Weekly Update #16

We did not have a weekly update #15 due to the shortened school week before winter break…

Hello Parents,

Next week, your first grader will complete the Winter Session Math MAPs Test.  The following week, he or she will complete the Winter Session Reading MAPs Test.  Please alert us of any upcoming absences.  

You may review the test report at the end of the 2nd Quarter.  I will send MAPs reports home in your child’s folder.   I am available to answer any questions or concerns about your child’s progress.  Thank you for your continuous support from home!


Friendly Reminders

* The OTA Parent Foundation is coordinating an Unused Gift Card Drive(flyer attached). Gift card value must be at least $10, and they will be used later(auction items, baskets, etc..) at the Gala event.  Please send your unwanted gift cards to school by January 18. The class with the most gift cards will earn a free-dress day! 

* Scholastic Book Orders earn bonus points for our class!  I will use bonus points to order additional books for our classroom library.  You may order books online: https://clubs2.scholastic.com/  Our class code: PD8DX.

* We will visit The Birch Aquarium on January 23rd!  If you are a driver/chaperone, I will send an email next week with further information.  Please be sure to bring your child’s booster seat to school that day.  We will be back to school in time for lunch, but please pack a separate snack for your child to bring on our trip.  

Upcoming Save the Dates

* JAN. 18th: FREE DRESS DAY … Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory Celebration! (Marble Mug Reward)

* JAN. 21st: NO SCHOOL (Martin Luther King Jr. Day)

* JAN. 23rd: Field Trip!

* JAN. 24th: Happy Birthday Seychelle!

* JAN.28th – FEB. 1st: The Great Kindness Challenge! (more details to come…)

* FEB. 1st: End of Quarter 2!  (HALF DAY)

Curriculum Conversation Starters

(Ask your child the following questions about what we have learned this week! This is optional!)

1. Would you like to be an archaeologist when you grow up?  Why or why not?

2. What did Howard Carter and Lord Canarvon discover?

3. Count to 150 by tens!

4. Are you looking forward to the MAPs Math Test?!  Why or why not? …If you are not looking forward to the test, please talk to Mrs. Blackwood on Tuesday morning, she will calm your nerves! 🙂

5. Describe the fingerprint creatures you created during art this week.  

6. What punctuation mark goes at the end of an exciting sentence?

7.  Who was the 19th President of the United States? (Rutherford B. Hayes)  What tradition did his wife begin on the White House Lawn (The Annual Easter Egg Roll!)

8.  What happened to Mike Teavee?!

I hope you have an enjoyable Weekend!

– Mrs. Blackwood

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