Week 7 Updates


Hello 5th Grade! 

OTA Announcements

  • OTA’s 1st Annual Book Fair is this week!! 5th grade will be attending on Wednesday during the school day. Parents are welcome to attend the Book Fair after school on Wednesday. 
    • You and your child can take a look at the VIRTUAL catalog by clicking here. Your child also has access to a paper catalog in class. 
    • By searching ahead of time, you and your child will see what they are interested in and how many books they can purchase 🙂 
    • Using the same link, you can also set up your eWallet account so that your child doesn’t have to worry about carrying cash to and from school. (check out a video about it here )
  • Spring Break is NEXT WEEK! No School Monday- Friday 

Book Talks 

Just a reminder that book talks are coming!! Your child has the information and signed up for a report date weeks ago. See calendar below for the date reminder! 

This Week in 5th Grade


  • Monday: 10-4
  • Tuesday: 10-5
  • Wednesday: 10-6
  • Thursday: Topic 10 Review
  • Friday: Topic 10 Test 
  • IXL Due Friday 


  • Vocabulary Suffix -ure/-ish practice packet due Friday
  • Vocabulary Test on Friday
  • Skill Focus: Cause and Effect 
    • The Battle of the Little Big Horn Cause & Effect Multi-Flow Map
    • Dawes Act Multi-Flow Map
  • Native American Reading: The Taking of the Land 
    • 4 square notes and analyzation  
  • Grammar Focus- Verb Tenses 
  • Informative/Explanatory Essay Graphic Organizer!


  • Texas or Oregon Comic Strip due Friday 
  • Notes on Mexican American War 
  • Notes on Settling the Far West 
  • PBL Group time to discuss the journey, and research the topic focus. 
  • Geography State Expert Report’s due on the last day of the quarter!


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