Week of 5/14/18

Here’s what’s happening in 4th Grade this week!

Language Arts: We are halfway through the American Revolution Unit! We will do a review of what we have learned so far and take a short mid-unit quiz tomorrow! 

Math: We will continue with Topic 12: Understand and Compare Decimals. 

Science: We will continue learning about Electricity by completing a Static Electricity lab. 

Social Studies: The American Revolution will be infused in Language Arts as well as Social Studies. 

Extended Learning: Quarter 4 Extended Learning Opportunities are posted! We have gone over the directions and expectations for each opportunity as a class and students are welcome to start turning in any of them as soon as they are complete. They will be due on June 8th which is a week before school ends. Please let me know if there are any questions about this!

Tutoring: I cannot stay for tutoring on Thursday due to a Staff Meeting.  

Quarter 4 PBL: The Quarter 4 PBL Project is going to be an American Revolution Museum! Students will be in groups and asked to represent one aspect of the American Revolution (causes, battles, laws/acts, people, lifestyle, etc) in any way they choose! This week students will choose their top three aspects they would like to represent and from there I will place students into groups. I will be introducing the project by the end of the week, but we will not start until after CAASSP Testing. 

CAASSP Testing: The annual California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CAASSP) is coming up. The fourth grade testing window starts  Monday May 21st and ends on June 1st

The CAASPP includes 4 Tests:

  • Math CAT– this is a review of all concepts learned in 4th grade. This includes multiple choice, short answer, graphing, etc. 
  • Math Performance Task (PT)- this is a real world math problem that will require students to expand and think deeply about the concept. Students are required to fully explain their thought process, the math they are completing, and why they did what they did. 
  • ELA CAT- this test requires students to read many passages and asks comprehension and vocabulary questions regarding the text. This includes all 4th grade ELA Common Core standards. There are multiple choice and short answer questions. (all short answer should be in complete sentences and very detailed)
  • ELA Performance Task- This test takes TWO days to complete. It is lengthy. The test is made of 3 sources about a certain topic. For part 1, students read the 3 sources and are asked 3 questions. These answers must be in paragraph form with textual evidence to support their thinking. For part 2, students are required to write an essay (they will be randomly assigned an opinion, narrative, or informative essay)

Testing Week Information:

  • It is very important to be at school on time, have a healthy/filling breakfast, and a full nights rest. 
  • These tests are long and students can prepare at home by eating and sleeping right. 
  • Students who are absent during a test will have to miss class time later to complete the test. Please plan now for your child to be here all week. (if your child is sick, we can accommodate for them to take the test at a later date.)
  • Tests will start first thing in the morning. If students are late- Mr. C will hold them in the office until after our testing block so that students are not distracted by people coming in and out of our classroom. So, make sure students are ON TIME! 
  • All students need headphones or ear buds for the tests. There is some audio that students are required to listen to. If students do not have headphones at school already, please arrange to send some with your child. 

Practice Tests 

We will be referring to these practice tests in class, but will most likely not complete them all in class. Students are encouraged to practice navigating/getting comfortable with the testing platform and concepts at home as well. 

Testing Week Donations:

Thank you so much for the snack donations for the week of testing. I as well as the students appreciate your help in making sure the students do their best during testing! 🙂

Here is the 4th Grade Testing Schedule:

Monday 5/21 –> ELA CAT 8:05-10:05

Tuesday 5/22 –> ELA Performance Task Part 1 10:15-11:50

Wednesday 5/23 –> ELA Performance Task Part 2 8:05-10:05

Thursday 5/24 –> Math CAT 10:15-11:50

Tuesday 5/29 –> Math Performance Task 10:15-11:50

Peter Pan Field Trip: As a final field trip for the year, I would like to invite the fourth graders (on behalf of Sapna Surber) to see a performance of Peter Pan put on by Center State Children’s Theatre in Mission Hills on June 7th at 10:00 am! It costs $5 per student to attend the performance and I will need 5 or 6 drivers/chaperones for this trip! The performance is about an hour and a half long. We would be leaving OTA at 9:30 and will be back on campus by 12:00, just in time for lunch! If you are interested in being a driver/chaperone, please email me and let me know how many children you can fit in your car. Permission slips have been sent home so please turn in the cost of the show no later than Friday June 1st. Thank you in advance! 

Field Day: This year OTA will have its first Field Day! There will be different times for different grade levels to go down to the field and participate in different organized activities like tug of war, water balloon toss, egg and spoon race, etc. Fourth grade’s day and time is Friday, June 8th from 8:30-10:30. Fourth and fifth grade will be participating at the same time, competition style! 🙂 Mrs. Cook and I are planning on making this a competitive, but very fun day for the fourth and fifth grades by choosing different colors for each grade to wear, making banners and cheers, and routing for our peers! If you haven’t already, please take the opportunity to volunteer to run one of the games during our Field Day Time by going to the link below! Thank you in advance for your time volunteering! 🙂


Please feel free to email me with any questions you may have about anything this week or coming up! Looking forward to another great week in fourth grade!


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