Have a Great Summer!

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone for such a special year. Thank you to all the parents who donated items, helped at events, and helped your child become a more independent learner. I truly enjoyed each and every day I spent with these kids. This group is incredibly special, and I am lucky to have been their teacher. I will miss them but am so glad I still get to see them grow in middle school.

Just a reminder, if you are interested in having your child join my math camp or book club, you can still join! This is something that many students have truly enjoyed being a part of in the past. And I love it too! Email me ASAP for details. I am also available for individual tutoring. 

Thank you for all my special gifts that I was spoiled with on Friday. I hope you all have a relaxing summer! See you in the fall! 


Civil War Wax Museum

Our Civil War Wax Museum had it’s grand opening today! The “statues” were incredibly life like! Take a look at the scenes and statues below! 

Thanks for coming and supporting us today!


The LAST Week of 5th Grade


We made it to the last week of 5th grade. I cannot believe the last day of the school year is Friday! This class is incredibly special and I am so lucky to have been their teacher! I will miss them. 

Field Day 2019

Last Friday, we had such a FUN Field Day! 4th grade put up a great fight…but we came out on top and won!! Take a look at our fun day. Thank you to the parents who came to watch and help out! 

Civil War Wax Museum 

TOMORROW AT 1:30pm (please take note of the slight time change from my original post)

We hope you can come to our Wax Museum. When you arrive, you will wait in the lobby and at 1:30pm our museum will “open”. The museum will take place in the garage/lunch area. When our museum opens, you will find many “statues” stationed around the room. These “statues” will stay in position for a couple minutes and then magically come to life to present information about different battles and people of the Civil War. 

All students are encouraged to dress in Civil War attire for tomorrow. As always, no need to go buy an outfit, but try to put together something that could work for the person your child is pretending to be! 🙂 

We hope to see you tomorrow! 

Last Day of School is this Friday. It is a half day- 12pm dismissal and free dress day! We will be watching Wonder and having a class Talent Show to celebrate our year together. 

Students will receive their yearbook on the last day of school as well. 

5th grade math books will come home tomorrow. I would recommend to not throw them away! There is a chapter in the back called, Step Up to Grade 6 and this would be perfect to complete over the summer! 

Summer Book Club and Math Camp

Just a reminder, I posted last week about a summer book club and math camp that I put on over the summer. If you are interested in continuing learning for your child over the summer, email me! 

If is a struggle to get your child to read over the summer, Book Club is the answer! We read fun books that interest them and talk about the story along the way.

If you child is an avid reader, my accelerated Book Club is perfect for them! This is more of a traditional adult book club style, where we read the books independently and come together once a week to talk about them. It’s a lot of fun!

In regards to math camp, we will practice 5th grade skills and prepare them for 6th grade content. It’s a lot of fun too :).

Field Day is TOMORROW!


Tomorrow is the day we DOMINATE! We will be participating in field day tomorrow from 12:10-2:45pm. All students should bring a water bottle and wear sunscreen in case the sun finally peeks through! Students are also encouraged to bring a lunch tomorrow rather than buy hot lunch because there will be 5 grades eating at once!

Students are strongly encouraged to wear as much RED as possible! If your child ordered a shirt, they will get it tomorrow morning. 

Let’s Go 5th Grade!!


5th grade Week 8 Announcements

Hi everyone! We are almost there! Less than 2 weeks left until…SUMMER! Crazy how fast this year has flown by.

Field Day

Field Day is THIS Friday, June 7th from 12:00-2:45pm. This year 4th-8th grade will be out on the field/blacktop area at the same time…but the real competition is still between 4th and 5th grade! All 5th graders are heavily encouraged to wear RED (from head to toe) on Friday to support 5th grade. 

Parents, we need your help! If you would like to run a field day game station, we need you!! Please email me ASAP if you would like to volunteer. Our Field Day teacher reps will tell you all about your station when you arrive. Please plan on arriving around 11:30-11:45 to learn about how you can help this fun event! 

Civil War Wax Museum 

Our presentations will take place next Wednesday, June 12th from 1:00-2:00pm in the cafeteria/garage area. Students are working with a team of students and are all specific people from the Civil War. All students are encouraged to dress up and look like their character. All family members are invited to attend our last presentation of the year!


Yearbooks are still for sale! If you would like to purchase one last minute, they are $30 and you can give the money directly to the office, me, or Mrs. Vickers. You don’t want to miss out on getting one!

Lost and Found

Make sure to check out the Lost and Found items! All items remaining on Friday, will be donated to charity.  

This Week in 5th Grade


  • 15-3 
  • Topic 15 and 16 Review
  • Topic 15 and 16 test
  • IXL skills due Friday 


  • Reading and discussing Wonder in class
  • Podcast Study


  • Geography State Expert Reports due Thursday, June 13th 
  • Battles of the Civil War due Friday
  • PBL group time. 

5th Grade Reminders for Q4 Week 7

We have just one day left of state testing!! 5th grade has done a great job so far and I am super proud them. Thank you to all the parents who donated snacks, gums, and small candies to help get us through. The class appreciates you!

Wonderful Wednesday

Our class has been working hard, trying to earn points on their Reward Tracker and last week they made it to the top! We voted to spend tomorrow afternoon in celebration of being done with state testing and enjoy a ‘Wonderful Wednesday’ together. Students voted on watching Daddy Daycare (rated PG), play games, draw, hang out, etc. Movie Permission slips went home today and must be returned tomorrow in order to watch the movie! We will be watching the movie from 12:45-2:00. If your child misplaced the permission slip, you can always email me instead.

Q4 Book Talks

These presentations are coming up next week! Students signed up weeks ago and should have been reading all quarter long. THIS BOOK TALK MUST BE ON A BOOK THEY HAVE READ THIS QUARTER. 

Beauty and the Beast Performance 

Next Tuesday, June 4th at 12:50pm 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade will be heading off campus to watch the Beauty and the Beast performance put on by our very own students from the after school theatre group. 

We need parent volunteers to  drive students to Mission Hills United Church of Christ: 4070 Jackdaw Street, Mission Hills, 92103 at 12:50 and then back to school when the play is over. Please let me know if you can volunteer! Because there are so many classes attending, it’s hard to find enough drivers for each class. 

Thanks so much! 

Field Day is Friday, June 7th 

Next Friday is FIELD DAY!!! 5th grade is the color RED and we want to show our spirit!! If you didn’t order a t-shirt, hopefully students have a red shirt to wear that day! We want to be covered in RED!! 

More details to come, and parent volunteers will be needed as well! Can’t wait for this fun day.

Civil War Wax Museum 

Mark your calendars! Our last PBL presentation for this year is Wednesday, June 12 from 1:00-2:00. Hopefully you can attend! Our students will be “wax statues” and then come to life to share about what they have learned! 

Last day of School is Friday, June 14th- half day dismissal at 12pm. 

This Week in 5th Grade


  • Topic 16 Reteach 
  • 15-1 
  • 15-2
  • IXL due


  • Finish Narratives
  • Novel Study: Wonder 🙂 


  • Battle Activity 
  • Confederacy Struggle Notes 
  • PBL group time 
  • Geography State Expert Reports

Week 6 Information for 5th Grade

Can you believe we only have 3 Monday’s left of 5th grade? I can’t! 

Last week, we ended the week with a bang! We started talking about the life of a Civil War soldier. Often times, soldiers ate hardtack. This “cracker” has a long shelf life and was cheap to make, this made hardtack a popular choice for food during the Civil War. Hardtack is simply flour, water, and salt. The class had fun making together:  

And they even enjoyed eating them!! (for the most part 🙂 )



As a reminder, we begin CAASPP testing on Wednesday. We will be testing THIS Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday morning this week and NEXT Tuesday and Wednesday. It is super important that everyone is here during testing hours from 8:00-10:00am. 

A couple reminders for testing week:

  • Everyone needs to be at school ON TIME. We will start as soon as we come up from the field at 8:00. If your child is late, Mr. C will hold them in the office until after the testing block so that they do not disrupt the class. PLEASE BE ON TIME. 
  • It’s important your child gets a good night sleep and eats a big breakfast in the morning. This will set your child up for success. 
  • Students NEED headphones or earbuds for the test! There are still about 12 students who have not brought these in. I do not have enough in the classroom. Please make sure these are sent to school ASAP. 
  • Students are encouraged to bring a water bottle to school during test days as well. 
  • Students may also bring in a quiet individual activity to work on after they finish their assessments each day. This could be word searches, a coloring book, a reading book, etc. This must be independent and quiet. 

**if you volunteered to bring in snacks for testing week, please send them in ASAP! Click here for the sign up. 

This Week in 5th Grade:


  • We skipped Topic 15 for now, but will go back and complete it. 🙂 
  • 16-2
  • 16-3
  • 16-4
  • IXL


  • Finishing Personal Narratives 
  • ELA Skills review 
  • ELA IXL HH skills 
  • Since we are taking the ELA CAASPP tests this week, we will not be doing much revolving around reading, due to our focus on the test. 


  • People of War poster
  • Battles activity
  • Geography state reports

Q4 Week 5 Information and Updates

Hi Everyone, 

CAASPP Testing

5th Grade’s testing schedule is here:

Testing Week Information:

  • It is very important to be at school on time, have a healthy/filling breakfast, and a full nights rest. 
  • These tests are long and students can prepare at home by eating and sleeping right. 
  • Students who are absent during a test will have to miss class time later to complete the test. Please plan now for your child to be here all week. (if your child is sick, we can accommodate for them to take the test at a later date.)
  • Tests will start first thing in the morning. If students are late- Mr. C will hold them in the office until after our testing block so that students are not distracted by people coming in and out of our classroom. So, make sure students are ON TIME! 
  • All students need headphones or earbuds for the tests. There is some audio that students are required to listen to. If students do not have headphones at school already, please arrange to send some with your child.  

Practice Tests 

We will be referring to these practice tests in class, but will most likely not complete them all in class. Students are encouraged to practice navigating/getting comfortable with the testing platform and concepts at home as well. 

These practice tests are lengthy and students should not complete them quickly if they are honestly trying their best. Keep this in mind when your child is completing them at home. 

CAASPP Practice Test Link

Students ONLY need to practice the top 4 pink tests called Smarter Balanced Practice Tests

  • Grade 5 ELA Practice Test 
    • Students should be writing in complete sentences, with text evidence!! 
    • Answer all short answer questions with the strategy RACE (restate question, answer question, cite text evidence, and explain) 
  • Grade 5 ELA Performance Task
    • Should practice paragraph answers in Part 1
    • Should practice planning and writing a full essay (4-5 paragraphs).
  • Grade 5 Math Practice Test
  • Grade 5 Math Performance Task
    • Should practice writing in complete sentences and really explaining your thinking when required. 

Testing Week Donations:

  • Because the testing period is long, I try to offer students an individually wrapped snack, individually wrapped candy, and gum. 
  • Each day, I have 1 or 2 of the following items on their desk before testing begins:
    • 1 individually wrapped snack- goldfish, granola bar, pretzels, etc.
    • 1 or 2 pieces of small hard candy- jolly rancher, life saver, etc. 
    • 1 piece of gum to chew during testing 
  • I am asking for donations of any of the following items I mentioned above.
    • Please see CLICK HERE to sign up for an item to donate. 
  • We have 5 testing days, and these items help the student’s testing stamina to last the 2 hours of testing each day! 
  • Students will only be allowed to eat/chew the food/gum provided for them during testing. 

OTA Announcements:

  • Tomorrow is the OTA Orchestra Performance at Immaculate Conception Church at 6:30pm. Call time for students is at 6:15pm. 
    • See the informational page that went home last week:
  • 5th Grade Parent Meeting-Transition to Middle School, on Tuesday, May 21 at 3:15pm.
    • Mr. C holds a meeting every year for 5th grade parents to hear about middle school at OTA. You will be informed about how middle school is different for your child and what to expect in the next 3 years. This is held in the 5th grade classroom. 
  • No School on Monday, May 27th: Memorial Day  

This Week on 5th Grade


  • 14-2
  • 14-3
  • 14-4
  • 5th Grade Math Review
  • IXL


  • Personal Narratives
    • Story Map
    • Beginning, Middle, End
    • Story Starters
    • Showing vs. Telling
    • Writing our Narratives
    • Adding Figurative language 
  • Grammar Focus: Prepositions 


  • Advantages of the North and South
  • The Union Plan/Strategy 
  • Geography State Reports 

Last Chance to Bid!

Don’t forget to place your bids for any Online Auction items! The online auction closes tonight! Teacher experiences have rolling close times. 3rd-5th grade experiences close at 8:30. Only 2 more hours to go!! 

Who will be coming to Cooking With the Cooks? 

Let’s raise money for OTA! 

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