Social Studies

Social Studies: Extended Learning Quarter 2

Stained Glass

Imagine a painting made of sunlight – that’s what a stained-glass window is! Light from the outside shines through windows, illuminating a glorious picture for all inside to see. The colored glass windows of medieval cathedrals are some of the most beautiful works of art of all time. These windows vividly portrayed Bible stories and lives of the saints. Stained-glass windows may have been the most glorious sight most medieval people ever got to see.

Directions: You are to create your own stained glass window. Your window does not need to portray anything biblical, but rather something that has to do with your life. For example, it can be your name, a picture of your family members, an activity you enjoy, or a memory you have. You can make it using any materials you want (paint, tissue paper, markers, glue, etc).

Create a Relief Map

Directions: A relief map is a map model with elevations and depressions representing topographical land features, such as mountains,hills, rivers and valleys. Pick a continent or country and create a relief map that represents that continent. This map can be 2D or 3D, can be made using any materials you’d like, and can be any size but has to be at least the size of a piece of lined paper. Your relief map needs to have a map key that shows which area of that continent or country shows the different topographical features.