Sight Words

Sight words are high frequency words that students should be able to automatically recognize without having to use any decoding strategies. Students will practice reading and writing these words from memory.

Week of 1/14 I, like, can
Week of 1/22 to, the, a
Week of 1/28 go, see, do
Week of 2/4 he, she, we
Week of 2/11 and, am, all
Week of 2/19 on, at, in
Week of 2/25 me, my, it
Week of 3/4 be, by, up
Week of 3/11 is, was, an
Week of 3/18 of, from, word
Week of 4/1 no, so, why
Week of 4/8 when, where
Week of 4/15 which, what
Week of 4/23 once, one
Week of 4/29 said, says
Week of 5/6 are, were
Week of 5/13 here, there
Week of 5/20 they, their
Week of 5/28 you, your

Kindergarten Sight Words