Week of 2/19-2/22

Week 22

Quote of the week:

“A friend is someone who gives you total freedom to be yourself”

Math: We finished topic 8 on time and money and took our exam this week. Next week we are moving onto place value. I will return the tests on Monday. 

Reading/Language Arts: We played “I Have, Who Has” with plural nouns and reviewed the rules of plural nouns. We are still working in our book club groups and are reading the chapters and answering comprehension questions based on the chapter. We also started to meet to discuss the book with our book club members. Next week, we will work on choice projects for those students who have finished their books. We are still learning about character traits and learned how to infer how a character is feeling through the dialogue. Ask your child to tell you some positive and negative character traits about the characters in the books that they are reading. We also read the story Tops and Bottoms and journaled about one of the main characters. Ask your child who their favorite character was in the story!

Next Week’s Vocabulary Words:

denied, dodge, slight, immature, bare

Writing: We are working very hard on our non-fiction books. We are learning the different ways to add detail to our writing and researching about our animal too.

Science: We completed a hands on pollination activity using kool-aid to represent the pollen on flowers and journaled about plants in our science notebooks. Then. we completed a mystery science lesson on why trees grow so tall. Ask your child why trees grow so tall. We also made grass heads today! We will continue to water our grass heads and see how they grow over the next few weeks. 


Mark your calendars- PBL Presentations- April 11th, 2:00. We are putting on a life cycle musical and a science museum gallery walk. You don’t want to miss it 🙂 

Art: Tops and Bottoms!

Have a wonderful weekend! 

Week 20

Math: We completed more time and money activities this week. On Tuesday we will review for our Topic 8 test and on Wednesday we we will have our exam.

Reading/Language Arts: We read two great stories this week, The Girl Who Thought In Pictures and Somebody Loves You Mr. Hatch. We made connections to both of these stories and analyzed the characters in the stories. We answered comprehension questions in our journals. We also started reading in our book club groups! Ask your child what book they are reading in their group. Each reading group has a book to read and a packet of comprehension questions to answer based on that book. Next week, we will begin our book club discussions.

Writing: We are working on our non-fiction books. We finished our introduction paragraph and began our diet paragraph. We learned that we can add more detail to our stories by making comparisons and using adjectives.

Science: We learned about the life cycle of a plant, we put together a diagram of a flower, and discussed pollination and how seeds are dispersed. At the end of Q3, we will be putting on a special life cycles play! We started practicing and learning some of the songs for the play and picked our parts.

Valentine’s Day: Thank you to all the volunteers and the donations for our party! We had so much fun rotating through the game stations and eating our snacks.

Important Reminders:

-No school Friday February 15th and Monday February 18th.

-February reading response questions due- February 28th

-In school field trip- March 18th

Have a great weekend!

Week of 2/4-2/8

Week 20:

Quote of the week

“The only way to have a friend is to be one.”


Math: We are now able to solve money word problems with dollar bills and coins. We can also reason about the value of coins and dollar bills and find different ways to make the same total value. We also practiced telling time to the nearest five minutes. Everyone started their math carnival project and is practicing adding dollar bills and coins to determine what rides they can go on and what food that they can eat at the carnival. Next week we will finish Topic 8.

Reading/Language Arts: We started a new reading unit and are learning all about the characters in the stories that we read during independent reading time. We learned how to identify physical traits of a character on the outside and personality traits on the inside. We also determined the difference between character emotions and character traits. We read a story and practiced making inferences on the main character by jotting down notes on what the character says, does, feels, and thinks. 

There will be no vocabulary words next week. 

Writing Workshop: We started writing our nonfiction books! We chose an animal that we are going to be studying in science to write our books about. We created a table of contents and  started our introduction. We also learned how to add more detail to our writing by giving lots of examples.

Q3 Essential Question: How do cycles in nature impact our environment? 

Science: We started our new unit all about cycles in nature. We learned that when the earth rotates it causes day and night and when the earth evolves around the sun it causes the seasons. We wrote in our science journals about rotating and revolving. Next week we are going to learn about the life cycle of trees and plants. 

Mystery Reader: We had a very special visit from our local meteorologist. The students enjoyed listening to her story and asking questions. We even showed her our weather report video and she was very impressed! 


Art: We made a sun and moon with warm and cool paint colors to represent nighttime and daytime. 

Valentine’s Day: Our class party is on Thursday, February 14th. Please let me know if you can help out at our party. We will be exchanging valentines and rotating around the room playing various games, minute to win it style! We will be decorating bags in school next week to collect our valentines in. If your child would like to exchange valentines. please bring in the cards on Thursday with no specific names on them. Please only have your child sign their name. For more information about our party please look at the sign up genius.

Compliment Throne Pictures

We had so much fun on our field trip!

Important Reminders:

  • No school Friday, February 15th and Monday February 18th.
  • February reading response questions- February 28th.
  • February scholastic orders- February 27th.
  • In school field trip- Helen Woodward Animal Shelter- March 18th.
  • To continue our commitment as a Heart Safe School, and to increase awareness of a healthy life style, next week we will be handing out “felt” hearts in exchange for “heart felt” donations of a minimum of $1.00. These hearts, cut from felt by the students, will help us sustain AED supplies and ongoing heart hero education for the students. Cash will be accepted at morning drop off an afternoon pick up starting Monday February 11 through Thursday, February 14th. Thank you for joining in our celebration as a heart safe school.




Week of 1/28-2/1

Week 19

Quote of the week:

“My best friend is the one who brings out the best in me”

Math: We started our new unit, Topic 8,  on time and money. We learned how to count on to find the total amount of coins and bills. We also played lots of money games adding up coins and bills. Next week, we will start a fun math project on how to run a carnival. 

Reading/ Language Arts: We read and analyzed the story, Thundercake. We discussed the different story elements and discussed the character and how the character changed throughout the story. Then, we discussed our own fears and made text to self connections. We also talked about how the author used onomatopoeias to make her story sound interesting. We then made our own onomatopoeia pop art. We ended the week by making our own thundercake! 

Writing: We finished both of our informational paragraphs! We are moving onto our next writing activity, which will be to create a nonfiction book on an animal of choice. 

Science: We filmed our weather scripts and put the final touches on our posters and brochures. Thank you for stopping by to see our presentations! In Q3 we are learning about insects and life cycles.

Here is the link to the class weather movie: https://vimeo.com/314444001

The password is OTA

Field Trip: Our field trip is on Tuesday! Please drop your child off by 7:30! I know this is early, but our program begins at 8:30. We need enough time to drive to Escondido with the morning commute. We will return to OTA by 11:30 for lunch. There will be a normal pick up that day. 

Valentine’s Day: We will be exchanging valentines and having a class party on Thursday, February 14th. I would love parent volunteers that day, at 1:30. Please do not put individual names on valentines, it will take way too long to pass out 🙂 For our party, we will be rotating around the room with 5 different game stations and then eating some snacks.I would love a parent or two at each game station. All the directions are on the sign up genius. Thank You!



Important Reminders: 

  • If you would like a copy of your child’s MAPS scores, please email me and I can send it to you electronically. We will not be sending them out with report cards. 
  • Field Trip- February 5th
  • No school on Friday, February 15th and Monday, February 18th
  • V-Day party- February 14th
  • February reading response questions due- February 28th. 

Have a great weekend!

Week of 1/22-1/25

Week 18

Math: We began taking the math portion of the MAPS test. If your child did not finish this week, they will finish next week. We also took our Topic 7 exam on word problems. We are moving onto Topic 8, time and money, next week. We will be working in our math groups to  complete various hands on projects during this topic. Please email me if you would like extra word problem resources, as this topic was somewhat challenging. 

Reading/ Language Arts: We began taking the reading portion of the MAPS test. We will finish next week. We learned all about irregular plural nouns and wrote creative sentences on our whiteboards using these nouns and  adding adjectives. We also continued to read articles and library books on our type of severe weather. We completed journal activities for our read alouds in our reading response notebook.

Next week we will be doing reading activities based off the book Thundercake by Patricia Palacco. We will eventually be baking a “thundercake” in the class on Thursday morning, January 31st.  I need a few helpers in the morning, right after drop off, to assist with baking the cake with the kids. We will eat it in the afternoon! Also, if anyone would like to help me gather ingredients for the cake that would be greatly appreciated! Please email me if you are able to help out. Thank you 🙂 

Vocabulary words are the same as last week! Due to the MAPS testing, we did not have enough time to complete all of our vocabulary activities for this week’s words. 

Writing: We are all almost finished with our informational piece of writing from writers workshop. Everyone chose a nonfiction topic to write about and we have been working hard organizing our facts and writing a strong introduction and conclusion to our story. We are working hard on editing our writing to look for errors in punctuation and capitalization. We also started our severe weather informational paragraphs. We filled out a graphic organizer on our topic and added lots of transition words and adjectives to make our sentences more detailed. Almost everyone is starting the final draft. You will be able to read your child’s writing at their science station during the presentations. I am extremely proud of all the growth that I have seen in everyone’s writing so far! 2nd grade has been working very hard!!

Science: Each group completed a different STEM challenge based on their type of severe weather. Ask your child about their specific STEM challenge! We finished our weather scripts and have been practicing in our groups. Each group also put together their poster for their presentations. Next week, we will work on making safety brochures for our weather.

PBL presentation will be at 10:45 on Friday, February 1st. It is a minimum day, so you may take your child home after the presentation. If you will not be attending, pickup is at 12:00. For the presentation, you will be watching the weather scripts that we filmed and then you are able to walk around the classroom and visit the different science stations on each type of severe weather. Initially, I was going to have the class come in their presentation clothes. However, it is spirit day and pajama day, so I do not want the class to miss out on it. They may wear their pajamas for spirit day for the presentations. 

We are filming our weather scripts on Monday. I typed up each group’s weather script and I am sending a copy of it home if your child would like to practice this weekend. Please bring the paper back on Monday so we can practice again before filming. We are working hard on reading our part fluently and with lots of expression. 

Art: We completed an art project based on one of my favorite books, Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs! 

Important Reminders: 

  • Field trip money and permission slip- due Friday, February 1st. If you are chaperoning you must bring in $5! Thank you! If you are a chaperone please check your email with important information regarding items due to the office to be able to chaperone. 
  • Field trip- Tuesday, February 5th. Please drop off your child at school by 7:30 the latest! Chaperones will be leaving at 7:40. We will return to OTA at 11:30 for a regular day.
  • January reading response questions- due January 31st.
  • Scholastic book orders- due January 31st. 
  • Minimum day and spirit day (pajamas)- February 1st. End of Q2!!
  • OTA Family Dance- February 9th. 
  • Valentines Day party- Thursday, February 14th. We will be having a party in our classroom in the afternoon on Valentines Day. We will be rotating around the room and playing different “minute to win it”. Please let me know if you are able to help out. I would like to have one or two volunteers at each game station. I will put up a sign up genius for food for the party next week. 
  • Parent Helpers Needed! I am looking for parent help on Thursdays to help with making copies, laminating, cutting, etc. I will have a tub of items with directions in my room. You may grab the tub and use the teacher’s lounge to copy, cut, etc. You can do this at any time of the day, except for lunch time, so the teachers can have the lounge for lunch. If you are interested in being a teacher’s assistant, please let me know!


Week of 1/14-1/18

Week 17

Quote of the week:

“Love is the only force capable of transforming an enemy into a friend”

Math: We had our Unit 6 exam this week and continued to practice 2 step addition and subtraction word problems. Your child came home with a math homework sheet today for extra practice. Please have your child complete it as independently as possible over the weekend and return it on Tuesday. We will have our math word problem exam on Wednesday. 

Reading/Language Arts: We reviewed what a singular and plural noun is and are learning how to make a singular noun plural. We know that we add an -s, -es, or -ies to make a noun plural, depending on the ending of the noun. We also reviewed adjectives and are identifying adjectives in stories and our writing. We read lots of non fiction articles on our type of severe weather and identified the main idea of these articles and the details that support the main idea. We also worked on comparing and contrasting the content on the same topic from two different texts. We  learned a new “code” for responding in our reading response notebook. Ask your child about their favorite book that they read in reading workshop this week! 

Writing: We are finishing up our informational piece of writing. Everyone has been working very hard on finalizing their introductions and elaborating their sentences. We also added transition words to our stories and began writing our conclusions. Next week we will write informational pieces on our type of severe weather. All of your child’s writing is saved at school in their writing folder for an end of the year publishing party!

Next Week’s Vocabulary Words:

risk, diminish, caution, mute, gust

Science: We have been working hard all week in our research groups researching the causes and effects of our type of severe weather. We completed experiments on the science behind rain and blizzards! We began writing our weather scripts and creating materials for our science stations. Our PBL performance will be on Friday, February 1st at 10:45

Important Reminders:

  • NO SCHOOL- Monday, January 21st.
  • Math Homework (was sent home today)- due on Tuesday, January 22nd.
  • We will begin the reading and math MAPS Testing next week. 
  • January reading response questions- due January 31st.
  • January Scholastic orders- due January 30th
  • Weather PBL- Friday, February 1st- 10:45 am. You may take your child home after the performance.
  • Minimum Day/Spirit Day- February 1st. 
  • Q3 begins- 4th
  • Field trip- February 5th. Please hand in your permission slip and money by Friday, February 1st. 
  • In-school field trip- Helen Woodward Animal Shelter- March 18th

Have a great weekend! Please let me know if you have any questions about what is happening in our classroom! 

Week of: 1/7-1/11

Week 16

We had a great first week back from break!

Math: This week we reviewed subtraction concepts and started solving two step word problems. We are learning to look for key words in word problems that tell us wether we are going to add or subtract. We played lots of fun math games this week! We also added new pages to our number of the day binder. We are now working with numbers in our binder from 100-1,000. We will take a short exam on Monday and continue with more word problems before moving onto time and money. 

Reading/Language Arts: We reviewed what a collective noun is and wrote sentences using collective nouns in a book. Our main comprehension strategy that we focused on was finding the main idea of a text. We read a few articles and practiced identifying the most important details from the text. We also practiced writing about the most important details of the nonfiction books that we are reading during independent reading time. 

Next Week’s Vocabulary Words:

rapid, steep, insist, bolt, excess

Writing: We are learning how to write nonfiction! We talked about what makes nonfiction writing special and brainstormed different topics that we know a lot about that we can write about. We chose one topic and began making detailed sentences based on facts. We are working on adding adjectives to our sentences to make them more interesting. We then began writing strong introductions to our informative pieces. Next week we will add text features to our stories. 

Q2 Essential Questions:

How do changed in our environment affect communities around the world?

How can we educate our community about these changes?

Science: We began a new PBL unit on severe weather! We are learning about the science behind hurricanes, tornadoes, blizzards, thunderstorms, and droughts. We split up into our research groups and read books, articles, and watched videos on our specific type of severe weather. We brainstormed how weather affects communities around the world and discussed the types of severe weather that different places get. We brainstormed ways that we can educate our community and we decided that we are going to create a weather report newscast and make science stations about our type of severe weather. We will continue our research and work on our projects for the rest of the quarter. 

Art: We created oil pastel drawings of ourselves catching snowflakes on our tongues! 


Important Reminders: 

  • January 18th- Free Dress Day
  • Please consider donating your unused Gift Cards(worth at least $10), to be used for Spring Fundraising! Students can turn them in to me!
  • No School- MLK Day January 21st
  • January reading response questions due- January 31st. 
  • Upcoming field trip at The Roynon Museum of Earth Science and Paleontology- February 5th!!! Permission slip and money is due on Friday, February 1st. Thank you to all the chaperones who offered to drive! 
  • Tentative PBL presentation date- February 1st
  • Minimum dismissal/end of Q2- February 1st
  • Mark your calendars- in school field trip- Monday, March 18th. The Helen Woodward Animal Center will be bringing in various animals to our classroom to discuss the life cycle. I will need a few parent volunteers that morning 🙂 

Week of 12/10-12/15

Week 14

Quote of the week:

“Walking along in the dark is better than walking alone in the light.”

Second grade had a very fun gingerbread and penguin week! 

Math: We reviewed subtraction with regrouping and did some practice with word problems. When we return from break, we will do a quick review again and then move onto time and money. 

Language Arts/Reading: We read 5 different versions of The Gingerbread Man. Ask your child which story was their favorite! We then discussed and wrote about the different story elements and talked about which elements were similar and which were different. We also talked a lot about character traits and what traits we can use to describe the gingerbread man in the different stories. Finally, we wrote about our text to self connections in our reading notebooks. 

Writing: We worked on finalizing our memoir projects! All of our finished writing pieces are kept at school in our writing portfolios for the end of the year. We also wrote our first informational piece of writing on penguins. We reviewed adjectives and talked about how using adjectives can make our writing more interesting. We also  practicing expanding our sentences to include more facts to the reader. We discussed how we can take facts that we read from a book and put it into our own words. When we return from break, we will work on writing a non fiction book. 

Science: We learned that there are 17 different species of penguins. We were able to study 10 of these species. We split up into research groups and rotated around the room reading and taking notes on the different types of penguins. We then were split up into our penguin groups and researched one of the penguins. Students were able to work in teams to make a life size penguin. They measured how tall their penguin was, drew it, and then cut it out and painted it. Please check out our penguin parade bulletin board on display. 

Gingerbread Houses: Everyone had SO much fun making their houses. It was a very successful day!  If you were absent on Friday, there is a special house waiting for you on your desk. Thank you for all of the donations and a huge thank you to all of the moms that helped. We would not have been able to do it without you! 

Important Reminders:

  • Minimum Day and Ugly Christmas Sweater- Wednesday, December 19th
  • Winter Break: December 20th- January 4th. We return on January 7th.
  • No Math Club this Monday. 
  • Please make sure your child hands in their December reading response questions if they did not on Friday. 
  • You will receive our field trip information when we return from break. It is on Tuesday, February 5th. 

I hope everyone has a happy and healthy winter break. Also, thank you so much for the extremely generous and thoughtful class gift. 2nd grade is the best 🙂 

Week of 12/3-12/7

Week 13

Quote of the week:

Individually we are one drop, but together we are an ocean.

Math: We are working on solving one and two step word problems, and also subtraction with regrouping. We also learned some new math games and played with our math partner! 

Language Arts: Our main reading strategy that we focused on this week was identifying the different types of text features in non fiction books. We talked about why the author includes these text features and how the help us comprehend these types of books. We also learned what a collective noun is and identified some in our books. We discussed what synonyms were and how we can use synonyms to help us comprehend the meaning of difficult words in non fiction books. We completed a synonym sort and found synonyms in the books that we were reading. We responded to a prompt in our notebooks about the different text features that we found in the books that we were independently reading. 

Writing: We are almost finished with the memoir project. We are working on revising and editing our stories. 

Social Studies: We studied greek architecture and made model magic ionic columns. We finished our unit on Ancient Greece by having a greek feast. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the lentil soup and tea. We also presented our posters as our culminating project.

Science: Today we received a top secret package from Antartica. We opened it and found a penguin! We will be starting a penguin unit next week. We watched a video explaining the different types of penguins and where they live. We also discussed what we already know about penguins and what we wonder about penguins. Next week we will be researching and writing in groups about the different penguins. 

Art: We are still working on our special projects!

Gingerbread Day- Please use the SignUp Genius if you would like to donate materials for our gingerbread house making day next Friday, December 14th. We will also be making homemade hot chocolate in the crockpot. The items needed for that are also on the SignUp Genius. 


Secret Santa: Your child came home with directions to our secret santa project today. Please let me know if you have any questions. Monday we are picking names, and homemade gifts must be brought in on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.

Character Trait Awards: Each week we will be learning about a different character trait and how it can help you succeed as a successful and responsible student in the classroom. This week’s trait was attentiveness.

Congratulations to Reya and Kyle for showing attentiveness all week! 


Compliment Throne Pictures:




Important Reminders:

  • December reading response questions- due: December 14th
  • Sock Drive- December 10th. Please bring in  bags of socks next week to help those in need!
  • Winter performance- Thursday, December 13th. Here is a message from Ms. KingIt’s finally here! Next Thursday OTA will have its first ever K – 2 Winter Concert. Join us for a night of festive winter cheers, snacks, and singing:) 

    What you need to know…

    Date: Thursday, December 13th 

    Concert Start: 6:30 pm

    Performer Call Time: 6:00 pm (in cafeteria)

    Location: OTA Cafeteria 


    Admission: Free

    Seating: First come first serve 

    We would love to have some volunteers to help direct students and parents night of. IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO VOLUNTEER CONTACT MS. KING AT:

    [email protected].

  • Gingerbread house and hot chocolate day- Friday, December 14th.
  • Minimum Day- December 19th. Winter Break: December 20th- January 4th. We return on January 7th. 
  • December Scholastic due- December 30th
  • Upcoming field trip- February 5th at the Roynon Museum of Earth Science and Paleontology. More information when we return in the new year. 

Have a great weekend! Let me know if you have any questions.

Week of 11/26-11/30

Week 12

Quote of the week:

“TEAM: Together Everyone Achieves More”

Math:  We can now regroup and add within 100 and solve one and two step word problems. Today, we reviewed everything that we learned in Unit 4. We will have our math exam on Monday. 

Language Arts: We learned how to use context clues to determine the meaning of unknown words in texts that we read. Our main reading strategy that we focused on was asking and answering questions when we read fiction or nonfiction. We learned how to ask who, what, where, when, how, and why questions before we read a book and answer them while we are reading. We did this as a whole group and we also independently did this in our reading journals. We also learned about all of the different text features in nonfiction books and how they help us read. 

Writing Workshop: We finished our narrative final drafts and began our memoir project. We are working hard on becoming punctuation and capitalization experts. We are also working hard on describing how characters in our stories feel by using descriptive words. I hope everyone who ordered a fairy tale book enjoyed looking through all of the hard work that your child put into their story. We were very excited when the book arrived and can’t wait to publish another one!

Social Studies: We learned what life was like in Ancient Greece. We worked in groups and researched on the ipads and recorded notes in our social studies notebook. We also read and researched about the Olympics. We completed a venn diagram that compared and contrasted the olympics then-now. Next week we are going to be finishing out Ancient Greece unit. We will work in groups and create a poster advertising one aspect of Ancient Greece. On Thursday, we will be cooking  greek lentil soup in the crockpot! We will be cutting up the vegetables and putting everything into the crockpot in the morning and will enjoy our treat with feta cheese and pita bread at 1:30. We will also be enjoy some god and goddess tea, courtesy of Jen! We will be cutting up the vegetables at about 8:15 in the morning (first thing). If you would like to come help, you are more than welcome! 

Science- We had fun playing and creating things with our STEM bins today.

Art- We are working on a very special holiday project over the next 2 weeks. 

Important Reminders:

  • If you have not turned in your November response questions, please turn them in on Monday.
  • December reading response questions will be due-December 14th. Your child will have the paper in their folder on Monday.
  • Sock Drive begins- Monday, December 10th. 
  • Minimum Day- December 19th
  • Winter Break- December 20th-January 4th. We return on January 7th. 
  • My last day before break is December 14th. We will have a substitute on the 17th, 18th, and 19th. We will be having our holiday celebration in the classroom on the 14th. We will be learning about gingerbreads all week, so  we will be making gingerbread houses at 1:30. I will be putting out a sign up genius for supplies needed. I am also going to need some parent helpers! I would love at least 1 parent for each table for it to run smoothly. Please let me know if you are able to help that day. 
  • We will be having a secret santa in our classroom to promote kindness and classroom community this holiday season! On Monday, December 10th, students will get to pick their secret santa from a hat. Every night that week (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday) your child will make their secret santa a special homemade card/drawing/joke/letter/comic strip etc. telling their secret santa how special they are. I will be sending home a few sheets of construction paper with each child to help them complete this. They are free to use whatever supplies! However, please do not go out and buy anything for this. They should make things with art supplies that they already have at home. Please let me know if you need crayons or markers to complete this. I will be sending home a paper with more guidelines and instructions next week. Let me know if you have any questions! 
  • http://a.co/ht6uZgS We are still in need of a few supplies, especially dry erase markers. Here is the list if you would like to donate. Thank You!
  • Upcoming field trip- February 5th at the Roynon Museum of Earth Science and Paleontology. 

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend 🙂