Week of 10/15-10/19

Week 7

Quote of the week-

“Always be a little kinder than necessary.”

Math: We finished and reviewed Topic 2. We can now tell if a group of objects is even or odd, we can find the total number of objects in an array and write a repeated addition sentence for the array. We will have center games on Monday and our Topic 2 test on Tuesday. 

Language Arts: We focused on identifying facts and opinions. We read an article on televisions and identified the different sentences that were facts and opinions. We also read a book about the invention of bubblegum and identified the facts and opinions. We are almost ready to send our book out to the publishing company! We were supposed to send it out today, but  we have a few more finishing touches that we need to add. Once the book is sent out to the company we should all have our official copies before Thanksgiving break! Thank you to those who have handed me the publishing form back.

Fairy Tale Presentation-November 1st 1:00 in our classroom.

Next Week’s Vocabulary Words:

doubt, bargain, warm, polish. gleam

Writing Workshop: We started Unit 2 and began planning another writing piece. I was able to assess everyone’s writing from Unit 1 so we are working on the areas in our writing that we need to improve. 

Reading Workshop: We have been reading in our guided reading groups! We are doing a great job at choosing just fit books during independent reading time. We started our reader’s notebook routine. On Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays your child will need to respond to a prompt in their notebook about the book that they are reading. They must hand their notebooks in on Fridays with a minimum of 3 responses. 

Social Studies: We read a few more stories on Ancient China and began planning to make our map to go along with our fairy tale story. We will include a compass rose, title, and legend on our maps. 

Important Reminders:

  • October scholastic orders- October 30th. Online code: TCDMV
  • Field Trip- November 6th.
  • Conferences- November 7th-9th. I will put up a sign up genius after the staff meeting next week. 
  • October reading log and reading response questions- October 30th
  • Halloween Party- October 31st
  • November 2nd– Half Day. End of Q1

Have a great weekend! 🙂 

Week of 10/8-10/12

Week 6

Math: Most of us took the math portion of the MAPS test this week. We will finish these next week. I will discuss the scores with you at parent teacher conferences. We learned more card math games and started Topic 2 in Math. As your child how they know if a number is even or if a number is odd.

Language Arts: We have been very busy working on our fairy tale stories that we are going to teach to the school. We are actually going to be getting our stories published into a book that we can have in our classroom! All the group fairy tales will be put together into one book. I have a very important paper in your child’s purple folder. The paper is the ordering form from the publishing company, where you have an option to order a copy of the class book that will be made. The company that is publishing our book will give our classroom one free copy, ONLY if I get everyone’s form back, even if you are NOT buying a copy. I do not except or require anyone to buy a copy of this book. However, in order to receive the free copy, you must please sign the form and check the “no” box if you are not buying one. If you would like a copy of the book you may fill out the order form or buy one online. This is not the only time that I will be using this company to publish our work, so there will be more opportunities to buy a class book 🙂 

Tentative PBL Date- November 1st. I will notify you if this changes! Students will be reading their fairy tale and presenting their maps of their fairy tale. Students may also dress up as characters from their stories. 

We started to take the reading portion of the MAPS test and will finish next week. 

Our main reading strategy that we focused on this week was cause and effect. We read a few stories together and discussed the different events that happen because of something. We then responded to a writing prompt and wrote about a cause and effect from the story. 

Next Week’s Vocabulary Words:

luxury, enormous, jealous, vibrant, affordable 

Writing Workshop: We put the final touches on our first piece of work and have been free writing in our journal. Next week, we will begin Unit 2. I sent home a rubric of Unit 1 in writing in your child’s folder this week.Let me know if you have any questions. Each time we finish a Unit, I will send home a rubric so you can see your child’s progress. The rubric has all of the mini lessons that have been taught.

Reading Workshop: We are continuing to reflect on our reading and write about connections predictions, and new facts that we are learning in our books. We are learning how to share with the class about what we are reading. Guided reading groups are made! Ask your child about our article a day routine!

Social Studies: We began a unit on Ancient China! We also began making maps for our fairy tale stories. I asked the students the driving question- How can maps help the characters in the stories that we read? We started with a blueprint of our fairy tale land and are going to begin creating them next week. We will be presenting the maps along with the fairy tale stories.  

Halloween Party: Halloween is coming up! We are going to have a fun day in the classroom. Please see the sign up genius below for items to donate to our classroom party. More details on what we will be doing will be coming. Let me know if you would like to volunteer for our party! I also would love if a parent is available after school to put up the decorations for my door. The kids are making monsters to decorate, but I would love if someone could put it up. I also am in need of black butcher paper to cover the door. Please email me if you can get me the butcher paper and/or put everything up. Thank You so much!



Compliment Throne Pictures:


Important Reminders:

  • Jogathon- October 19th We’re about a week away from this year’s Jogathon! Please encourage your kids to get pledges! We’d like EVERY student to get at least one $10 pledge, to help support all of the great programs at OTA. If you haven’t already done so, please set up your page to our web based fundraising system!
  • If you placed a September Scholastic order it should be here sometime next week. October Scholastic orders are due October 30th
  • October reading log and reading response questions- due October 30th. Instructions for how to do this are located on the extended learning tab on the blog. 
  • Field Trip-November 6th. Thank you for all of the parents that said they were able to drive. Please hand in your permission slip and money by October 26th. If you are driving I will email you with who is in your car and more information soon. 
  • Conferences- November 7th-9th. 

Have a great weekend!

Week of 10/1-10/5

Week 5

Math: We wrapped up Topic 1 in Math! We practiced more addition and subtraction strategies as we rotated through centers and games. We took our Topic 1 test on Thursday. Everyone’s test is in their take home folder. I am giving extra credit opportunities to students who received a certain grade. If there is a note on your child’s test, please sign it and return it on Monday. I will have some extra credit problems so they can boost their grade. 

Language Arts: We read and learned about tall tales. We read about Paul Bunyon, Casey Jones, John Henry, and Pecos Bill. Ask your child what their favorite tall tale was. Our main reading comprehension strategy was all about retelling. We learned that when you retell a story you only talk about the most important parts that happen in the beginning, middle, and end. We wrote in our reading notebooks about what happened in the beginning, middle, and end of Chrysanthemum. We also made a lot of progress on our fairy tales that we are creating and teaching to the other students at OTA. We hung our moral posters around the school with some of the first graders! 

We will also be taking the language portion of the MAPS test next week. 

Next Week’s Vocabulary Words:

tremble, delectable, nervous, avoid, whimper

Writing Workshop: Everyone is currently publishing and illustrating their first narratives! We successfully completed Unit 1 and will move on to Unit 2 once all of the narratives are finished. 

Reading Workshop: We learned that when we are reading we can use sticky notes to help us comprehend. We can put predictions, connections, questions, and new facts that we learned on sticky notes. We are beginning to share with the class the different things that we are discovering in our books. Guided reading groups will start next week! I wi 

Art: We learned how to draw a pumpkin and we made spooky halloween art!

Mystery Reader:Thank you to our third mystery reader! If you would like to sign up to read a book to our class, please do so on the mystery reader tab on the blog. I will email you about a week before to ask you for your 5 clues. 

Important Reminders:

  • Picture Day- October 9th! 
  • JogAThon- October 19!
  • Halloween party- I will be creating a sign up genius for different snacks to bring to our Halloween party. 
  • Make sure to bring back Math test on Monday if there is a note on it. 
  • October reading log and reading response questions- due Tuesday, October 30th. Remember, your child is choosing 3 questions to answer about 1 of the books that they read. Look under the extended learning tab for more information. 
  • If you happen to have any cans in your recycling bins Ms. King is requesting some for an art project on Monday! Please bring them in if you have them!


Have a great weekend! 🙂 


Week of 9/24-9/28

Week 4

Math: We learned more addition and subtraction strategies. Ask your child about what their favorite strategy is. We are wrapping up topic 1 in Math. Next week, we will be reviewing and practicing our addition and subtraction facts to 20. We will have our Topic 1 exam on Thursday. We also started using Prodigy! I have sent home a parent letter with your child’s username and password and directions on how you can connect to your child’s account and see their progress at home. We also built houses for the 3 little pigs! We kept inventory of the products used and added up the total number of products. Ask your child if their house blew down from the wolf or not. 

Language Arts: We are wrapping up our unit on fairy tales. We read fractured fairy tales and compared and contrasted them to the original fairy tale. The fractured fairy tales were written from a different character’s perspective, so we also discussed point of view and how the story changed when the narrator told it vs. when a character told it. The fractured fairy tales we read were: Seriously, Cinderella Is So Annoying, Hansel and Gretel Were Sweet, Jack’s Beanstalk Stinks, and Little Red Riding Hood Was Rotten. We also worked in fairy tale groups and made a poster about the fairy tales. We summarized the beginning, middle, and end of each fairy tale, illustrated, and gave the fairy tale a rating out of 5 stars. We practiced presenting our posters to the class. Our main reading strategy that we focused on this week was comparing and contrasting. We compared the Chinese version of Little Red Riding Hood, Lon Po Po, to  Little Red Riding Hood. We made a graphic organizer of the different story elements for each story and then wrote about the similarities and differences. These reading strategies will help us when we begin to write about our stories that we are reading in our notebooks. 

We also started to think about the morals that we want to teach to our community. Next week we will begin writing our fairy tale and morals and designing posters for the school.

Next Week’s Vocabulary Words:

generous, benefit, personality, essential, instructor

Writing: We are on the revising stage in the writing process. Everyone is looking over their personal narratives and adding more detail to make their sentences exciting to the reader. Next week we will edit and publish our very first piece of second grade writing!

Social Studies: We added a compass rose to our map and learned more about cardinal directions. We also began to label the 50 states on our map of the United States and we explored an interactive website of the United States. Next week we will learn more about our state! We will also began to discuss how maps can help the characters in the fairy tales that we have been reading. 

Art: We learned about warm and cool colors and finished our cover on our sketchbook. We will be using these sketchbooks throughout the year to plan our art projects and for free draw during art.

Mystery Reader: Thank you to our second mystery reader! If you would like to sign up to read a book to our class, please do so on the mystery reader tab on the blog. I will email you about a week before to ask you for your 5 clues. 

Important Reminders:

  • I have still not received everyone’s emergency kit bag. I need a ziplock bag with a water bottle, snack, and emergency contact information. 
  • September reading response log and reading response questions are due on October 1st. Directions on how to do these are on the extended learning tab. 
  • Picture Day- October 9th
The Jog-a-thon is only 3 weeks away!  ALL of the following are due next Monday, October 1:
  • Drawing Contest submissions for JAT t-shirt
  • JAT Sponsorships: sponsors need to email and send company logo to [email protected]
  • Child Participation Form with shirt size (in JAT packet that was sent home in kid’s folders)

Also, a friendly reminder to setup your child/family’s Pledgestar account and email friends and family donation requests. 100% participation in JAT is needed.


Compliment Throne Pictures:

Week of 9/17-9/21



Math: We learned how to complete a new page in our number of the day binder. We have been exploring different addition and subtraction strategies. We learned how to “make a 10 to add”, addition strategies and patterns on an addition chart, and how to count up and count back on a number line. We also started playing some of our math card games. Ask your child about how to play Snap Plus and Magic 10! We utilize our mental math skills while playing these card games. They will help us become more efficient in math. We will be learning more card games next week. 

Language Arts: We read some more fairy tales this week. We loved listening to Hansel and Gretel, Little Red Riding Hood, Cinderella, and we even read an Italian folktale, Strega Nona. We continued to add the different fairy tale story elements (character, setting, problem, solution, moral, magic) to our fairy tale journals for each of these stories. We then worked in our table groups to create a graphic organizer to compare and contrast two of our favorite fairy tales. Our reading strategy that we focused on this week was making predictions. We made predictions as we read the fairy tales. When reading Strega Nona, we were prediction experts. After reading a few pages of the story, we wrote about our predictions. We know that we always start with “I predict that ______ because __________.”  At the end of the book, we wrote about whether our prediction turned out to be true or false. 

Quarter 1’s concept is all about morals. I introduced two of our essential questions for this quarter. We referred back to these questions daily as we read and completed our fairy tale activities.

-Why do fairy tales teach us morals?

-How can we teach our community about morals?

*All are student responses 

We are all very excited to get the opportunity to teach our community, OTA, about everything that we are learning at the end of the quarter. 

Vocabulary- Take a look below to see our weekly vocabulary routine  in action:

Monday- Make predictions and learn the meaning. Read a story and decide which word makes sense in the story:

Our predictions were very close to the actual meanings!

Tuesday- Read a digital story together, find the word, determine the meaning. 

Wednesday: Students need to determine if their word card is a synonym or antonym of the vocabulary word. 

Thursday: Guess the word charades.


We noticed some of our vocabulary words in our read alouds this week! 

Next Week’s Vocabulary Words:

reflect, conclusion, retell, disturb, fascinating

Writing- We have learned the different stages of the writing process (planning, drafting, revising, editing, and  publishing). We used two different graphic organizers to plan one of our first stories! Students were able to choose any small moment in their life to write about. First, we planned a beginning, middle, and end in a graphic organizer. Then, we took that graphic organizer and expanded on each portion. We added a topic sentence, used transition words to organize our thoughts and added a concluding sentence. We are in the process of drafting our stories in our notebooks. We are learning different strategies to use for spelling tricky words and have added sight words to our word wall to reference when writing. Everyone is excited to illustrate and publish their first piece of work. Ask your child what they decided to write about. All student’s writing pieces will be stored in their writing portfolio in the classroom. We will have a publishing party at the end of the year to celebrate our writing growth. 

Reader’s Workshop- Ask your child about the 3 finger rule when choosing “just right” books. Everyone is doing an excellent job reading silently during independent reading time. We will soon learn how to respond in our reading notebooks with journal prompts about the different stories that we are reading. Guided reading groups will also begin shortly! Ask your child about their favorite author or book bin that they discovered in our library. 

Social Studies- We learned more about the 5 oceans and maps this week. We read the story, Our World, and are now able to locate and define the equator on our maps and define latitude and longitude lines. We had so much fun completing a salt water experiment! We put an egg in salt water and regular tap water and talked about how the egg floated in the salt water and sank in the regular tap water. Next week we will learn about cardinal directions and complete a mapping fairytale activity. 

Art: We finished our abstract portraits and began our warm vs cool hand design sketch book. Please check the art tab to see some pictures from art! Most art projects will be kept at school to be put in their art portfolio for the end of the year! 

Morning Meeting: We have learned how to greet each other in many different ways. Ask your child about their favorite morning meeting greeting and morning meeting question. 

Fun Friday: We participated in our first Fun Friday! The class was split into 2 different groups. Half of the class got to work with our STEM bins and half the class explored our learning apps on the Ipads. Then, we switched! Our STEM bins are filled with various materials (pipe cleaners, cups, straws, index cards, tape, wooden planks, legos, magnetic tiles) and students are encouraged to build and create what they want. We all had a lot of fun! Thank you for all of the donated supplies for these bins!!

Mystery Reader: Our first mystery reader was a success! Thank You! We will be keeping track of all our mystery readers throughout the year in a class book. The pages will include  the reader’s clues and a group picture with the reader. Please sign up on the blog if you would like to read! I will email you about a week before to ask for your clues. 

Please Read-

Important Reminders:

  • If you have not brought in your Emergency Kit bag please due so by Monday! We need a gallon sized Ziploc bag filled with a water bottle, a snack, and emergency contact info.
  • Please respond to your child’s Friday Letter on the back and return to school on Monday.
  • September reading log and reading response questions are due: October 1st. Remember, your child is choosing one book to write about. They are picking a question from each category. An example of what a completed response should look like is posted under the extended learning tab. We did this as a class together, so I am encouraging your child to complete this as independently as possible. A rubric of how these will be scored is also under the extended learning tab.  I encourage phonetic spelling as we are learning different spelling strategies in the classroom.
  • Math extended learning– please have your child complete this as independently as possible. Credit will be given for completion, not for correct answers. If answers are incorrect, it will help me see what skills I need to still work on when I am in small group with your child. If it seems like your child is speeding through it with no problems- then that shows they need no review on these previous skills. If your child comes to a problem and is completely stuck, please encourage them to try their best and then circle or highlight the problem. I will go over that skill with them during small group math time. 
  • Headphones for I pads– I found the bin that stored your child’s headphones from last year. If you would like to bring in a new pair, please bring in a labeled pair on Monday. Every child should have a headphone to use for independent Ipad time. I will notify you if I do not find a headphone in that bin with your child’s name on it.
  • Scholastic Book Orders– due September 30th.

Enjoy your weekend! 🙂 


Week of 9/10-9/14

We had another great week in 2nd grade! Thank you for everyone who attended Back to School Night last night. If anyone is interested in having the powerpoint, or needs more information, please let me know! Here is a little bit from our week:

  • Math- we began our Number of The Day binder routine. Every student has a binder where they complete different activities based on what the number of the day is. We learned how to complete the first two pages, where we work on place value and number lines. We will learn how to do more pages next week! We also are learning the different components to our Math Workshop routine. We have mastered the mini-lesson and  independent seat work and will learn more about games next week! Once Math workshop is up and running, we will be rotating through independent work, teacher table, games, technology, and journals. 
  • Language Arts-We began our fairytale unit. So far, we have read Jack and the Beanstalk, The Fisherman And His Wife, and Beauty and The Beast. We learned about the different elements of a fairytale and have been identifying  and writing about them in our fairytale journal. We also had a lot of fun learning our vocabulary words for this week. I even heard some students use them in conversation and see them in the books that they were reading! Stay tuned for more fairytale activities. 
  • Writing-  We have been writing many different stories in our writing journal. We have learned what to do when we get “writer’s block” and created a “What Can I Write About Chart” to keep in our writing folders. We are now working on our first personal narratives. 
  • Reading Workshop- We love being able to sit where we want and read! We are able to sit on our couch, chairs, and use our lap desks during reading workshop. We have learned how to check books out from our library and how to treat them nicely. We are working on independently reading and will soon begin our guided reading groups! 
  • Social Studies- We can now name all 7 continents and 5 oceans and locate them on a map. Next week, we will complete an experiment on salt water and learn more about maps. 
  • Art- We began creating abstract art using crayons and watercolors! Pictures will be posted when they are finished next week.
  • Morning Work- Ask your child about how they make inferences every morning and what their favorite picture has been so far.

Important Reminders:

  • If you have not brought in your Emergency Kit bag please due so by Monday! We need a gallon sized Ziploc bag filled with a water bottle, a snack, and emergency contact info.
  • Please sign up to be our Mystery Reader! There is a sign up genius on the mystery reader tab on the blog. 
  • Please check your child’s take home folder tonight for some important papers!
  • Everyone is excited about our Friday Letter routine! Your child’s Friday letter is in their folder. Please write a letter back and return on Monday.
  • If you would like to sign up for Math Club please bring back the completed form on Monday!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Compliment Throne Pictures:

First Week of 2nd Grade!

We Love Second Grade!

What a great first week of school. I had so much fun getting to know everyone. We are going to have a very exciting year together! 

This week, we established many of our routines and procedures. We learned all about what respect is and what each letter stands for. Please continue to review at home what each letter stands for and how we will show it in the classroom. We also established our classroom rules and declared our class name as the “Team Thinkers!” We talked a lot about our hopes and dreams for second grade. Everyone thought of an academic, social, and behavior goal for the school year. Ask your child what their goals are for this year! 

Today we began Readers Workshop and Writer’s Workshop. Everyone was very excited to dive into our library and begin choosing books for their book bins. We also began our number of the day routine in our Math binders.

Next week will be the start of our weekly vocabulary routine. Every Monday, we will learn 5 new vocabulary words. Throughout the week we will complete different activities related to these vocabulary words. We will be finding  synonyms and antonym’s, using the words in stories, and participating in fun word play games. On Friday, there will be an assessment on the week’s vocabulary words. 

Next Week’s Vocabulary Words:

  1. courage
  2. relieved
  3. effort
  4. courteous
  5. timid


On Monday, we will also begin our weekly homework routine. Every Monday your child will come home with Math spiral homework. There will be problems to complete Monday- Thursday night. The homework page will be due every Friday.  Unlike traditional homework, this style of homework focuses on reviewing previously taught concepts each night.   By doing this, students are given the opportunity to continuously practice what they have already learned without having hours of homework, and are more likely to master the skills as they continue to practice. While a majority of each night’s homework is review, new skills are also practiced.  The bottom row of each week’s homework is the skill we have most recently learned in class, while all of the above rows are review of older skills.

In addition to weekly Math homework, your child is excepted to read every night. There will be a monthly “Reading BINGO” form in the middle of your child’s take home folder. Your child may choose “how” they read each night and put an “X” on a box after each time they read. The whole BINGO log must be completed by the end of the month. This will be put into your child’s folder on Monday. Each monthly log will be due on the last Friday of the month. I will remind students and also post it on the blog before it is due. At the end of the month, your child will get to choose their favorite book that they read and write about it. 

Please let me know if you have any questions about our vocabulary or homework routines. I will be going over these at back to school night!

Volunteer Opportunities:

If you would like to volunteer in our classroom you may do so during:

  • recess/snack time- daily 9:45-10:10
  • lunch/recess time- daily 11:20-11:55
  • Art-Fridays at 12:45 pm
  • Mystery Reader- Fridays at 8:40 am. To find our more about our mystery reader program, please click on the Mystery Reader tab. 

If you would like to sign up to volunteer at these times, please do so on the SignUp Genius calendar under the volunteer tab on the blog. 

Important Reminders:

  • Back To School Night- Thursday, September 13th. Begins at 5:30 on the field. 
  • Please send in your child’s emergency kit bag by Monday. Please label a gallon sized ziplock back with your child’s name and include a water bottle, snack, and emergency contact information inside. 
  • If you would like to sign up for Math Club please let me know!

Below are some pictures from our compliment lesson. We discussed giving compliments to our friends and how they make us feel. We will choose a few students a day to sit in the “compliment thrown.” 

First Day of 2nd Grade!

2nd grade had a great first day! We learned all about our new classroom and shared our first day feelings, summer stories, and what we want to learn about this year. We will be establishing routines and procedures for the rest of the week and participating in community building activities. 

Your child went home today with their new take home folder. This will come home every night and needs to be brought back each day. On the right hand side of the folder are papers that are meant to be completed and sent back to school. On the left hand side of the folder are papers that are meant to be kept at home. 

I will be posting a blog post every Friday updating you on what we are learning in the classroom and any important reminders. Volunteer signups will be posted this Friday!


  1. Back To School Night is onThursday, September 13th at 5:30 p.m. Parents will be meeting on the field. You will be brought up into the classrooms a little bit before 6:00.  There will be 2 sessions in the classroom to accomodate families with more than 1 child. The first session is from 6:00-6:25 and the second session is from 6:30-6:55. I hope to meet everyone then! 

 2. Emergency Bag Kits- New emergency bag kits are needed in our classroom. Please bring in a large  Ziplock Bag with a snack and a water bottle labeled with your child’s name. Also, please include on a piece of paper  your child’s emergency contact information  and place it inside the bag. These kits are needed by Friday. Thank you for your cooperation!



ZenTotz After School Program 2018-2019


If you plan on registering your child(ren), please respond at your earliest convenience, as the roster is filling up quickly.  Payment is not due immediately, however, I will be purchasing supplies for the program shortly.  Thank you so very much to those that have contacted me already, and I apologize for the repeat email.  

With a joyful heart, I will be leading the ZenTotz After School Program this school year.  I hope you consider and take the opportunity to register your child for this one-of-a-kind, inspiring program!

Early registration is highly recommended – This year, I will lead 2 groups of 15 children maximum.  

Please note:
* The 1st Quarter schedule is included below the informational flyer.  We will begin the first week of school.
* There is a 10% discount for siblings. Please apply this discount to both children.
* All materials are included.
* Additional savings are offered if you would like to sign up for more than one quarter.  Please review the prices on the flyer.
* K-2nd graders will meet in Thursdays and 3rd-5th graders will meet on Tuesdays. I believe we can accomplish more this way…

Thank you!  As always, keep in touch with any suggestions and/or questions. I appreciate you!
Please review the informational flyer below.  Our 1st Quarter Schedule is included on the second page of the document.