.)

Testing Week Information:

  • It is very important to be at school on time, have a healthy/filling breakfast, and a full nights rest. 
  • These tests are long and students can prepare at home by eating and sleeping right. 
  • Students who are absent during a test will have to miss class time later to complete the test. Please plan now for your child to be here all week. (if your child is sick, we can accommodate for them to take the test at a later date.)
  • Tests will start first thing in the morning. If students are late- Mr. C will hold them in the office until after our testing block so that students are not distracted by people coming in and out of our classroom. So, make sure students are ON TIME! 
  • All students need headphones or ear buds for the tests. There is some audio that students are required to listen to. If students do not have headphones at school already, please arrange to send some with your child. I do not have any extra headphones. 
  • Consider sending your student with a snack. I will allow for a break half way through testing, and students can benefit from having a snack to recharge their batteries. If you have extra snacks (granola bars, pretzels, etc.), please consider donating to the class. 


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