Electricity Extended Learnings

In order to get an “A” in STEM you must complete two of the following projects at home. Even if you have 100% in every category, if you do not complete any extended learnings, the highest your grade will be is an 89%. These are due November 2nd by the end of the day.


  1. Make a circuit at home and bring it into class.
  2. Make a video showing how you can use static electricity to stick a balloon to someone 🙂 or how to use static electricity to shock someone.
  3. Separate salt and pepper using static electricity and a comb. Show me with a video.
  4. Make a squishy circuit using playdough. Make a slideshow explaining the steps you took.
  5. Make an electromagnet at home and use it to sort out five objects in your home that are conductors or insulators. Show me with a slideshow.
  6. Use a lemon as a battery in a circuit. Show me with a slideshow that explains what steps you take.
  7. Electrocute a pickle with parental supervision and make a video of what happened.