Happy Spring Break!

I hope everyone has a safe, fun, and relaxing Spring Break! 

Two Announcements/Reminders:

BOOK TALKS begin the week we get back from Spring Break. Scroll down on the blog to see the calendar if your child needs a reminder for their presentation date. 

Math IXL– MANY students received pink slips today for IXL math skills. When checking that students completed the 4 volume skills, I discovered some interesting data. I found that many students finished EE.13 and EE.14 SUPER quickly. On some skills this is normal, however, this lead me to the conclusion that students didn’t actually solve the problems, but instead used a calculator. After talking with the class, I gave everyone the opportunity to come clean and be honest if they used a calculator or not. If they were honest, they would have a chance to re do the skill(s). I understand that some skills take longer than others, however, time management throughout the 2 weeks is key. If they are checking their work with a calculator, that is totally fine. But students should be practicing their skills and completing the multiplication by themselves. Since multiplying is a 5th grade standard, it is important they continue practicing this skill all year. I don’t want students spending hours on IXL each week. I want them to put in the effort and try their best…and using a calculator is not the way to do that. Students will have over spring break to redo the skills they need to redo if they used a calculator. They simply click on the skill and do it again. I think we have learned our lesson, but thank you for checking in with your child at home and talk about the benefit of working hard and not cutting corners simply to get an assignment done. 


Have a fantastic break and I will see everyone on April 1st! 



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