Q3 Week 8 Updates

Hello everyone, 

I hope everyone enjoyed their Spring Break! The end of quarter 3 is next week, which means we are working hard…finishing our PBL and learning lots about converting measurements, the Westward Expansion, and poetry! 

OTA Announcements: 

  • Next Friday, April 12th = Last day of Q3
    • Half Day dismissal- 12pm
    • Spirit Day – Tacky Tourist Day! Can’t wait to see everyone’s outfits. 
  • Our Spring Gala is coming up on May 4th. Buy your tickets now! 

Poetry Contest 

The annual OTA Poetry Contest will be on April 26th! All OTA students will participate in the poetry contest in the 5th grade classroom on Wednesday, April 24th. I posted the poems on google classroom and all students must choose one! Remember- students can choose a poem listed, an alternative poems from the same author, or any passage from Shakespeare. 

We will officially sign up for our poems this Friday! Students should start practicing and memorizing as soon as possible so they are prepared! 🙂 

Moving West Presentations 

We have been learning so much about the Westward Expansion and cannot wait to share our presentations with you. 5th graders are in small groups and are “moving west” in a covered wagon. Students will explain who they are, why they are moving, what they are bringing on their journey, and so much more. 

Students are encouraged to dress the part and look like a pioneer moving west! 

You are invited to come watch our fun presentations and see our “wagons” in action. 

Because of time and space, we will have presentations on Thursday, April 11th at 2 different times. I have split the presentations in half and the first 4 groups will present at 10:45. Group 2 will present at 1:00. Please make sure you look to see when your child is presenting and come during the correct time frame. 


This Week in 5th Grade:


  • New Topic on Converting Measurements 
  • 11-1
  • 11-2
  • 11-3
  • 11-4
  • 11-5
  • IXL


  • Vocabulary Week 8/9 Activities 1 & 2 – full assignment will be due next Friday
  • We started our poetry unit this week! We will be analyzing a ton of different poems and writing our own. 
  • Lesson 1-Lesson 3
  •  Writing-Informational Essays
  • Grammar Focus- Verb Tenses 
    • ELA IXL FF.1 and FF.2 


  • Working on our PBL 
  • Geography packets DUE NEXT FRIDAY 

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