We made it!! Did this year fly by or what!? 

Some reminders for the last week of school:

  • Civil War Wax Museum Presentations are Thursday at 10:45! These will be in the lunch area. PLEASE WAIT IN THE LOBBY UNTIL THE MUSEUM OPENS! Make sure you come right at 10:45 so you can view the “statues” (your children will be posed as wax statues) for a couple minutes. Around 10:50- the statues will come to life and start presentations. I have broken the presentations into 2 quick sessions of about 10 minutes. 
    • Session 1: 10:50-11:00
      • Group 1: Sarah, Katherine, Paola, Marley
      • Group 2: Alyssa, Bella, Nathan, Hudson, and Lesson 
      • Group 3: Lily, Noyes, Sage, and Jonah 
    • Session 2: 11:05-11:15
      • Group 4: Tatiana, Rachel, Jordan, Aiden, Felix 
      • Group 5: Lexi, Izzy, Anthony, Jaden, and Anna
      • Group 6: Milan, Diego, Rafael, and Ameer 
    • The idea is to watch your child’s presentation and then choose another presentation to watch in the other session. All 5th graders who are not presenting during that time slot will watch their classmates present. 
  • Thursday- We will be cleaning out our cubbies. Please send your child with a sturdy reusable bag with handles or a brown paper grocery bag. This will be helpful when transporting everything home! 
    • Coming home with your child will be their Volume 2 Math Book. There is a section called Step Up to Grade 6 that begins on page 883 at the end of the math book. It includes 10 lessons of information that your child can do over the summer to get ready for 6th grade! 🙂  
  • Friday, June 15th = last day of school 
    • Early Dismissal at 12pm
    • FREE DRESS DAY- sorry for the confusion. It has been cleared with Mr. C that Friday is indeed a free dress day. 🙂
    • Class Celebration 10:45-11:55 – all are welcome to join in on the fun. 
    • We will be watching Wonder in the morning as a celebration for finishing the book! Permission slips will come home today! Students will be unable to watch the movie without a signed permission slip! 
  • Lastly, if any are interested in the accelerated book club over the summer, I have 2 students interested. If 1 or 2 more join- I would LOVE to add this to my summer program. We will read 1 book each week (a total of 4 books) and meet to discuss each week. This will take place on the same dates (Wednesdays) I listed on the original informational flier I sent home, right now the time of this group is TBA. 
  • Sign ups for the Math Camp, Book Club, and the Accelerated Book Club will close on Friday, please let me know if you are interested. 


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