5th Grade Updates for Q3 Week 6

5th Grade Families, 

OTA Announcements:

  • March 15th- deadline to complete your intent to Re-Enroll. 
  • Spring Break- March 25- 29th  🙂 

OTA 1st Annual Book Fair:

  • We will be hosting our first ever Book Fair on March 19th – 20th 
  • K-4th grade will have time during school on March 19th to purchase books and 5-8th will have a chance on March 20th. 
  • The Book Fair will be open for parents and families after school on March 20th! 
  • More info to come 🙂 

This Week in 5th Grade


  • We have started Topic 10- Volume
  • Today we began by exploring volume with unit cubes and discovering how many different rectangular prisms we could make with a volume of 12 cubic units.   
  • Monday: 10-1
  • Tuesday: 10-2
  • Wednesday: 10-3
  • Thursday: 10-4
  • Friday: 10-5
  • IXL due next Friday 


  • New Vocabulary focusing on Suffixes: -ure and -ish
  • Practice and test NEXT Friday 
  • Skill Focus: Cause and Effect 
    • New Thinking Map: Multi-Flow Map to identify and explain relationships in the text. 
  • Native American Ch. 7- Severing Ties & Multi-Flow Maps 
  • Ch. 9 and comprehension questions
  • Native American California Tribes and Notes
  • Compare and Contrast Writing 


  • Moving West Journal Entry
  • Notes on Texas and Oregon Joining the Union


  • Students should be done with 4 full pages of research! 

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