Language Arts

ABC’s of the American Revolution

Directions: To learn more about the Revolutionary War, you will create an Alphabet Resource to explain many of the terms, people, events, places, and ideas associated with the revolution. You will need one entry for each letter of the alphabet (excluding X and Z) for a total of 24 entries. You can present your Alphabet Resource in any way you choose (an alphabet book, an alphabet poster, an alphabet google slides presentations, etc).

Each entry must:

  • have at least 2 sentences which provide an explanation or definition of the entry’s significance as it pertains to the American Revolution.  For example, if you choose George Washington for an important person (filed under G or W), you must tell why he was important to the American Revolution, not that he was the 1st President of the United States.
  • have an appropriate visual for at least half of the entries.  You may use drawings (in color) or pictures from books, magazines, or the Internet.  
  • be neat, creative, and free of spelling and grammatical errors.