Last Day of Second Grade

This year flew by! We had so much fun together the last week of second grade. Thank you so much for the beautiful and generous class gifts. Thank you for all of your support this year. I hope everyone has a relaxing summer with their family.

I am so proud of my now 3rd graders 🙂

Week of 5/28-5/31

Only 2 more weeks left of 2nd grade! 

Math: We explored 2-D shapes. We created a shape booklet together and discussed the sides, angles, and vertices of different shapes. Mostly everyone completed the MAPS. A few students will finish next week. 

Reading/Language Arts: We are in the process of making a brochure to advertise one of our favorite books! The brochure will include all story elements and review reading strategies from the school year. I am still completing end of year reading assessments. 

We will be having a book swap in the classroom on June 13th to promote summer reading. It is very important that your child continues to read every day in the summer!

This is how the book swap will work:

  1. Every student who wishes to participate will bring in a used book from home. Do not go out and buy a new book. The purpose is to recycle old books. 
  2. We will place all the books that students bring in a pile.
  3. I will pick sticks and students will get to choose a new book to bring home to read over the summer!

Remember, your child does not have to participate. Only those who bring in a book will get to choose one from the pile.

Writing: We are working on the final draft to our biographies. We also finished the final draft to our book reviews. Our publishing party is on Thursday, June 6th from 2:00-2:30. Please stop by to check out all of your child’s hard work this year. 

Field Day: Field Day is on Friday, June 7th from 8:30-11:00. It will take place on the turf. We will be outside with grades K-3. There will be many fun stations that our class will rotate through. We need lots of parent volunteers. Please email me back if you are able to volunteer that morning. If you can volunteer, I will send you the list of activities that we will be doing and you can choose what activity you want to help out with. You will be responsible for explaining directions and keeping score at that activity. If you can stay later, we also need help with the older grades, from 12:10-12:30.

 We will be having lunch that day from 11:00-11:30 (it is earlier than our usual time). Please plan on packing your child a lunch, rather than having a hot lunch. 

If you ordered a shirt, I will pass them out to students the day of. If parents ordered a shirt, I will give it to your child the night before. 

Beauty and the Beast Field Trip- We are no longer attending due to lack of drivers. 

Social Studies Presentations:


The Most Important thing: During the last 2 weeks of school we will be honoring how special and important our friends are. Each student will get to take home their own special poster with positive words about themselves signed by their friends.

We love you Camila, Alan, Ava, Bianca, Colette, and Cristian!

Field Trip Pictures: 

Important Reminders: 

  • No June reading response questions due
  • No longer attending Beauty and The Beast
  • Field Day- Friday, June 7th 8:30-11:00
  • Book Swap- Thursday, June 13th. 
  • Last day of school- June 14th. We will be watching a movie! 

Week of 5/20-5/24

Happy Friday! 2nd grade had another wonderful week. Only 3 more weeks until summer! Enjoy the 3 day weekend

Math: We wrapped up our measurement unit! We are now able to solve measurement word problems, and express the length difference of 2 objects. We also completed a fun measurement activity outside where we used chalk to represent the length of different animals. We will take the math MAPS next week.

Reading/Language Arts: We are continuing to read and respond to our reading on post its. We also are now able to identify and write contractions. We will get more practice with that next week. We took the reading MAPS this week. I still have a few more students to test their reading levels!

Writing: We learned how to write a book review to persuade other 2nd graders to read these boos! Everyone chose their favorite book to review. We filled out a book review planner that helped us organize our thoughts on why this book was so amazing. After that, we learned about the different parts to a review and put that into paragraph format. Finally, we are in the process of illustrating pictures to go along with the review. We are also still working on our biographies. We finished taking notes and doing research and completed our introductions. We are now organizing our notes and putting them into paragraphs on the person’s childhood and adulthood. We will celebrate all of our hard work in writing on June 7th! 

Social Studies: We are working very hard on our immigrant diaries! We are also working in our groups to make our country posters and persuasive letter postcards to America. We are continuing to learn more about Ellis Island and the process that immigrants had to go through. Presentations are next Friday!

Art: We finished our immigrant suitcases and also made American flags. 

Important Reminders:

  • Wild Willow Farm field trip- Tuesday, May 28th
  • Immigration PBL- Friday May 31st 2:00-2:30 
  • Theater Performance field trip- Tuesday, June 4th at 12:50. 
  • Publishing Party- Thursday, June 6th 2:00-2:30
  • Field Day- Friday June 7th
  • Last day of school/minimum day- Friday June 14th 


Week of 5/13-5/17

2nd grade had another busy week! 4 more weeks until summer! 

Math: This week we wrapped up our measurement unit and took our Topic 12 exam. We continued to measure objects around the classroom and play measurement games. We made New York City buildings and measured the length and the width of the buildings. Next week, we are going to have a measurement Olympics and do measurement word problems. 

Reading/Language Arts: We continued to read biographies on  important people that have made an impact on our world. We also had a lot of practice with using suffixes. We are continuing to independently read and respond to what we are reading. I am still in the process of testing everybody’s reading level! I will have that information by the end of the year. 

We will be taking the reading and the math MAPS on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. 

Writing: Everybody chose a person that they want to research to write a biography on. We learned how to read an article and take notes  on important information in our own words. We are also learning how to write a book review to persuade other 2nd graders to read our favorite books. 

Social Studies: I met with every family group this week. Everybody learned a little bit about their country! We will use the information that we learned to create a poster to present at our presentation. We are also working very hard on our diaries. Everyone is making a diary about their journey to America. Finally, we made suitcases and drew pictures of what we would bring on our journey. 

STEM: We made boats out of recycled materials. We will test them next week to see how much weight they hold and if they can float in water. 

Art: We made steamships!

Important Reminders: 

  • Burrito lunch party- May 22nd 
  • New field trip date- May 28th- Wild Willow Farm
  • Immigration PBL presentations- May 31st 2:00-2:30
  • Beauty and the Beast Theater Performance- June 4th and the church. I will need chaperones to drive. I will send out an email on Monday to see who is able to drive. 
  • End of year publishing party- June 6th 2:00-2:30
  • Field day- June 7th
  • Last day of school- June 14th 

Have a great weekend!

Week of 5/ 6-5/11

We had another great week! 

Bidding ends on Sunday!!

Bid on my amazing teacher experience. The lucky 4 winners will get to enjoy a day at the beach! We will be riding bikes or scooters along Mission Bay, hanging out at the beach, and getting ice cream at Olive Cafe. I can’t wait to hang out with all of you!

Math: We completed lots of fun measuring activities! We are measuring to the nearest inch and nearest centimeter. We rotated around the room measuring different objects on cards. We also measured flowers and made a measurement garden. 

Reading/Language Arts: We are still working in our book club groups and reviewing many of the reading strategies that we learned this year. We are also reading different biographies on people that have made an impact. We will continue to read stories on Patricia Polacco and compare and contrast the texts. 

Writing: We have been working on our realistic fiction stories. Next week, we will begin writing biographies. 

End of year publishing party: June 6th 2:00-2:30

Social Studies: We have been working hard on our immigrant diaries! Everyone is having fun creating their own stories and writing from the point of view of their character. We learned more about Ellis Island, the Statue of Liberty and what the journey to America was like through read alouds and videos. 

Immigrant PBL presentations: May 31st 2:00-2:30

Art: Watercolor Statue of Liberty

For those who are attending Legoland tomorrow, here are few friendly reminders for that morning:

Please make sure your child wears a purple jog a thon T-shirt  (any year). They can also color their hair purple or even paint their face purple.  If you have a purple T-shirt, please wear it. We want to represent our school BIG time!!!
– The park opens at 10 am just in case you want to be there early for easy parking.
– There will be a tent for the radio station, KSON and Azusa University right at the entrance. Let’s try and meet there at 11. 
– When we get there at 11, we will have capes for the kids to wear. Each cape will have a letter in the back. When we have the kids line up it will spell out Ms. Klim’s second grade OTA
– At 11:30 we will walk, as a group,  to the ceremony location, because we need to all sit together. 
– The ceremony will start at noon and it should not take more than an hour. 
– After that we are free to enjoy our day at Legoland!!

Important Reminders: 
  • Field trip- Wild Willow Farm- May 16th! We are getting excited. Thank you to the chaperones. I will send out a reminder email the night before the field trip. 
  • No school- May 27th
  • May reading response- May 31st
  • Field Day- June 7th 

I hope all the mothers have a wonderful Mother’s Day weekend. Your child has a special gift for you in their folders!



Week of 4/29-5/3

We had another great week! Thank you to everyone who showed up to participate in Grandparents Day!

Math: We took our Topic 11 math exam on Tuesday. We are now moving onto measurement. We talked about the different forms of measurement and estimated the length of objects, then used a ruler to measure length and height to the nearest inch. We also traced and measured our feet. 

Reading/Language Arts: We read another Patricia Polacco story and added the story elements to our chart. We also continued to read in our book club groups and have meaningful discussions. We journaled about our book club groups too. 

Next week vocab words will be the same as this week! 

Writing: It was our last week of poetry! We worked on the final drafts to all of the poems that we made and added them to our writing portfolios. We made a bio poem, simile poem, rhyming, and color shape poem for our portfolios.  I am very proud of everyone’s writing growth this school year. 

End of year publishing party- June 6th 2:00-2:30

Social Studies: We got into our country family groups! We have an Irish, Italian, Polish, German, and Russian family. We met with our group members and began to plan our immigration story. We created names for our family members and developed a plan for why we left our country and our hopes and dreams for when we arrive in America. We also filled out a diary planning page that is going to help us when we create our immigrant diaries. Finally, we created postcards from New York! We have been reading various stories on immigration from the perceptive of child immigrants. We also looked at pictures of children and wrote an “I Am” poem from the perspective of a child immigrant. Next week, we will do research on our country. 

I am asking for grocery paper bag donations. We will be using these paper bags to create suitcases. If you have any extra laying around, please bring them in next week! Thank you!

PBL Presentations- May 31st 2:00-2:30 

Grandparents Day: We had so much fun creating poems together, and rotating around the room playing math games, writing comic strips, and doing a STEM challenge

Important Reminders: 

  • OTA Gala- Tomorrow! I hope to see everyone there
  • OTA Talent Show- May 10th. 6 pm. We will be watching the performance in the morning. 
  • Saturday, May 11th- Legoland Field Trip. I gave the tickets out yesterday. Please check the email that I sent out regarding meet up information.
  • Wild Willow Farm Field Trip- Thursday May 16th. 
  • No school- May 27th
  • May reading responses- May 31st. I will be giving the reading log form on Monday. 



Field Day and Grandparents Day

Upcoming OTA Events

Grandparents Day

Grandparents Day is Friday, May 3rd. Grandparents are invited to attend from 9:00-11:15. There is a minimum dismissal, at 12:00, and students are encouraged to go out to lunch with their grandparent or special person.

Below is the 2nd grade schedule:

8:45-9:25 P.E.- Grandparents may join the students outside on the turf when they arrive

9:25-9:45 Classroom- Students will be making special poems with their grandparents or special person.

9:45-10:05 Recess- Students and grandparents may play together outside during recess

10:10-11:15 Classroom  Students and grandparents will rotate around the room for math stations. They will be playing math games, using the ipads, and solving word problems together. 

There will be music performances after!


Field Day

Field Day will be on Friday, June 7th. More details about time and activities to come! Each grade level is a different color and second grade is light blue! OTA Field Day shirts are available for you to purchase! Each shirt costs $10. You should have received the order form today. If not, your child will be bringing the order form home tomorrow. If you are interested in ordering a T-shirt, please send back the order form, along with $10, no later than May 7th. You may bring in cash (preferred payment method) or check made payable to OTA.

Purchasing a T-shirt is not required. If you choose not to purchase a shirt, your child may wear light blue on that day to represent our class. 

Week of 4/23-4/26

2nd grade had another great week of learning and fun! Please read through for all of the important information going on in our classroom.

Math: We are learning many different 3 digit subtraction strategies. We are now getting more fluent at counting up and counting back to subtract on a number line. We also can use place value blocks to model how to regroup when subtracting. As part of our curriculum, we are also learning how to explain our thinking when we choose a subtraction strategy that we like. Finally, we are getting more practice with 2 step word problems. We will be reviewing Topic 11 on Monday and taking our exam on Tuesday. 

Reading/Language Arts: We got into book clubs and each group read a different type of traditional literature story. We discussed the story elements and identified the moral in these stories. We also practiced how to discuss the book in our book club groups. We learned how to make eye contact with our book club members and how to respectfully agree or disagree with someone’s opinion. We had a list of sentence frames to look at to guide us in our discussions. Next week, we will have more practice with book clubs. We are getting ready for 3rd grade reading expectations. I am also still doing F&P reading assessments! I will share your child’s reading level when I have completed all assessments. 

Next Week Vocabulary Words: grasp, retire, frigid, hustle, alarmed 

Author Study- we are beginning an author study on one of my favorite authors, Patricia Palacco. I have many of her books, however, if you have any of her books at home and would like to share them with our class, I would love if you brought some in! 

Writing: This week has been all about writing poetry! I am so proud of everyone’s creativity during this unit. We learned the different “tools” that a poet uses when writing poems. We learned about rhyming words and figurative language. We analyzed a few poems and wrote about them in our notebooks. Then, we had practice writing our own poems. We learned that poets use their 5 senses when writing poems to make them more descriptive. We looked back on our poem brainstorming topic list and chose a topic to write about. Then, we filled out a 5 senses graphic organizer on that topic. Finally, we developed a poem from that. We also made a simile poem about ourselves and a rhyming poem. Today, students will be making a color shape poem. All poems are kept in their writing notebooks. Final drafts will be stored in their writing portfolios. All writing will be shared at an end of year publishing party. Final touches are almost done with our Who Would Win book (we’ve been really busy !) I will be mailing the book on Tuesday. 

Mark your calendars: End of Year Publishing Party- June 6th 2:00-2:30. Students will present all of their writing from the year! 

CONGRATULATIONS- Max, Kadyn, and Cristian for winning the poetry contest in our classroom. Everyone did a wonderful job!

Q4 Essential Questions: How are different cultures accepted in the United States? How can we accept different cultures? 

Social Studies: We are loving our new unit on Immigration. We learned the push and pull factors that made people immigrate to the U.S. in the late 1800s. We also learned the countries that immigrated through Ellis Island. We worked with partners and read a book about facts on Ellis Island and began to answer comprehension questions based on the passage. We also took a virtual field trip through Ellis Island. Please discuss your family history with your child at home while we are studying this unit. We have had many discussions about our ancestors immigrating and we would like to know which family member came to the U.S. first. I will be sending home a letter and questionnaire next week for you to fill out with your child that will help with our learning in the classroom. 

For our big project this quarter, I will be diving the class up into families from different countries. They will work together to use the knowledge that we learned about immigration to develop their family’s immigration story. They will also be researching about their country that they are from. At the end, the family’s will present their immigration story through a journal and present a poster about their country and it culture. We would love to also incorporate making a food from their country as well!

If you or any relatives would like to come into our classroom to share your immigration story, please let me know! We will be facetiming with my dad, who came to the U.S. from Poland, sometime in the upcoming weeks. We would love to hear any other stories. The students have been fascinated with the details from this unit. 

Mark your calendars: Tentative PBL- May 31st 2:00-2:30 pm. 

Important Reminders:

  • Grandparents Day- Friday, May 3rd. Minimum Dismissal. 
  • OTA Gala- Saturday, May 4th. Get your tickets!! 
  • Saturday, May 11th- Legoland Field Trip. You will be getting your free tickets on Tuesday or Wednesday. I will then email you with information about the times of the ceremony, etc. 
  • Wild Willow Farm field trip- Thursday, May 16th. We are having lunch on the farm and will return to OTA around 1:30. If you were selected to chaperone, I will email you with your car arrangements next week. 
  • May 10th- Talent Show. OTA will be watching the performances at 8:30. The night performance for parents will be at 6:00
  • May 27th- No School! 
  • May reading response questions- due May 31st. 

Have a great weekend! 

Week of 4/15-4/19

2nd grade had a very busy week! 

Math: We started a new unit on 3 digit subtraction. We are still working on solving word problems as well. We learned how to count up and count back on a number line when subtracting. We also completed a graphing jelly bean activity to end the week. 

Reading/Language Arts: We finished  and solved the mystery in our mystery book. We are learning how to write a good summary and make meaningful connections with the books that we are reading. We also read and discussed a few stories related to Earth Day.

April 26th is our school wide poetry contest. The poetry contest will first take place in our classroom on April 25th. Then, the top 3 winners will move onto the school wide contest on April 26th. If your child is a winner I will notify you so that you can go watch in the school wide contest. The poems are posted on the previous blog post. 

Next Week Vocab Words: sincere, absolute, ancient, boast, pledge

Writing: We wrote lots of poems this week! We learned about the different elements of poetry and wrote a few descriptive poems in our writers journals. Then, we  wrote a poem about ourselves. We also responded to an Earth Day prompt of choice and wrote informational paragraphs. Please check out our Earth Day display outside of the classroom! 

We just have a few finishing touches on our class Who Would Win book. I will be shipping it off to the publishing company early next week. 

We wrote our grandparents day letters. If you gave me a stamped and addressed envelope, I will be putting the letters in the mail this weekend. If I did no receive a stamped and addressed envelope, I will be sending the letters home with your child. 

Social Studies: This was our last week studying Westward Expansion. We learned about the invention of the telegraph and practiced writing in morse code. In addition, we learned about the gold rush and the Transcontinental railroad. We painted gold nuggets and made a picture that represented the gold rush using a vocabulary word learned from our lesson. We read a passage on ghost towns and practiced answering questions in complete sentences using evidence from the text. We also discussed cause and effect and completed a brochure based on the different events  of the westward expansion and the effects that it had. For our unit test, everyone chose a different writing prompt that they wanted to respond to, and wrote informational paragraphs. 

Art: Earth day art and superhero artwork! 

Important Reminders: 

  • No school this Monday!
  • Grandparents Day- May 3rd. 9:00-11:00. Minimum Day. 
  • Gala- May 4th. Get your tickets!!
  • Legoland Field Trip- May 11th. If you told me that you wanted a free ticket, you will be getting it next week, along with discounted coupons. More information to come about our meeting spot, time, etc. 
  • Field trip- May 16th. To make it fair, I will be picking sticks for chaperones. We are taking 10 chaperones with us. If your stick is picked, I will contact you on Monday to see if you can volunteer. Please hand in the permission slip and money by Friday, May 3rd. 

Have a wonderful 3 day weekend!

2nd Grade Poems

Today, your child chose the poem that they will be reciting in the contest. Please ask them which poem they selected. We will have copies in school to practice in our spare time. However, I highly recommend having your child practice at home as well. We do not have a lot of spare time for practice.  Below is the link for you to scroll and find your child’s poem. 

Poetry contest will take place in our classroom on April 25th. The 3 winners from our class will participate in the school contest on April 26th at 1:30. I will notify you if your child is a winner. Parents are invited to watch the contest!

2nd grade CKLA Poems