Week 8- End of Quarter and Star of India Info!

The end of quarter 2 is right around the corner!


  • This Friday, January 19th ALL extended learning for Q2 is due!
  • Next Friday, January 24th:
    • Last day of Quarter 2
    • Half Day- 12pm 
    • Free Dress/ Spirit Day- Throwback Day! – Dress as someone from the past! Throw it back to the 80s or come as Abraham Lincoln. Opportunities are endless!

Board of Exploration Presentation 

Our Exploration project presentation is coming! Next Friday at 10:30- our 5th graders will be presenting to the “Board of Exploration” as a country leadership team- trying to convince the board that their country is the most powerful during the Age of Exploration! 

All are welcome to attend on Friday, January 26th from 10:30-12:00. 

We have been researching all quarter and learning about European countries exploration during the Age of Exploration. We are focusing on England, Portugal, and Spain. 

Your child has a role- Country Leader, Explorer, Investor, Salesperson, or Communicator. They will present, with their group, a professional presentation to the “Board of Exploration” to explain their country’s exploration. 

Star of India 

Today, your child came home with the Star of India informational packet and permission slips! 

Please start signing the 3 pages that need to be returned in order for your child to attend. All signed permission slips and money are due by February 2nd. 

Here is the Packing List: 

Notes regarding packing list:

*2 bowls, 2 cups, and 2 spoons- these can be disposable or reusable. If they are reusable, they will be washed and the child will take them home. Or if they are disposable- your child will throw them away after using. 

*In regards to rain gear- this will only be necessary if it rains. I will be checking the weather as the days approach and keep everyone posted. If rain is in the forecast- boots, a raincoat, and/or poncho will be heavily encouraged. (the program continues as normal even if it rains. We will be outdoors for a lot of the field trip)  If rain is not in the forecast- your child does not need to bring rain gear. 

*Students will need a warm jacket for the evening. We will be outside for a lot of the time and it gets very cold! I normally wear a sweatshirt, jacket, and beanie. I recommend for all students to wear/bring layers so that they are comfortable in all temperatures.

*Stick to the packing list. 

This Week in 5th Grade


  • 7-3
  • 7-4
  • 7-5
  • 7-6
  • IXL


  • Vocabulary Week 7/8 Due
  • Vocabulary Week 7/8 Test on Friday
  • Idiom of the Week:
    • Case of the butterflies
    • Go with the Flow
  • New Unit- Native Americans! 


  • Geography! Only 2 more chances to pass Geography spelling tests! Students who have already passed all 5 regions can start studying for next quarter! They will be required to spell AND locate the states! 
  • Research for Board of Exploration presentation
  • Board of Exploration Proposal writing
  • Board of Exploration Proposal Presentation


Week 7 in Q2 Information and Updates

Hello 5th Grade!

Upcoming Announcements:

  • Monday, January 15th- No School (MLK Jr. Day)
  • Extended Learning DUE next Friday, January 19th
  • January 19 is OTA Family Skate Night
    • Where:  Skate World Located @ 6907 Linda Vista Rd.
      When:   Friday, January 19, 2018 From 5:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.
      Cost:     $6 per person at the door
  • End of Q1- Friday, January 26th– HALF DAY dismissal 

Save the date- February 7th-8th is our Star of India Field Trip! More information will be sent home this week. This is an overnight trip and is a ton of fun. Get Ready! 
Interested in chaperoning? Email me! 

This Week in 5th Grade


  • Topic 6 Review (Monday in class)
  • Topic 6 Online Assessment (tomorrow in class) 
  • Topic 6 Test- We will start this tomorrow and finish it on Wednesday. 
  • Beginning of Topic 7- FRACTIONS!!!! 
  • 7-1
  • 7-2
  • 7-3

Language Arts 

  • Don Quixote Essay Final Draft Due
  • Wrapping up Don Quixote– 
    • Completing the following pages in workbook:
      • “The Puppet Show” and “At the Duke’s Place” pg. 131-134
      • “Don Quixote Advises Sancho” “Sancho, Governor for Life” and “Danger at the Island” pg. 167-168
  • Vocabulary Week 7 and 8 Activity 1 and 2
  • Grammar Focus– Compound subject and compound predicate


  • Finish notes on Spanish Exploration
  • Notes on England, France, and the Netherlands Exploration 
  • Explorer Trading Cards– Balboa, Magellan, Sir Francis Drake, Jacques Cartier, and Henry Hudson
  • Our PBL for this quarter– Presenting in front of the Board of Exploration- Convincing the board that your country (Spain, Portugal, England, or France) is the most powerful country of the sea! 
    • We will be working on this project for the next 3 weeks.  

Movie, Socks, Ugly Sweaters, and a Pictures from Today!

Movie Permission Slip

We did it! We earned a special reward for our wonderful behavior! Woo!

The class voted on watching Zootopia! Your child should have brought home a movie permission slip. In order for your child to watch the movie- you must sign the permission slip! 

If your child lost the form- Click–> movie permission slip

Sock Drive ends tomorrow- Last day to donate socks for the homeless youth!

Ugly Sweater Spirit Day tomorrow!! Can’t wait to see all the beautiful ugly sweaters. 

Half Day Dismissal tomorrow– Please pick your child up at 12pm. 

Today we had a fun Waffle Winter Wonderland Celebration. THANK YOU everyone for providing the breakfast for these crazy 5th graders to enjoy! The waffles and pop tarts were a hit! 

Also- Thank you Mrs. Gabrielli and Mrs. Flores for setting up, serving the food, and organizing everything! 

Week 5 Updates and Information

Week 5 is here and winter break is on our mind! 

OTA and 5th Grade Announcements: 

  • All Week- SOCK DRIVE!! Don’t forget to donate socks for the homeless youth of San Diego. 
  • Thursday 12/14
    • 5th grade free dress! We earned a Free Dress day and will enjoy it on Thursday! 🙂
    • 5th Grade Waffle Winter Wonderland from 9:00-10:30am 
      • Our wonderful class parents- Mrs. Gabrielli, Mrs. Flores, and Mrs. Di Filippo have sent out a SignUp Genius for Thursday’s festivities. Check your email if you haven’t seen it. 
  • Friday 12/15
    • Spirit Day- Ugly Sweater Day! 
    • Half day dismissal at 12pm
  • Winter Break- 12/18-1/1
    • School begins again on Tuesday, January 2nd 

This Week in 5th Grade


  • 6-3
  • 6-4
  • 6-5
  • possibly 6-6
  • IXL 


  • Don Quixote- ch. 8 and 9
    • Skill Focus: Summaries! 
  • No Vocabulary this week
  • Don Quixote Essay (this is our main focus this week!)
    • We will write the last 3 paragraphs to our essay this week
    • This will complete our essay. We will edit and revise after break


  • Explorer Trading Cards- Complete 4 trading cards on google classroom on 3 Portuguese explorers and Christopher Columbus
  • Notes on Christopher Columbus 
  • Study Geography! 

Quick Reminders

Graded Work 

Expanding Files will now come home every Friday for you to see your child’s graded work. The expanding file needs to come back to school every Monday so that we can file more Q2 graded work the next time. Check your child’s back pack for the file folder with their graded work if you want to see all the hard work they have completed so far!

Sock Drive!! 

Don’t forget to buy socks to donate to Stand Up for Kids this weekend! We have one more week of the sock drive! We want to help the homeless youth in San Diego stay warm this winter. 

Grade Check

We all checked our grades today-  I also met with each student to discuss any questions or concerns regarding their Math, Language Arts, and History grade. Don’t forget to check at home and stay up to date with your child’s grades as well. Thanks!  

Next Friday 

Next Friday is a half day with 12pm dismissal. Also- it’s ugly sweater day. 🙂 

Week 4 Updates and Info!

Hello everyone!

OTA Announcements:

  • Donate socks for Stand Up for Kids!! The socks you donate will directly impact San Diego’s homeless youth. 
  • Next Friday- 12/15- Half Day and Ugly Sweater spirit day! 
  • Winter Break 12/18-1/1 (School begins 1/2)

This Week in 5th Grade:


  • Topic 5 Review (ugly sweater review and in class Study Scoot around the classroom!)
  • Topic 5 Test
  • 6-1 
  • 6-2
  • IXL due Friday! 


  • Vocab Week 3/4 Activities Due Friday
  • Vocab Week 3/4 Test on Friday
  • Grammar Focus- Subject and Predicate 
    • ELA IXL A.2 and A.3 
  • Don Quixote Essay Graphic Organizers – pg. 81, 103, 125
  • Don Quixote Essay- Intro paragraph and body paragraph #1 only
  • Don Quixote Ch. 7 Summary 


  • Navigational Tools due Friday
  • Notes on Portuguese Exploration 
  • Explorer Trading Cards- more info on History page on blog after we start it in class! 

Book Talks and Sock Drive

Book Talks:

Book Talks are approaching! A couple weeks ago, your child received a Book Talk informational packet. 

Book Talks are a 2-4 minute advertisement for a book they read during Quarter 1 or Quarter 2. This presentation is comprised of a hook, content, and a cliff hanger. Basically, your child is summarizing the book for the class. The purpose is for students to hear about a variety of books and see what they want to read next! Also, to put a purpose to reading everyday at home. We will do more Book Talks throughout the year to continue motivating students to continue reading nightly at home. 

Encourage your child to get creative! Use the characters or storyline to enhance your book talk. For example, your child can pretend to be a character from the story and talk from first person perspective. Or if the book has an important item that is apart of the story- your child can bring it and use it in their presentation. 

Students should practice ahead of time and have a written copy they can refer to while presenting. These presentations will happen in December and January. Please see below for the date your child signed up for. 

OTA Annual Sock Drive for StandUp for Kids

Every year OTA sponsors a sock drive for the homeless kids at the StandUp For Kids Center here in San Diego. This year our sock drive will be from December 4th through December 15th.

We are asking our OTA families to be generous in helping these kids whose homes are the streets of San Diego. Every year OTA has delivered several hundred pairs of socks to the Center to be distributed to the homeless kids. These kids depend on us to help them and to make this holiday season special for them.

This year we are having a free dress day incentive for the classes to collect socks. Each class will be given a large trash bag to fill with socks. Every class that fills a bag will have a free dress day for the entire class after the holidays.

Please bring in packages of new athletic socks throughout the sock drive to help fill the class bags. The Principal’s Advisory Committee is spearheading this project and will be in all the classrooms encouraging students to bring in socks.

Get into the spirit of giving this holiday season and help OTA make a difference in the lives of these young children.

Thank you for helping OTA make the holidays special for the homeless kids at the StandUp for Kids Center.


Book Tasting at the Cook Cafe!


The Cook Cafe served up some tasty “treats” this week for our 5th graders to “taste”! 

5th grade participated in a Book Tasting that allowed students to try out and take a taste of 5 books. Students will start book clubs next week and will be working in small groups on different reading and comprehension skills. 



Q2 Week 3 Reminders & Information

I hope everyone had a wonderful week off last week. We only have 3 more weeks before our next break! Time flies. 

This Week in 5th Grade:


  • 5-4
  • 5-5
  • 5-6
  • 5-7
  • 5-8
  • IXL due date extended to 12/8 

Language Arts 

  • Vocabulary week 3/4 Activities #1 and #2 
  • Continue reading Don Quixote 
  • Fact and Opinion practice
  • Persuasive Essay- What are the elements of a persuasive essay?
    • Intro Paragraph 
  • Suffix focus: -ness (meaning- the state of)
  • Idiom of the Week: Up in the Air (meaning- something that is uncertain or undecided)


  • Motivations for Exploring Ship Art due Friday (worked on the last 2 weeks in class)
  • Navigational Tool folder due Friday (done together in class)
  • Study Geography! 
    • 6 more weeks of Q2 which means 6 more opportunities to pass all the geography spelling tests! 

Information Notice

Hello 5th grade parents. We distributed notices to your children today, regarding lice. Please review the notice, and take the necessary steps at home. As always, we are taking every precaution to assure your child is safe at school. Please understand that we will not let any student in class if we discover even one egg or nit. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Thanks- Jon