Quarter 2 Week 4

Hello 5th Grade! 

OTA Announcements:

  • Coffee with the Principal 12/7 at 8:!5
  • Wednesday, December 19th is a HALF DAY! 
  • Winter Break 12/20-1/4
    • School Begins again on January 7th 🙂

Book Talk 

Book Talks are approaching! Last week your child received a bright pink informational form describing this new project! 

Book Talks are a 2-4 minute advertisement for a book they read during Quarter 1 or Quarter 2. This presentation is comprised of a hook, content, and a cliff hanger. Basically, your child is summarizing the book for the class. The purpose is for students to hear about a variety of books and see what they want to read next! Also this puts a purpose to reading everyday at home. We will do more Book Talks throughout the year to continue motivating students to continue reading nightly at home. 

Encourage your child to get creative! Use the characters or storyline to enhance your book talk. For example, your child can pretend to be a character from the story and talk from first person perspective. Or if the book has an important item that is apart of the story- your child can bring it and use it in their presentation. 

Students should practice ahead of time and have a written copy they can refer to while presenting. These presentations will happen in January and your child has already signed up for a presentation date. You can go to the BOOK TALK tab on the blog to see the calendar, my example, and any extra tips for your child. 


I’m so excited to see these in January 🙂 

This Week in 5th Grade


  • Topic 5 Online Assessment 
  • TOPIC 5 MATH TEST on Tuesday – Students should study TONIGHT by finishing their Topic 5 Reteach and their reviewing the Online Assessment on pearsonrealize.com
  • 6-1
  • 6-2
  • IXL Due Friday 


  • Don Quixote Vocabulary Week 3/4 Due Friday 
  • Vocabulary Test on Friday 
  • Skill focus: Comparing and Contrasting different parts of Don Quixote.
  • Double Bubble Thinking Map 
  • Drawing Conclusions based on analyzing the text 
  • Opinion Essay- Intro paragraph and Body Paragraphs!! 
  • Read CH. 7-10 of Don Quixote 


  • Notes on Portuguese Exploration
  • Activity: Portuguese Explorer Award 

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