Kindergarten News – 1/11/2019

Students impressively jumped right back in to our kindergarten routines this week, even though we were off of school for so many days! The following were our learning focuses this week. In Language Arts, we learned that the letter ‘s’ at the end of words can sometimes make a buzzing /z/ sound, so it’s important to blend a word’s sounds using that alternate sound if what we read does not make sense. Some fundamentals of writing were also introduced: when to use uppercase versus lowercase letters, spacing, and punctuation. In Math, we practiced determining whether to add or subtract with given problems along with using appropriate math tools to help us solve the problems. In Science, we learned and applied some techniques to help take care of the earth by conserving natural resources. In Social Studies, we learned what happened next in the adventures of Christopher Columbus (Spain granted his request to sail on a journey to find spices and gold in Asia, but his crew unknowingly ended up in America.).


  • Our Free Dress Day reward for collecting at least 100 pairs of socks during our Sock Drive will be on Friday 1/18. Students may wear any non-uniform, school-appropriate apparel on this day.
  • There will be no Show ‘N Tell next week, on Friday 1/18, because kindergarten will instead begin our winter MAP assessments during that time. Please always let me as well as the office know in advance when your child will be absent, especially on this important day.
  • Students are going to start memorizing weekly sight words. (Sight words are high frequency words that should be automatically recognized by sight without having to use any decoding strategies.) We will practice reading and writing these words in class. Students’ progress will be monitored through cumulative assessments at the end of each week or at the beginning of the following week. Click here to see our sight word schedule. Reading and writing sight words is a substantial part of learning literacy skills, so students not memorizing the words in class will require extra practice at home to “keep up.” I recommend checking in with your child weekly to see if they are successfully learning their words.
  • OTA is having an Unused Gift Card Drive until Friday 1/18. Please consider donating your unused gift cards, worth at least $10, to be used for spring fundraising. The class with the most gift card donations will earn another Free Dress Day. 🙂
  • Since our first lima bean plants did not survive the winter break, additional lima bean planting materials were sent home this week for your child to “try again” if they’d like. This is a completely optional project to do at home.

Contact me anytime if you have questions or concerns about anything. Have a great weekend!

– Alex Halverstadt (“Ms. H”)

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