Q2 Week 7 Information

Hello Everyone!

OTA Announcements:

  • No School on Monday, January 21- Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday 

Star of India Field trip

The famous OTA 5th Grade field trip, The Star of India, is about a month away! Our field trip is on February 6th – 7th. We will be participating in a living history experience and pretending we are sailors aboard an emigrant ship in the 1800s. Our students and chaperones will become part of the story and experience life aboard a ship. This is an overnight field trip! Students will need to be picked up the morning of the 7th.

**The program does not allow any students to come late or leave early. As this will disrupt the narrative/flow of the storyline.**

More information coming! 

I am in need of chaperones! If you would like to volunteer on this exciting voyage, please email me ASAP to secure your spot. I have a specific number of chaperones that are allowed to come. So, let me know! 

This Week in 5th Grade


  • We started Topic 7 this week! We will be focusing on FRACTIONS for awhile! 🙂 
  • 7-1
  • 7-2
  • 7-3
  • 7-4
  • 7-5
  • IXL 


  • Wrapping up Don Quixote 
  • Strategy/Skill Focus: Compare & Contrast different elements of the story, characters, events, scenes, etc.
  • Vocabulary Prefix inter- and para- packet due
  • Vocabulary Test on Friday 
  • Grammar Focus: Nouns (common, proper, abstract, and concrete) 
  • Character Focus Activity on Don Quixote and Sancho


  • Notes on Spanish Exploration
  • Continue our Columbus Analyzation/discussion- Hero or villain? 
  • Geography State Expert Report 

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