Week 5 Info and Updates

Hello everyone! 

Welcome to Week 5 of Q3…we are officially half way through the quarter!!

OTA Announcements: 

  • Intent to Re-Enroll
    • Today, March 4th, 2019, all forms are available for you to re-enroll at Old Town Academy.  This is only for returning students, and if you have a sibling that you would like to enroll, please submit a new applicationThe deadline to complete and submit re-enroll forms will be FridayMarch 15th, 2018. Below are the instructions:
      • Please access the SchoolMint website with the URL link oldtownacademy.schoolmint.net . All registered OTA families should have an account with your chosen primary email address, so go ahead and login.  If you have forgotten your user information, please follow the prompts for “Forgot Username” or “Forgot Password”.  From your “Student Dashboard” select “Re-Enroll” and Complete Forms.
      • We look forward to having your child/children for another great year at Old Town Academy! Should you have any questions or issues, please contact our office at (619) 574-6225

Q3 Book Talks

We signed up for our Book Talks today! Every student will be presenting a Book Talk about a RECENT book they have read. (This book should be a book they have read in Q2 or Q3)

Students will receive the paper direction page and the graphic organizer tomorrow. Please see the calendar for the date your child is presenting on!

Focus area for this quarter: CREATIVITY!! I can’t wait to see your imagination and creativity come to life in your book talks! 

This Week in 5th Grade:


  • 9-7
  • 9-8
  • Topic 9 reteach and Online Assessment
  • Topic 9 Test 
  • IXL due Friday


  • Vocabulary Focus: Suffixes (-ile, -il, -able, -ible) packet due Friday
  • Vocabulary Test on FRIDAY- Study with Quizlet
  • Totem Pole and Writing – We have been learning about the tribes of the Pacific Northwest and how important totem poles were to their culture. These were passed down from generation to generation and often times placed in front of their house. We are creating our own totem poles and discussing what symbolizes our family. Stay tuned for pictures! 
  • Tales of the Pacific Northwest Compare and Contrast plan and writing 
  • Grammar Focus: Review of linking, action, and helping verbs AND intro to Verb Tenses 


  • We’ve been doing some fun projects in History! A couple weeks ago we pretended to be Lewis and Clark and collect items from their journey through the Louisiana Purchase. The students had a ton of fun creating their lists and items. 

  • Last week we learned how transportation changed during the Westward Expansion. We learned about turnpikes, covered wagons, steamboats, canals, and the railroad. Students worked hard on creating newspapers that educated the readers on the improvements and how it impacted the life of pioneers moving west. Here are just a couple examples to see but ask your child to find theirs on Google Classroom to show you!
  • This week we are focusing on understanding the term Manifest Destiny. We have listened to a song, analyzed a picture, and tomorrow will look at a famous quote to come to an understanding. 
  • Students will begin thinking about their journey westward and look ahead to what is to come this quarter. 


  • Students should be done with at least 3 pages of their State Expert Report packets. 

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