Report cards get mailed home after each quarter. The primary grades’ grading scale at OTA is as follows:

  • O = Outstanding (above grade level, challenges are frequently needed)
  • S = Satisfactory (at grade level, learning all of the material taught in class)
  • N = Needs Improvement (below grade level, extra support is needed)
  • U = Unsatisfactory (very below grade level, grade retention is possible)
  • P / F = Pass or Fail (P/F classes include Art and Robotics)

Music and PE grades are submitted by the music and PE teachers. Questions regarding music and PE grades should be directed to Ms. King and Coach Killacky.

Each quarter begins with a clean grading slate. However, much of what we learn requires understanding of material taught in the previous quarters. For example, students need to know counting and number cardinality taught in Quarter 1 to successfully be able to solve subtraction problems in Quarter 3. Each quarterly grade is a representation of how a student performed in that particular quarter. A student whose grade decreases (for example: O in Q2 and S in Q3) is not necessarily “falling behind” in class, but rather they could have already been familiar with the content from Q2 (requiring additional challenges to stay engaged) before moving on to learn new content at “grade-level” in Q3.

PowerSchool gradebook lists students’ in-class assessment scores, but these assessment scores do not necessarily factor into students’ report card grades if they do not seem to accurately represent students’ overall understanding of the subject material. Assessments are not sent home, but parents are welcome to schedule a time to look through them.

MAP assessments are separate from quarterly report card grades. Reading and Math MAP assessments are standardized tests that students take on iPads in Fall, Spring, and Winter to measure students’ academic growth and performance. MAPs do not measure each student’s understanding of the specific content of our kindergarten curriculum, but instead they measure each student’s broad understanding of reading and math.