Extended Learning

Each quarter, your child will participate in at-home “Extended Learning” projects to reinforce what we are learning in our kindergarten classroom. Your child may choose which project option to complete from each core subject area. At least one project per subject area, for a total of four projects, must be completed each quarter to receive the highest possible report card grade in each subject. However, it is recommended that students complete all eight projects for a broader reinforcement of the kindergarten content. Students should complete the work mostly by themselves, but there will have to be some parent preparation and guidance in order to successfully complete the projects (especially until students are able to sound out words by themselves). Most projects are hands-on, but students should turn in evidence of assignment completion. Students are encouraged to use their critical thinking skills to come up with ways to show completion of their projects; there is not one right way to turn in the projects. Each project is designed to cater to the needs of students at all academic levels, so please help guide your child in making choices that are suitable to them. For example, if finding letters is “too easy,” added challenges might be to find the vowels first, to find the letters only in words that they know how to read, etc. Most students will not be able to complete each quarter’s projects at the beginning of the quarter since the material will be taught gradually throughout the quarter. Please have your child write their name on every piece of their projects and turn in all pieces together to ensure that they receive credit for all of their hard work. Please ask questions before the due date if you need clarification, since late work will not be accepted. In all grades at OTA, failure to turn in Extended Learning projects will automatically result in the next lowest grade on a student’s quarterly report card. It is so important to make these projects a positive experience for your child so that they learn to apply their knowledge to their home life and grow their love for learning outside of the classroom. Have fun!

Q1 Extended Learning – due by Friday 10/26/2018

Q2 Extended Learning – due by Friday 1/25/2019

Q3 Extended Learning – due by Friday 4/5/2019

Q4 Extended Learning – due by Friday 6/7/2019