5th grade parent meeting- re: middle school

Please calendar *Wednesday, May 23*, at *3:15* for the 5th grade parent meeting regarding middle school. I will discuss the middle school courses and schedule, expectations, parent involvement, and more. I will also allow plenty of time for questions. Students are welcome as well, but they’ll have a separate presentation during their class time before this meeting. You’ll receive reminders along the way, but please mark the date/time on your calendar. Thanks! Jon

Welcome to Quarter 4!

Welcome to the last Quarter of 5th grade! 

Last week was all about our Moving West Presentations! Our class did an exceptional job presenting what they have learned about the Westward Expansion. Thank you to all parents who were able to come and see our hard work! 

**Pictures of our presentations coming soon!**


  • POETRY CONTEST is this week! Our Classroom Poetry Contest will take place on Wednesday. The 3 top 5th graders will move onto the OTA Poetry Contest on Thursday. 
    • Students should be practicing EVERY NIGHT this week. 
  • Grandparent’s Day is this Friday. Remind your grandparents and special friends of our fun event this Friday from 9-11am. Grandparents and students of 5th grade will be participating in interactive lessons in Spanish, Language Arts, PE, and Music. 
    • Half Day dismissal- 12pm. 
  • Report Cards from Q3 will be mailed home this week! Keep your eye out for them! 

This Week in 5th Grade:


  • Finish Volume Project with partner
  • 11-6
  • Topic 11 Review
  • Topic 11 Test 


  • Poetry Lessons 5-8
  • Vocabulary from the last 2 weeks (we never finished it!)
  • Vocabulary Test on Friday (we didn’t take it last week)
  • Figurative Language Focus: Metaphors!


  • Study STATES and CAPITALS!! First test on the Northeast Region on Friday! 
  • Notes on Slavery 


**More info about Q4 coming soon.**

Endocrine System Permission Slip

Hello 5th Grade Families!
I sent home an option out sheet today with your students about learning about the endocrine system and some sections of human reproduction. I am attaching a copy of the sheet in case it does not make it home.
I am also showing a video in class tomorrow that goes over all of the glands in the endocrine system. If you would like your student to not watch the video please let me know. I am attaching the link to the video below.
If you have any questions about the content that I am teaching, please feel free to reach out to me.
Thanks, Miss Schlose​ Endocrine Opt Out Sheet.docx <docs.google.com/a/oldtownacademy.org/document/d/1_Nhw9KS6Dzt0VNpBuEd_VBejp5Eou0yEx6fho_nqkBU/edit?usp=drive_web> ​ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HXPCQBD_WGI&index=17&list=PLRmb5AxU-JXgajvrrcozhkhMeSWa0XI0Z&t=0s

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Friday Festivities

The class earned a reward for Friday and they voted on a movie/popcorn/snacks. 

I sent home today a permission slip for the movie Despicable Me 3. Please sign and return by Friday so that your child can watch the movie! 

I have popcorn to share with all but students are also allowed to bring in snacks/food for themselves to eat during the movie. 

**Reminder- Friday is a half day- with 12 pm dismissal and Disney Spirit day! 

Last Week of Q3!

We made it to week 10 of Q3- our last week! Time flies when you’re having fun!


  • This Friday- Half Day 12pm dismissal 
    • spirit day/free dress day- anything Disney related! 
  • Next Week- Poetry Contest!
    • 5th Grade in class contest on Wednesday- April 18th
    • OTA Poetry Contest on Thursday, April 19th. 
  • Next Friday- Grandparent’s/Special Friend Day at OTA!
    • Half day- early 12pm dismissal
    • Grandparent’s Day is from 9-11am
    • Last week- we wrote invitations to mail or give to their Grandparent. These should be in your child’s folder 🙂 
    • Students are encouraged to have lunch with their special guests after the OTA 9-11am program :). Grandparents will enjoy PE, Spanish, ELA, and Music! It will be a very fun day! 

Moving West Presentations 

Last week, we transformed our desks into covered wagons! This Wednesday and Thursday, students will be presenting their Moving West Presentations at 2pm. 

All parents are encouraged to come and see your child’s presentation on the day listed above. 

Students are “moving west” and will educate the audience about the journey westward, what they brought, why they are moving, the route they will take, and then focus on a specific Westward Expansion concept (such as transportation, manifest destiny, states/territories joining the union, the Mexican American war, the Louisiana Purchase, and the Gold Rush).

Students are encouraged to dress the part. They are pioneers from the late 1800s. No need to go buy any fancy outfit- just see what you already have that can be adapted/make work for the presentation! Do a quick google search to get an idea! 

Also- Your child should have come home with a list of things to bring for their presentation. The idea is to fill their wagon with items they are bringing on their journey! Students can start bringing those items tomorrow. 

**Some students have asked to bring toy weapons for the presentation ONLY (since many travels brought weapons to hunt with). I have spoken with Mr. C and we will allow it if the following instructions are followed:
-Item must be placed in a bag while walking from car to classroom
-As soon as you arrive at school- bring the bag up to the 5th grade classroom and I will hold all toy weapons until the presentation. 
-After the presentation I will keep them until student brings home the item in the bag it came to school in. 

CAASPP State Testing

More information will be coming home soon about practice tests and what we will/have been doing in class to prepare. 🙂

This Week in 5th Grade


  • 11-3
  • 11-4
  • 11-5
  • Volume Project 


  • Poetry Lesson 4-6
  • Simile and Metaphor Focus
  • Vocabulary Packet due and Quiz this Friday! 
  • Grammar- ELA IXL D.9 (100%)


  • Last Chance to take/pass a Geography Test for the quarter
  • PBL presentations and practicing 

Week 9 Updates and Information

Hello Everyone!

I hope you all had a great Spring Break! With only 2 weeks left in Q3- we are working on finishing strong!! 


April is a busy month! Mark your calendars for the following important events:

  • Extended Learning Due THIS Friday, April 6th
  • Moving West Presentations- next Wednesday & Thursday at 2:00pm. Your child will present on the date they signed up for below:
    • All parents are invited to these presentations! Come and watch your child show their knowledge of the Westward Expansion!
  • Last Day of Quarter 3- next Friday, April 13th 
    • Half Day dismissal- 12pm
  • OTA Poetry Contest- Thursday, April 19th 
  • Grandparent’s Day- Friday, April 20th 
  • OTA Gala- April, 21st– get your tickets now!- http://www.oldtownacademygala.org

Poetry Contest

Our Annual OTA Poetry Contest is this month! Students have access to the 5th grade poem list on Google Classroom. As always- all students are required to participate in the classroom poetry contest. This will take place on Wednesday, April 18th. Top 3 5th grades will move onto the school-wide competition on Thursday, April 19th. 

Students must choose a poem on the 5th grade list, or a different poem written by an author found on our 5th grade list. Any Shakespeare poetry is also allowed and encouraged! 

Students should start practicing now! 

This Week in 5th Grade:


  • Topic 10 review/ Online Assessment 
  • Topic 10 Test
  • Volume Project- We have been working on a volume project in class with a partner. Students are designing their own aquatic center! 
  • 11-1
  • 11-2


  • We have finished our Native American Unit and started Poetry today! 
  • We will do a poetry lesson in class each day- and students are responsible for finishing anything they didn’t finish in class at home. 
  • This week we will complete Lesson 1-4 in our poetry journals
  • Figurative Language Focus- Similes 
  • Vocabulary Packet 


  • Student Geography- only 2 more weeks to pass Q3 tests!
  • PBL Projects- all week we will be finishing our projects! 

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