Week of 1/15/18

Here are some reminders about this week and next!

Tutoring: There will not be tutoring tomorrow January 18th  because there is a Staff Meeting. 

Homework: Homework is being given on an as need basis for math. Reading logs were given out last week to be used for that week as well as this. They will be collected on Monday January 22nd.

Extended Learning: Extended Learning for Quarter 2 is due this Friday January 19th

End of Quarter 2: The end of the Quarter 2 is Friday January 26th. This is a minimum day with dismissal at 12:00

Spirit Day: January 26th is a Spirit Day and the theme is throwbacks! Students are encouraged to dress in a style or as a specific person from the past. 

MAPs Testing: Students will be taking their next set of MAPs testing for Reading and Math on Monday January 22nd and Tuesday January 23rd. Please make sure students are going to bed early and eating a good breakfast to ensure they try their best during this testing!

Topic 5 Math Test: Students will have a review of concepts learned during Topic 5 on Wednesday January 24th and then will be taking their test on Thursday January 25th. Students will do an in class review and then be given materials for extra practice to take home on Wednesday night. 

Poetry Slam: Students have worked hard during Quarter 2 learning about Poetry. To show off their PBL final project, the 4th grade will have a Poetry Slam on January 26th. I want this to be an opportunity for students to share a poem they have written while enjoying drinks and snacks. A sign up genius will be sent out soon for anyone who would like to volunteer or donate things to make this Poetry Slam an awesome way to end Quarter 2!

Please let me know if you have any questions about anything coming up this week or next.  Thanks! πŸ™‚


Week of 1/8/18

This Week in 4th Grade

Reading: We are going to start working on putting together our final project for PBL for the Quarter. Tomorrow I will introduce the Poetry Book that students will work from tomorrow until the end of the quarter which is January 26th.

Math: We will continue with Topic 5, learning about division.

Science: We will continue learning about matter by thinking about its changing states.

Social Studies: We will learn how to read Physical Maps this week.

MLK Jr. Birthday Holiday: There is no school on Monday January 15th.

Homework: Reading logs have gone home and will be used for the next two weeks. The reading log students were given yesterday will be due on January 22nd. Students have been getting math homework on an as need basis. If students come home with a math paper, it is due the next day as we go over it as a class in the morning.

Tutoring: For the students who stay for tutoring, I will be staying this week but cannot stay on January 18th because there is a Staff Meeting.

Extended Learning: All opportunities for extended learning are due next Friday January 19th. If students have any questions about this, the instructions and materials are on the blog and Google Classroom. 

End of Quarter 2: The end of Quarter 2 is January 26th. This is a minimum day and spirit day

Spirit Day: Spirit Day is January 26th and the theme is Flashback Friday. Students can dress up in a style from the past or like a person from the past. 

Poetry Slam: Students have worked hard during Quarter 2 learning about Poetry. To show off their PBL final project, the 4th grade will have a Poetry Slam on January 26th. I want this to be an opportunity for students to share a poem they have written while enjoying drinks and snacks. More details about the timing of this event as well as volunteering for it, soon to come!

If you have any questions or concerns about anything mentioned, please let me know and have a great rest of your week! πŸ™‚


Week of 1/2/18

Welcome back and Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a great break and is ready to finish out Quarter 2! Here is what’s happening this week in fourth grade!

Reading: We will continue our Poetry unit by reading different types of poems and writing some of our own.

Math: We will be starting Topic 5 which is using strategies and properties to divide by 1-digit numbers. 

Science: We will be learning about Matter, the different states and properties used to describe matter.

Social Studies: We will continue learning about Time Zones of the world. 

Homework: Since this week is a short week, there will be no reading logs. The only homework that students will have is anything they do not finish in class this week.

Extended Learning: Extended Learning for Quarter 2 is due on January 19th. If you have any questions about the completion of these activities, please let me know.

Sock Drive: The fourth grade has collected over 200 socks for the sock drive! Therefore, we have earned a free dress day. Students will decide on what day they would like to use this and I will send out an email with the final decision.

PBL: Poetry Slam: For this Quarter’s PBL, I would like to have a Poetry Slam. Since students are learning about all aspects of poetry, they will be creating their own Poetry Books. I will be introducing the project on Friday January 12th and we will start working on the book the following week on January 16th. Students will work on their poetry books until January 25th with the Poetry Slam taking place on the minimum day January 26th. More details about our Poetry Slam to come, as this will be a time for students to display and share the poems they have worked hard to write!

If you have any questions about the announcements listed above, please let me know! Thanks and I look forward to a great week! πŸ™‚


Week of 12/11/17

This week in 4th Grade

Since this week is the last week before winter break, we will be doing all holiday based activities during reading, math, science, and social studies. We will learn about the holidays Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, and Christmas as well as continue to practice multiplication but with a holiday twist!

Holiday Party: We are having our Polar Express Party on Wednesday December 13th from 1:00-3:00. Students can bring in pajamas, a small stuffed animal and/or a throw blanket to have as we watch the movie The Polar Express. Hot chocolate, popcorn, and other treats will be provided for students!

Sock Drive: The Stand Up for Kids Sock Drive ends Thursday December 14th. Please try to donate at least one pair of socks for a great cause!

Spirit Day: This Friday December 15th is a ugly holiday sweater spirit day as well as a minimum day with dismissal at 12:00. You are encouraged  to come to school in an “ugly sweater” and can choose to participate in the ugly sweater contest. 

Tutoring: I cannot stay for tutoring this Thursday December 14th as I will be absent that day as well as Friday December 15th

Homework: There are no reading logs this week, so there is no homework at all!

Winter Break: The holiday break is from December 18th to January 1st. School resumes on Tuesday, January 2nd.

One more week until we have a nice two week break! Thank you to the wonderful fourth graders for working so hard and doing a great job! πŸ™‚

Week of 12/4/17

This Week in 4th Grade

Math: Topic 4 Test is tomorrow Wednesday December 6th. We did a review in class today of the concepts learned in Topic 4. Students should have brought up a review packet with specified problems they can review to study for their test.

Language Arts: We have started Unit 3 which is Poetry! We will be participating in the first 5 lessons of the unit this week, learning about different poet’s and different elements of poetry.

Science: We are done with our study of Meteorology and are going to be moving on to Chemistry. Students will get an introduction to Chemistry this week.

Social Studies: We are continuing our world geography unit and will continue to focus on the different time zones of the world this week. 

Tutoring: I will not be able to stay for tutoring this Thursday due to a staff meeting.

Sock Drive: Our Stand Up for Kids Sock Drive ends next week so please consider donating socks to help homeless children!

Spirit Day: Next Friday December 15th is a Sprit Day! The theme is ugly sweaters! This day is also a minimum day with dismissal at 12:00. 

Classroom Holiday Party: I want to have a classroom holiday party on Wednesday December 13th. This party will include wearing our pajamas during the party, drinking hot chocolate, and watching the movie The Polar Express. If any parents would like to donate any packages of hot chocolate, cups, marshmallows, napkins, or snacks for the party, or would like to volunteer to help out that afternoon, that would be greatly appreciated! πŸ™‚ Please send me an email if you’d like to be a part of the celebration in any way!

With only two weeks left of school before another long break, I hope to continue to see the 4th graders working hard each and every day! πŸ™‚

Week of 11/27/2017

I hope everyone had a restful break and a Happy Thanksgiving! Here is what will be happening this week in 4th Grade!

Language Arts: We are going to be finishing up our unit on the Middle Ages by Wednesday of this week. We will do a review of the entire topic on Thursday November 30th and will have a test on Friday December 1st. Students will be going home with review material on Wednesday in order to study for the review and the test. 

Math: We are going to be finishing up Topic 4 this week. We will have a review of the skills on Monday December 4th and then will have our Topic 4 Test on Tuesday December 5th. Review material will go home on Monday in order for students to review.

Science: We will be playing a Meteorology review game tomorrow in class. Students will then take home their interactive science notebooks tomorrow Novemeber 28th for them to review the things we’ve learned about in our Meteorology unit  to prepare for a test on Wednesday November 29th.  

Social Studies: We will continue our unit on World Geography by learning about the different time zones of the world.

Extended Learning Quarter 2: All of the Extended Learning opportunities have been posted for Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies. I have reviewed each of the assignments with the students so they should know the expectations for completion. These opportunities are due on January 19th. This is a week before the end of Quarter 2. You can find the directions for the opportunities under the Extended Learning tab at the top of the blog, scrolling over Quarter 2 and then choosing which subject you would like to look at. Any worksheets needed to complete these assignments are available on google classroom and have been shown to the students. 

Surprise Lunch: The Kindergarteners have been talking about “giving” this month and wanted to put that into action. They have decided that they would like to give back to their 4th grade reading buddies by serving them a lunch tomorrow November 28th. That being said, the students do not need to bring a lunch tomorrow. The Kindergarten class is providing a pizza lunch during our lunch time. I have informed the students that they can still bring a snack for the morning as well as a drink to have with their lunch.

Thank you to everyone for coming to the parent/teacher conferences before the break. I am happy to support my students in any way that I can. πŸ™‚ 

Week of 11/13/17

One more week until Thanksgiving break! Here are some reminders and activities going on this week!

Field Trip: It’s here! The Medieval Times field trip is tomorrow November 14th. Students went home with a paper last week that has the student groupings as well as the schedule for the day. We will meet on the turf field tomorrow morning and stay downstairs. We will go over the groups again, do a bathroom run, and then get into the designated cars and go!  

Field Trip Reminders:

1. Please make sure to be on time tomorrow as we want to leave no later than 8:30 in order to get there by 10:30. I am not sure what the traffic will be like so leaving earlier will be best!

2. Students do not need to pack a lunch as lunch is provided at Medieval Times. Students can bring snacks and water for the car ride there and back, but will not be able to bring these things into Medieval Times.

3. Students are allowed to bring electronics and other things with them to keep them busy during the car ride, however it is their responsibility to take care of these items. I, as well as the chaperones, will not be responsible for any items students choose to take with them. These items will also stay in the car and not be permitted into Medieval Times.

4. Please make sure students are wearing their OTA uniform, not their PE day uniform. This is for safety reasons and we need to make sure we are all wearing what we are supposed to.

5. I have decided that all students are allowed to attend this field trip. Students were told by myself and Mr. C that they needed to prove that they can behave responsibly in the classroom in order to be taken outside of OTA. That being said, students have earned their spot on the field trip. However, if students are not behaving or listening on the field trip, there will be consequences for the remainder of the week and/or for any other special plans coming up. 

This Week in Fourth Grade

Jog-a-thon Awards Ceremony: This ceremony will take place on Thursday November 16th at  8:00

Homework: There are no reading logs to be filled out this week. Instead, students have brought home a Disguise a Turkey project to be completed at home. The directions and guidelines are on the worksheets that went home today. Students can hand their turkeys in as early as tomorrow but no later than Friday, November 17th. If you have any questions about this, please feel free to email me!

Conferences: Parent/Teacher Conferences are Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday this week from 1:00-4:00. These days are minimum days and dismissal is at 12:00. Please make sure if you want a conference, you have signed up for one with the link I sent in an email, if you haven’t already. 

Thanksgiving: We will be participating in Thanksgiving related activities on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday this week. Students will still continue math lessons from Topic 4, but reading will be Thanksgiving related. We will also be having a Thanksgiving Celebration on Friday, November 17th at the end of the day. More details about this to come!

Extended Learning: Extended Learning opportunities for Quarter 2 for Language Arts and Math will have been posted on the blog and google classroom. I am still working on Science and Social Studies opportunities but they will be posted by Friday the latest. I will go over these activities with the class and answer any questions they may have, but if there are still questions about it please don’t hesitate to ask! 

Coming Up

Math: We will finish with Lesson 4-8 this week. After break, we will do a review of lessons one through eight, finish lessons 4-9 through 4-11, and then review Topic 4 to prepare for a test. I will make sure to post about when the test will be when it gets closer.

Language Arts: We have finished Chapter 7 today out of a total of nine chapters that we will be reading about the Middle Ages. After break, we will finish reading and learning about the Middle Ages, and then review what we have learned in order to prepare for a Unit 2 test. I will make sure to post about when the test will be when it gets closer.


If you have any questions about things coming up in the fourth grade, please let me know! Go to bed early tonight in order to be ready to go for Medieval Times. I can’t wait and I’ll see you tomorrow! πŸ™‚



Week of November 6th

Quarter 1 has come to an end, but the fourth graders are ready for Quarter 2! We ended the quarter last week by finishing up Topic 3 in math and building as well as showing off our own Medieval castles! Thank you to everyone who was able to come to see all the hard work the students did as they planned and built their castles!

This Week in Fourth Grade…

Language Arts: We will continue to learn about the Middle Ages through the month of November.

Math: We have started Topic 4 which is using strategies and properties to multiply by 2-digit numbers. 

Science: We are going to continue to work on weather and climate this week, learning about Earth’s major climates and playing a weather and climate review game.

Social Studies: We are going to continue to work on World Geography, learning how to find a place on a map.

Reminders and Announcements

CPR/AED Training: Students will participate in CPR and AED training on Thursday November 9th from 9:20-10:05. 

Jogathon Pledges: If you haven’t already, please remember to bring in the pledges and money you have collected from the Jogathon!

Field Trip: Our Medieval Times Field Trip is next week on Tuesday November 14th. An email will be sent out before the end of the week with the groupings of students as well as the plan for the day! 

Tutoring: I apologize, but I cannot stay for tutoring on Thursday because I have a meeting right after school.

Veteran’s Day: There is no school on Friday November 10th to observe Veteran’s Day.

Conferences: Parent/Teacher conferences are next week on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday November 15th-17th. These days are minimum days and dismissal is at 12. If you have not already signed up for a conference with me, please make sure you do!

Thanksgiving Celebration: I am still in the process of planning this, but I want to have a small Thanksgiving Celebration on Friday November 17th. We will be doing Thanksgiving related activities during the half days of the week and I wanted to celebrate in some way on that Friday. Let me know if you have any ideas or want to participate in any way!

Please let me know if you have any questions about anything coming up! πŸ™‚

Mid Week Reminders!

Topic 3 Math Assessment Part 2: Students will be taking the second part of their Topic 3 Math Assessment tomorrow November 2nd. They were going to take it today, but we were very involved in our castle building! Students know where to find review material on pearsonrealize.com to study concepts they will see on the test.

Castle Project: Students will continue to build their castle models tomorrow through Friday. Although not required, I told the students they can bring anything they want from home to use for their projects. There will be a gallery walk type of presentation of the castles on Friday November 3rd from 11:30-11:55. We would love to see you there! πŸ™‚

Extended Learning: Extended Learning opportunities are due tomorrow by the time students get to school. Assignments can be turned in through google classroom, by emailing me, or by handing it in tomorrow morning.

Tutoring: I will be staying after school tomorrow until 4:00 for tutoring help.

Spirit Day/Minimum Day: This Friday is a spirit day and it is twin day. Students can dress alike with one or more people. Friday is also the end of Quarter 1 and a minimum day meaning dismissal is at 12:00.

Medieval Times Field Trip: Please turn in the field trip permission slips and cost of the trip by the latest November 9th. It would be best to try and turn it in by the end of this week if possible!

If you have any questions about anything coming up, please reach out! Thanks!

The Last Week of Quarter 1!

I can’t believe Quarter 1 has come to an end and it will be November next week! Time is going by quite fast in fourth grade!

Language Arts: This week, the students brainstormed ideas for the construction and presentation of their castles. They have a lot of amazing ideas and I am so excited to start the construction on Monday. I will be going out and getting some requested supplies that the students asked for, but if you have any empty paper towel rolls, empty toilet paper rolls, or cardboard that the students could bring in that would be great! 

I informed the students that this is an in class project, but students asked if they could still  do some of the construction at home. I said they can do anything they would like to at home that could be added to their castle, but it is by no means required. 

Math: We continued working with multiplication and finished Topic 3. We did a review today of the skills learned during this topic, and will be having part 1 of our test on Monday and continue with part 2 on Wednesday.

Science: We learned about the different types of air masses and weather fronts that meteorologists use to predict the weather. Students will continue working with this next week by creating their own weather maps.

Social Studies: We learned how to measure distance on a map as well as what lines of latitude and longitude mean. Students will continue working with this next week by finding the coordinated of different places on a map. 

Coming up the Week of 10/30

Monday: Part 1of the Math test. Students brought home a practice packet. This is not required, however I advised students to do 3 or 4 problems from each section to practice the different skills. They also have access to a practice test on pearsonrealize.com.

Tuesday: I hope you have your costumes ready ’cause it’s Halloween! Students will participate in the Halloween Parade from 8:30-9:30. We will be completing Halloween activities throughout the day.

Thursday All Extended Learning Opportunities are due when students arrive to school. I will not be accepting anything after school or on Friday. 

Also, the 5th grade has their Renaissance Fair in the afternoon that we will be attending from 12:40-1:00.

Friday: Friday is a minimum day! It is also Twin Day for spirit day. Our class discussed possibly dressing all alike for this spirit day but it has not been fully decided. I told the students to think about what they wanted to do this weekend, and on Monday we will vote if we want the whole class to dress alike or not. Since it is a minimum day, dismissal is at 12:00! 

Also, students will be showing off their castles and presentations from 11:30-11:55. Parents and families may come and go as they please as this will be a gallery walk style type of presentation.

Medieval Times Permission Slips went home today! Students need to return these slips with the trip cost as soon as possible! if you emailed me about being a chaperone, then please enclose the amount for you and your child with the permission slip. I will be sending an email to the parents who have emailed me to be a chaperone separately to give you more details about the day of the field trip.

Thank you for a successful first Quarter so far and have a great weekend! πŸ™‚

Week of October 23rd

Fourth Grade did such an AMAZING job at the Jog-a-thon on Friday! They worked so hard and did a great job running those laps! I was proud of each and every one of them for their participation and positivity throughout the day!

This Week in 4th Grade

Language Arts:  We are going to continue learning about The Middle Ages and start a group project on castles. Tomorrow the project will be introduced and students will have until the end of quarter 1 to work on it in class. More details about this project to come!

Math: We are going to finish up Topic 3 this week, do a review on Friday and have our Topic 3 test on Monday 10/30.

Science: We will continue out Meteorology unit by learning about how meteorologists forecast the weather.

Social Studies: We will continue our World Geography unit by working with lines of Latitude and Longitude.

Reminders and Announcements

Tutoring: I cannot stay after school this Thursday as we have a staff meeting right after school.

Jog-a-thon: Make sure to get those pledges and turn in all the money you have collected to me!

Extended Learning: A few students have turned in their extended learning opportunities and they are super awesome! These are due as early as tomorrow but no later than November 2nd.

Robotics: A message from Ms. Klim!

Dear 4th Grade Families,

Last week, we teamed up in groups to program our probots to write different letters. We entered algorithms into our probots and watched it move and make various letters. We made the letters T,E,F,J, and I! We also experimented with different algorithms to see what other letters of the alphabet we can create.

We also discovered how carefully you need to enter the algorithm into the probot and learned different strategies on how to work together as a team!

This week, we will have special guest speakers from the Robotics team, Trisectors. They will be bringing in their robot and giving a detailed presentation on how they built it!

I am are very excited for the upcoming year!

Ms. Klim

Missing Work: Students have already been informed about the work they are missing (if any). Students have until the end of this week to turn in missing work, or it is a zero in my grade-book and will have a negative impact on their grades. I have told the students numerous times how important it is to turn in work completed and on time. I have been very lenient with missing, late, or incomplete work as it is Quarter 1. However, during Quarter 2 I will be stricter on when assignments are due.

Halloween: Halloween is Tuesday 10/31! I can’t wait to see all the cool costumes! πŸ™‚ If you have any questions about the costume you plan on wearing, please reach out!

Thanks for another great week and have a great day!

Week of October 16th

Good Afternoon!

This Week in Fourth Grade

Math: We will continue working on using strategies and properties with multiplication. Today I gave the students a quick assessment on the first 5 lessons we have worked through. As I look through them tonight, I will see what we need to go back to and what we can move on from.

Reading: We will continue learning about the Middle Ages. Students are enjoying learning about the different types of people from this time period and the feudal social structure they were apart of. As we learn about all the aspects of the Middle Ages, we will work towards our PBL project we will try and start next week.

Science: We will continue our Meteorology unit by learning about forecasting the weather, which includes the tools we use to measure the weather. 

Social Studies: We will continue our World Geography unit by learning about world hemispheres, as well as lines of latitude and longitude.

Announcements and Reminders

Extended Learning: Posted on the blog are the extended learning opportunity directions for Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies. As I explained at Back to School Night, extended learning is optional. However, if a student wishes to maintain his or her grade or bump their grade up, then he or she must complete both opportunities. I told the students how to access our blog and where to find these directions and if they had any questions to write them down and bring them in to ask me tomorrow. These are due as early as tomorrow and as late as November 2nd as the quarter ends on November 3rd. 

*You can find the extended learning opportunities under the Extended Learning page, Quarter 1, and then go to whichever subject you’d like to read about.  

Please email me if you have any questions about this!

Reading Testing/Levels: I have about 6 more students I need to test for their reading levels. As soon as I finish with those students, I will send home a form explaining what level they are on, what it means, and what the next steps are. 

Jog-a-thon: Jog-a-thon is this Friday! Woohoo! Make sure to get those pledges and be ready for an awesome day!

I am ready to have another awesome week in fourth grade! Have a great day! πŸ™‚ 

Social Studies

Happy Monday!

Reminders and Announcements

1. Picture Day: Picture Day is tomorrow! If you wish purchase a picture package, make sure to bring in the red form with money enclosed and give it to me to hold on to!

2. Homework: Students have homework tonight. For math, they are to complete the even numberon the front page, page 99, and numbers 19-22 all numbers on the back page, page 100. For reading, they are to finishing reading Chapter 1 “Welcome to the Middle Ages” which they have a copy of and then answer the three questions that follow.

I didn’t get a chance to make new reading logs for this week during the day so I will send those home tomorrow. Students are required to read at least 20 minutes a night, fill in the reading log with the number of minutes and title of the book, and get it signed by a parent. Reading logs will normally be collected and redistributed on Mondays. This gives students the chance to complete the reading for Fridays as well as make up 20 minutes of reading one night over the weekend if they need to. 

3. Tutoring: A form will go home tomorrow about staying after school on Thursdays until 4:00 for extra math tutoring/finishing up work. If a student is interested in staying after, I must have this form signed and returned before Thursday.

4. Extended Learning Q1: The extended learning opportunities for quarter 1 will go home by the end of this week. These assignments will be due by November 3rd. If students finish them earlier, then they can turn them in earlier. 

First Week of October

This week the students did a whole lot of testing, but they did such a great job! We have finished Unit 1 of Language Arts, personal narratives, and have also completed Topic 2 of math, fluently add and subtract multi-digit whole numbers. Most students finished their MAPs testing but some will have to finish this test at some point next week.

We finished writing out own mini personal narratives after reading three throughout the unit. If you would like to see your child’s personal narrative, they are on google classroom!

The students reviewed the water cycle and did a fun activity while learning about the different types of clouds.

During Reading Buddies today, students played different games with their buddies! It was awesome to see how the 4th graders were helping the Kindergarten kids play the different games!

Next week, we will be starting new units in language arts and math!

Math: Topic 3 – Use Strategies and Properties to Multiply by 1-Digit Numbers

Language Arts: The Middle Ages


Tutoring: Beginning next week, I will be staying after school on Thursdays until 3:45/4:00 for extra math tutoring. If you are interested in having your child stay after school, please fill out the after school tutoring paper I will be sending home on Monday.

Testing: On Wednesday, I will be starting to do reading level tests for each student. This will be an all day process that will help me see what reading level your child is at, what that level indicates as far as reading ability in the 4th grade, and will allow me to group the students in a way that I can concentrate on what needs improvement. I will make sure a letter goes home explaining what reading level each student is at and what that means as we get further into the school year.

Picture Day: Picture Day is Tuesday October 10th. If you are interested in purchasing a picture package for your child, please fill out the form that was sent home earlier in the week with the enclosed cost of the package and make sure to send that in with your child to give to me.

Robotics:  If there is anyone willing to donate 2 or 3 class set packs of thin markers for students to use to make their probots in Robotics, Ms. Klim and I would really appreciate it! πŸ™‚

I hope everyone has a great weekend and I will see you next week! 


Coming up this week…

Wednesday October 4th – The 4th grade students will be taking the math MAPs testing during math time. This is not a test students can study for, but are encouraged to try their best as this is a tool that allows me to see what academic level they are at. It allows me to see what they are succeeding with as well as struggling with.

Thursday October 5th – “Food from the Outside” Test! Students will be given the appropriate studying materials they will need to review in order to do well on this test.

Friday October 6th – Movie Night at OTA! Movie Night starts at 6 pm on the field. There will be a school wide picnic with hamburgers, hot dogs, and treats as Shrek plays when the sun goes down. Come out and have some fun!

Tuesday October 10th – Picture Day! Picture Day order forms went home with students yesterday. Please fill these in and hand them in if you would like to order school pictures!

Week of 9/25/17

In 4th Grade this Week

We started reading our third and final personal narrative called “Food from the Outside” by Rita Williams-Garcia. Students have been reading the different sections, completing discussion questions using the text as evidence for their answers, as well as word work worksheets on google classroom to practice using the vocabulary words for this story.

We continued with the math lessons from Topic 2, Fluently Add and Subtract Multi-Digit Whole Numbers”, and finished this topic today with lesson 6!

Students also learned about The Water Cycle during Science time and the vocabulary for the different parts of a map during Social Studies.

What to look forward to for next week:

Reading- We are going to continue participating in activities based on the personal narrative “Food from the Outside”. We will have our test on this narrative on Thursday, October 5th. This will include the vocabulary words we worked with in class as well as knowledge about the story itself. I will write a separate blog post reminding you and the students that the test is coming up!

Math- We will be reviewing Topic 2 on Monday and then will have our Topic 2 Math test on Tuesday, October 3rd. Again, I will write a separate blog post reminding you and the students that the test is coming up. 

Science -As a part of Meteorology, will continue learning about The Water Cycle as well as the different types of clouds.

Social Studies- As part of World Geography, we will continue talking about the parts of a map and start talking about the different continents and oceans. 

Important Dates

Monday October 2nd – The 4th grade students will be taking the reading MAPs testing during reading time. This is not a test students can study for, but are encouraged to try their best as this is a tool that allows me to see what academic level they are at. It allows me to see what they are succeeding with as well as struggling with.

Tuesday October  3rd – Topic 2 Math Test! We will do a review on Monday and a review worksheet will be sent home for students to practice what they will be tested on.

Wednesday October 4th – The 4th grade students will be taking the math MAPs testing during math time. This is not a test students can study for, but are encouraged to try their best as this is a tool that allows me to see what academic level they are at. It allows me to see what they are succeeding with as well as struggling with.

Thursday October 5th – “Food from the Outside” Test! Students will be given the appropriate studying materials they will need to review in order to do well on this test.

Friday October 6th – Movie Night at OTA! Movie Night starts at 6 pm on the field. There will be a school wide picnic with hamburgers, hot dogs, and treats as Shrek plays when the sun goes down. Come out and have some fun!


  1. Homework Policy – As I mentioned at back to school night, homework will go home on an as needed basis, except for the reading logs. A new reading log will go home with the students every Monday and will need to be turned in that Friday. Students should be reading a minimum of 20 minutes per night. Students are to fill in their reading logs every night and get a parent signature for each night as well. When additional homework is given during the week, the expectation is that students complete the assignment that evening and it is ready to be turned in, completed, the very next day. I know that sometimes there will be exceptions and things come up but it is very important for the students to realized that homework is an important aspect of school and that they need to be able to manage school with extracurricular activities. This week I made many exceptions when it came to turning in homework as students are just getting used to having it, but will not be as lenient as the Quarter progresses. 

     2. Extended Learning– As I also mentioned at back to school night, students will have        to complete two extended learning assignments for the Quarter in order to bump up their grade. Completing an extended learning assignment is a way for students to prove that they can go above and beyond to learn new things. I am working on posting the different assignments that students will have to complete for Quarter 1 and they will be due at the end of the quarter which is November 3rd. Students who choose to complete these assignments can turn them in at any point before the end of the quarter, but no later than November 3rd. When these assignments have been uploaded, I will be sure to let you know. πŸ™‚

3. Jog-a-thon– Students have been sent home with the Jog-A-Thon pledge packet. Please make sure to send in the t-shirt order form with the student’s t-shirt size in order for them to get their free t-shirt. This paper is due back on Monday October 2nd. Students will be voting on a t-shirt design this Monday and the winner will be announced on Tuesday October 3rd

4. Planners– I am noticing that a lot of students are showing me they are disorganized when knowing what assignments they must complete, for what subject, and when they must be turned in. I have put post it notes in each table’s supply bin for students to write down important things they must remember to do at home. If a student would like to have a planner to write reminders about assignments, write down homework, any upcoming due dates or events, that would be totally fine with me! As students are reaching the older grades, the expectations become greater and there are more things to remember. Please have the students bring in a planner to use if this will help them become more organized for this school year!

5 .Robotics– Students have Robotics class twice a week with Ms. Klim. As they are working on making probots, Ms. Klim has asked if someone could donate 2-3 packs of thin tip, skinny markers for the students to use. The donation of these markers would be greatly appreciated and students would be using them as early as Thursday of next week. Thank you in advance to any parent that is willing to donate! πŸ™‚ I have also added a Robotics tab at the top of the blog in order for Ms. Klim to post updates and pictures of what students will be working on during Robotics time.

I apologize for the extremely large and lengthy blog post this week, but there is just so much going on and coming up that I wanted to make sure I informed you about! I hope that you find this post informative and helpful and wish everyone a restful last weekend of September! 

Week of 9/18 Update

This week was a busy and successful one! Student’s read another personal narrative called Scout’s Honor and finished up Topic 1 in math! We have reading buddies on Fridays each week. The students really enjoy interacting and reading with their Kindergarten buddy! Usually the students will read with their buddy, but this week the 4th graders helped the Kindergarteners paint the new benches and tables they have!









 We have a reading test on Scout’s Honor on Monday September 25th. We did a review of the story and the vocabulary words in class today. Students were told to take home the vocabulary sheets as well as the reader to review the story and study if they felt they needed to.

We have just started Topic 2 in Math, which is fluently adding and subtracting multi-digit numbers. We got off to a rough start, as some students were confused about the different strategies we are learning to use for mental math. We went over those strategies again today and will continue to work on them on Monday.

Reading logs do not have to be turned in just yet. The students will fill them in as they read this week and then turn it in on Friday September 29th.

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns about what has been going on in the fourth grade! Have a great weekend! πŸ™‚


Good Afternoon!

Just a few things!

If you could please send in a one subject spiral notebook for the students to use for Social Studies by Friday, that would be awesome!

I apologize for not sending home the reading logs I talked about at Back to School Night as homework. They will be going home tomorrow!

I am in the process of grading student work and all of it will be going home this Friday! Students were able to see their test score for Math and should be able to share that with you before they take it home on Friday. 

Thank you and have a great afternoon! πŸ™‚

First Full Week Update!

Just like that, our first full week of school has already come and gone! And what a successful one it was too! πŸ™‚

Thank you to the parents that could make it to Back to School Night last night and for those who couldn’t be here, I look forward to meeting you soon!

This week we finished Topic 1: Generalize Place Value Understanding and did a Jeopardy Review Game to show what we know! The students did a wonderful job working in teams and showing their understanding of the math concepts we’ve learned. There will be a test on Topic 1 on Monday September 18th. Students had the option of bringing home review papers to work on this weekend in order to practice the skills they will be tested on.

Students also did a great job on their first reading test on the story All-Ball. I will be grading the work they have completed so far this school year and handing that out for the students to take home next week.

I hope everyone has a great weekend and I will see you next week! πŸ™‚



Week of 9/11/17

I hope everyone had a great weekend after the first week of school! Below are a couple announcements for this week!

1.Back to School Night, for the 2017-2018 school year, is on Thursday, September 14 @ 6:00 p.m. Be sure to arrive early, and participate in the OTA Parent Foundation Welcome Event on the turf area, starting at 5:00 p.m. There will be pizza, refreshments, and β€œadult play time” on our new play structure. Please click on the link below for more information: OTA Parent Foundation: Pizza at the Playground  Please remember that Back to School Night is an adult only event, and your children need to stay at home. A schedule for the evening is displayed below:

Back to School Night 2017

2. There will be a bake sale Friday, September 15th after school on the turf. All proceeds will be donated to Hurricane relief funds. Please bring cash if you’d like some sweet treats! 

3. We officially started Topic 1 for Math and Unit1 for Language Arts on Thursday of last week. In Math, Topic 1 is Generalize Place Value and Understanding. In Language Arts, Unit 1 is Personal Narratives. 

Math: We are going to be finishing Topic 1 on Wednesday, meaning on Thursday we will be doing review activities followed by a Topic 1 Assessment. Students will be bringing home page 37 from their workbooks tomorrow as extra practice/review for their test. 

Language Arts: We have been reading a personal narrative called”All-Ball” by Mary Pope Osborne. We will be finishing up re-reading the narrative as well as follow up activities tomorrow, with an assessment of their understanding of the narrative on Wednesday. Tomorrow, students will be bringing home graded work that we’ve done in class so far about “All-Ball” in order to review for the test.

We will also be starting Social Studies and Science tomorrow. The first topic we will cover in Social Studies is World Geography. The first topic we will cover in Science will be Geology: The Earth and It’s Changes. More information about these topics will be given during back to school night!

4. I have added our daily schedule as a tab on the blog’s home page. Please feel free to check it out!

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me. I hope to see everyone at Back to School Night this Thursday!  

First Day Recap!

Wow! What an awesome first day we had in fourth grade! As I got to know the new fourth grade students, I realized what a great year this is going to be!

We did a a reading, writing, and math getting to know each other (mainly me getting to know them and vice versa) activities. The students were engaged, participated, and told me a little bit more about themselves! The students will have more opportunities to get to know me as well as tell me about their summer, their goals for the year, and about their life during class tomorrow!

We also went over the different procedures and rules that will be enforced this year. That being said, I will be implementing a color chart that students will have the opportunity to move upwards for positive behavior and downwards for negative behavior. This color chart was explained in full to the students today and it will start getting used tomorrow! A calendar that goes along with the behavior chart will also be getting sent home everyday to let you know what color your child has ended the day on. A parent signature will only be required if the student ends the day on yellow or red and a reason for being on that color will be given along with the calendar.

I have had a bunch of parents asking what types of supplies we will be needing for this year. A huge thank you to the parents and students that have already donated some of the supplies from my wish list! We will definitely be using those things and would appreciate any other donations as well! One supply that I do ask for each student to bring in is a folder that will be used for their behavior chart, notes, and any other notices that I will be sending home throughout the year. 

Later this week I will be posting our daily schedule as it changes from day to day. PE will be on Mon, Weds, and Fri this quarter!

I hope everyone enjoyed their first day of school, and I look forward to seeing you tomorrow! πŸ™‚

Welcome to Fourth Grade!

Welcome to the 2017/2018 school year! I hope everyone has enjoyed their summer and is excited to start the new year. My name is Ms. Rothman and I am the new 4th grade teacher. I am so excited to be apart of the OTA community and for the wonderful school year ahead of us! Although this is my first year working at OTA, I have four years of teaching experience and just recently moved to San Diego area from Baltimore, Maryland!

For this school year, the fourth grade will be sharing a set of classroom supplies. This means that you do not have to purchase individual supplies for your child to use at school. If you would like to contribute to the classroom supplies, please visit my Wish List tab at the top for the link to my Amazon Wish List. On the list are basic supplies we will need to start off the year, but if I find there are other supplies that are needed I will add them to this list. Any contributions would be greatly appreciated!

I will be in my classroom for the rest of this week and would love to meet anyone who is around to stop by! If you would like to reach out to me by email with any questions, concerns or just to say hi, my email address is [email protected]

I hope everyone enjoys the rest of their summer and I look forward to meeting you all next week!


Ms. Rothman πŸ™‚ 


Good Afternoon,
I forgot to mention this on my blog post yesterday, but the grades for each student for each subject have been updated on PowerSchool so far for Quarter 2. I am going to be entering the rest of the grades as the assignments are finished during the next few weeks.
If there is anyone that cannot access PowerSchool and need their username and password, please email me separately so I can get that information for you! Thanks!

ZenTotz Q3!

I apologize if you are receiving this message, and you are already signed up for the 3rd Quarter! No need to read further πŸ™‚
Hello Parents!
3rd Quarter ZenTotz will begin in a few weeks. Please send a reply if your child(ren) would like to participate!
The Tuesday after school class is full, but the Thursday after school class is available.
I’ve attached a flyer with more information, as well as our quarterly schedule. Thank you! ​ ZenTotz Flyer ​​ Tuesday Zen Tots ​​ Thursday Zen Tots ​

Polar Express Party 12/13/17

Good Afternoon,
As you already know, our holiday/Polar Express party is tomorrow from 1:00-3:00. Thank you to the parents who have signed up and/or brought in the hot chocolate, popcorn, cups, and marshmallows.
A lot of students have asked if they can bring other things for the class such as cookies, brownies, or other treats. I told them that this is fine but *is not required. *I just wanted to make sure that students as well as you know that they do not have to bring anything extra for the party tomorrow.
As a reminder, students are allowed to bring pajamas to school to change into for the party. They are also allowed to bring in *small* *stuffed animals* and/or *throw blankets* to use as we watch the movie The Polar Express.
Another reminder: I am not able to stay for tutoring on Thursday because I will not be in school on Thursday and Friday of this week.
I could use a couple of parent volunteers to help me with handing out the goodies during tomorrows party so if you could help me out and stay for a little while, please email me and let me know!
Thanks so much and Happy Holidays! πŸ™‚

Free Dress and Holiday Party

Good Morning!
The 4th grade students have voted to use their Free Dress day awarded to them from the Jog-a-thon, this *Friday December 8th. *
If any of you could possibly donate hot chocolate packets, marshmallows, whipped cream,styrofoam cups or napkins for our Holiday Party on *Wednesday December 13th* that would be greatly appreciated! πŸ™‚
Also, if anyone would like to volunteer to help out during the party please let me know!