Ukulele Help:)

Hi all, 

I know several students received ukuleles over the break and need a little help getting them set up the way we have them in class. You should be able to do this easily at home so check out the rest of this post and email me if you have any additional questions. 

In class I use a system of colored dots to help students learn their first chords. I usually order a set of multicolored marker dots from Amazon and stick them to the ukulele’s fingerboard to indicate the correct finger location for each chord. For this to work dots must be on the correct fret under the correct string. Below is a reference picture! Just match your dot colors to the picture and the kids will be off and running:) 

There is also a color legend below this picture if your students need a reminder. 


Yellow = C Major 

Purple = A minor 

Orange = F Major

Blue = G Major 

Red = D Major

Green = E minor 


Have fun and happy practicing! A song map will follow in tomorrow’s post:) 

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