Week of 12/3-12/7

Week 13

Quote of the week:

Individually we are one drop, but together we are an ocean.

Math: We are working on solving one and two step word problems, and also subtraction with regrouping. We also learned some new math games and played with our math partner! 

Language Arts: Our main reading strategy that we focused on this week was identifying the different types of text features in non fiction books. We talked about why the author includes these text features and how the help us comprehend these types of books. We also learned what a collective noun is and identified some in our books. We discussed what synonyms were and how we can use synonyms to help us comprehend the meaning of difficult words in non fiction books. We completed a synonym sort and found synonyms in the books that we were reading. We responded to a prompt in our notebooks about the different text features that we found in the books that we were independently reading. 

Writing: We are almost finished with the memoir project. We are working on revising and editing our stories. 

Social Studies: We studied greek architecture and made model magic ionic columns. We finished our unit on Ancient Greece by having a greek feast. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the lentil soup and tea. We also presented our posters as our culminating project.

Science: Today we received a top secret package from Antartica. We opened it and found a penguin! We will be starting a penguin unit next week. We watched a video explaining the different types of penguins and where they live. We also discussed what we already know about penguins and what we wonder about penguins. Next week we will be researching and writing in groups about the different penguins. 

Art: We are still working on our special projects!

Gingerbread Day- Please use the SignUp Genius if you would like to donate materials for our gingerbread house making day next Friday, December 14th. We will also be making homemade hot chocolate in the crockpot. The items needed for that are also on the SignUp Genius. 


Secret Santa: Your child came home with directions to our secret santa project today. Please let me know if you have any questions. Monday we are picking names, and homemade gifts must be brought in on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.

Character Trait Awards: Each week we will be learning about a different character trait and how it can help you succeed as a successful and responsible student in the classroom. This week’s trait was attentiveness.

Congratulations to Reya and Kyle for showing attentiveness all week! 


Compliment Throne Pictures:




Important Reminders:

  • December reading response questions- due: December 14th
  • Sock Drive- December 10th. Please bring in  bags of socks next week to help those in need!
  • Winter performance- Thursday, December 13th. Here is a message from Ms. KingIt’s finally here! Next Thursday OTA will have its first ever K – 2 Winter Concert. Join us for a night of festive winter cheers, snacks, and singing:) 

    What you need to know…

    Date: Thursday, December 13th 

    Concert Start: 6:30 pm

    Performer Call Time: 6:00 pm (in cafeteria)

    Location: OTA Cafeteria 


    Admission: Free

    Seating: First come first serve 

    We would love to have some volunteers to help direct students and parents night of. IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO VOLUNTEER CONTACT MS. KING AT:

    [email protected].

  • Gingerbread house and hot chocolate day- Friday, December 14th.
  • Minimum Day- December 19th. Winter Break: December 20th- January 4th. We return on January 7th. 
  • December Scholastic due- December 30th
  • Upcoming field trip- February 5th at the Roynon Museum of Earth Science and Paleontology. More information when we return in the new year. 

Have a great weekend! Let me know if you have any questions.

Week of 11/26-11/30

Week 12

Quote of the week:

“TEAM: Together Everyone Achieves More”

Math:  We can now regroup and add within 100 and solve one and two step word problems. Today, we reviewed everything that we learned in Unit 4. We will have our math exam on Monday. 

Language Arts: We learned how to use context clues to determine the meaning of unknown words in texts that we read. Our main reading strategy that we focused on was asking and answering questions when we read fiction or nonfiction. We learned how to ask who, what, where, when, how, and why questions before we read a book and answer them while we are reading. We did this as a whole group and we also independently did this in our reading journals. We also learned about all of the different text features in nonfiction books and how they help us read. 

Writing Workshop: We finished our narrative final drafts and began our memoir project. We are working hard on becoming punctuation and capitalization experts. We are also working hard on describing how characters in our stories feel by using descriptive words. I hope everyone who ordered a fairy tale book enjoyed looking through all of the hard work that your child put into their story. We were very excited when the book arrived and can’t wait to publish another one!

Social Studies: We learned what life was like in Ancient Greece. We worked in groups and researched on the ipads and recorded notes in our social studies notebook. We also read and researched about the Olympics. We completed a venn diagram that compared and contrasted the olympics then-now. Next week we are going to be finishing out Ancient Greece unit. We will work in groups and create a poster advertising one aspect of Ancient Greece. On Thursday, we will be cooking  greek lentil soup in the crockpot! We will be cutting up the vegetables and putting everything into the crockpot in the morning and will enjoy our treat with feta cheese and pita bread at 1:30. We will also be enjoy some god and goddess tea, courtesy of Jen! We will be cutting up the vegetables at about 8:15 in the morning (first thing). If you would like to come help, you are more than welcome! 

Science- We had fun playing and creating things with our STEM bins today.

Art- We are working on a very special holiday project over the next 2 weeks. 

Important Reminders:

  • If you have not turned in your November response questions, please turn them in on Monday.
  • December reading response questions will be due-December 14th. Your child will have the paper in their folder on Monday.
  • Sock Drive begins- Monday, December 10th. 
  • Minimum Day- December 19th
  • Winter Break- December 20th-January 4th. We return on January 7th. 
  • My last day before break is December 14th. We will have a substitute on the 17th, 18th, and 19th. We will be having our holiday celebration in the classroom on the 14th. We will be learning about gingerbreads all week, so  we will be making gingerbread houses at 1:30. I will be putting out a sign up genius for supplies needed. I am also going to need some parent helpers! I would love at least 1 parent for each table for it to run smoothly. Please let me know if you are able to help that day. 
  • We will be having a secret santa in our classroom to promote kindness and classroom community this holiday season! On Monday, December 10th, students will get to pick their secret santa from a hat. Every night that week (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday) your child will make their secret santa a special homemade card/drawing/joke/letter/comic strip etc. telling their secret santa how special they are. I will be sending home a few sheets of construction paper with each child to help them complete this. They are free to use whatever supplies! However, please do not go out and buy anything for this. They should make things with art supplies that they already have at home. Please let me know if you need crayons or markers to complete this. I will be sending home a paper with more guidelines and instructions next week. Let me know if you have any questions! 
  • http://a.co/ht6uZgS We are still in need of a few supplies, especially dry erase markers. Here is the list if you would like to donate. Thank You!
  • Upcoming field trip- February 5th at the Roynon Museum of Earth Science and Paleontology. 

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend 🙂 

Week of 11/13-11/16

Week 10

Quote of the week:

“If you work really hard and are kind amazing things will happen.”

Math: We took our Topic 3 exam and started Topic 4. We are continuing to work on adding 2 digit numbers. Some of us have started a math journal and we are working on solving more one and two step word problems. We also learned how to do one of the final pages in our number of the day binders. 

Language Arts: We started a whole new unit on nonfiction. Our main reading strategy that we worked on was how to activate our prior knowledge on a certain topic when reading non fiction. We wrote about this in our reading journals. Encourage your child to read more non fiction books at home! 

Next Week’s Vocabulary Words:

elegant, flawless, dawn, necessary, wander

Writing: We are publishing our personal narratives and will move on to our memoir writing project. Instructions for this activity were sent home in your child’s folder today. Please let me know if you have any questions. 

Social Studies: We are loving our unit on Ancient Greece. We rotated through reading stations and read and wrote about different gods and goddesses. We wrote in our social studies notebooks about why these gods and goddesses are so unique. We also learned about what life was like in Ancient Greece. 

Art: We made turkey drawings and Thanksgiving cards!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends!!! 

Important Reminders:

  • November reading response questions due: Friday, November 30th. 
  • It’s about that time of the year when we are in need of a few more supplies. I updated our classroom wish list.http://a.co/1OSzWK6
  • I just got confirmation that our fairy tale book was published and shipped. The books should be waiting for us when we return from break! If you purchased a book, you will get it when we return. I am looking forward to publishing more books later in the year. 
  • Memoir Writing Project- please hand this in on Monday the 26th or Tuesday the 27th. Directions to this assignment are in your child’s folder. Your child will be talking with any adult in your family about a memory from their childhood. Your child will complete the planning page and bring the planning page to school where we will learn how to write a memoir. 
  • November Scholastic orders due- November 30th
  • Winter Concert- Lyrics and a flyer were placed in your child’s folder. 
  • Mark your calendars- field trip booked for February 5th at the Roynon Museum of Earth Science and Paleontology. More information about this field trip will be coming soon. 

Week of 11/5-11/9

Week 9

Quote of the week:

To change the world, start with one step. no matter how small, first step is hardest of all. 

Math: We finished Topic 3 in math and reviewed the whole unit today. We will be taking our exam on Monday. We can now add 2 digit numbers using a variety of strategies. We learned how to add on an open number line, a hundreds chart, using compensation, and by breaking apart the addends. We also learned how to solve one and two step word problems. 

Reading and Writing: We are finishing up our writing pieces. Next week we are working on how to add a strong ending and we will finalize our stories. We are continuing to read and respond and think critically about our books that we are reading in the classroom. We are starting a new unit next week in reading which will be all about fiction books.

Social Studies: We started a new unit on Ancient Greece. We learned about Athens and Sparta and why religion was important in Ancient Greece. We can locate these two city-states on a map and tell important facts about them. Next week we will be learning about the different gods and goddesses and what life was like in Ancient Greece. 

Field Trip: We had so much fun on our field trip. Thank you to everyone who chaperoned. Our next field trip is to see Alice In Wonderland on Tuesday, November 13th. If you did not bring in the permission slip today, please bring it in on Tuesday. I accidentally wrote to bring it in on Monday, but we do not have school on Monday. 



Important Reminders:

  • No School- Monday, November 12th
  • Alice In Wonderland Field Trip- Tuesday, November 13th. Please bring in the permission slip! 
  • Thanksgiving Break- Week of November 19th- 23rd

Week of 10/29-11/2

Week 8:

Quote of the week:

“Without a sense of caring, there can be no sense of community.”

Happy end of Q1! We had a very busy week. I am so proud of everyone for doing an amazing job on presenting their fairy tales and morals. We are very excited to start all of our learning adventures in Q2. 

Math:We are still on topic 3 and are  learning how to add two digit numbers. We can now add within 100 using place value strategies and by breaking apart the numbers into tens and ones. We will finish topic 3 next week and hopefully have our exam on Friday.

Pumpkin Carving: Thank you to everyone who came to help out and carve pumpkins this week! We put glue, vaseline, and vinegar and water on 3 of the pumpkins to see what substance would make the pumpkin rot the fastest. So far, the pumpkin with the glue on it is starting to rot and grow a lot of mold. We will make more observations about our pumpkins on Monday. 

Reading and Writing Workshop: We are adding more details to our personal narratives and are really focusing on editing our stories. Everyone is enjoying reading time and we are continuing to respond to what we are reading in our notebooks. 

Next week’s vocabulary words will be the same! 

Art: We made warm and cool fall leaves! They will be on display in our classroom.

Mystery Reader:

Important Reminders:

  • Field Trip: November 6th!!! If you are a driver for this field trip, you should have received an email from me with who was in your car and what to except on the trip. Please let me know if you did not receive that or have any questions.
    • Please send your child with a bagged lunch for the picnic and a separate labeled snack for inside the museum. Thank You! 
  • I am still trying to coordinate our free field trip to support our students for the Alice In Wonderland trip. 
  • Conferences- November 7th-9th. We have minimum days on all of these days. If you did not sign up yet, there are still spaces available. Please use the sign up genius below. 
  • Remember- no more Math review sheets. Please let me know if you would still like your child to receive them for extra practice. 
  • P.E. is now on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. 
    • Spanish is  now Tuesdays and Thursdays.
  • Thanksgiving Break: November 19th-25th. No School!
  • A HUGE THANK YOU to everyone for my beautiful birthday cake and extremely generous  birthday gift card. It was very generous and thoughtful of all of you. I am so thankful to be a part of a wonderful community at OTA. 
  • If anyone has any good pictures from this week (Halloween, PBL presentations) please send them to me!

Important Jogathon Message

From the Jogathon Committee…

We had a smooth and successful Jog-a-thon!!  Thank you to all the volunteers, teachers, and students for your hard work and participation.  Please continue to collect your donations this week.  For those of you that have donations pending per lap you ran, you should have received your JAT certificate with your individual total so you can request final donation payments. We are in the process of uploading this data to Pledgestar for those families/students who have pending "per lap" donations in Pledgestar.  We will let you know when that information is complete.  In the meantime, for all other manual donations (via checks), Please turn in to your teachers by Friday.  If you have multiple checks, please ensure the student's name and grade is clearly marked so we know where to apply the donations.  Thanks so much!!

Week of 10/15-10/19

Week 7

Quote of the week-

“Always be a little kinder than necessary.”

Math: We finished and reviewed Topic 2. We can now tell if a group of objects is even or odd, we can find the total number of objects in an array and write a repeated addition sentence for the array. We will have center games on Monday and our Topic 2 test on Tuesday. 

Language Arts: We focused on identifying facts and opinions. We read an article on televisions and identified the different sentences that were facts and opinions. We also read a book about the invention of bubblegum and identified the facts and opinions. We are almost ready to send our book out to the publishing company! We were supposed to send it out today, but  we have a few more finishing touches that we need to add. Once the book is sent out to the company we should all have our official copies before Thanksgiving break! Thank you to those who have handed me the publishing form back.

Fairy Tale Presentation-November 1st 1:00 in our classroom.

Next Week’s Vocabulary Words:

doubt, bargain, warm, polish. gleam

Writing Workshop: We started Unit 2 and began planning another writing piece. I was able to assess everyone’s writing from Unit 1 so we are working on the areas in our writing that we need to improve. 

Reading Workshop: We have been reading in our guided reading groups! We are doing a great job at choosing just fit books during independent reading time. We started our reader’s notebook routine. On Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays your child will need to respond to a prompt in their notebook about the book that they are reading. They must hand their notebooks in on Fridays with a minimum of 3 responses. 

Social Studies: We read a few more stories on Ancient China and began planning to make our map to go along with our fairy tale story. We will include a compass rose, title, and legend on our maps. 

Important Reminders:

  • October scholastic orders- October 30th. Online code: TCDMV
  • Field Trip- November 6th.
  • Conferences- November 7th-9th. I will put up a sign up genius after the staff meeting next week. 
  • October reading log and reading response questions- October 30th
  • Halloween Party- October 31st
  • November 2nd– Half Day. End of Q1

Have a great weekend! 🙂 

Week of 10/8-10/12

Week 6

Math: Most of us took the math portion of the MAPS test this week. We will finish these next week. I will discuss the scores with you at parent teacher conferences. We learned more card math games and started Topic 2 in Math. As your child how they know if a number is even or if a number is odd.

Language Arts: We have been very busy working on our fairy tale stories that we are going to teach to the school. We are actually going to be getting our stories published into a book that we can have in our classroom! All the group fairy tales will be put together into one book. I have a very important paper in your child’s purple folder. The paper is the ordering form from the publishing company, where you have an option to order a copy of the class book that will be made. The company that is publishing our book will give our classroom one free copy, ONLY if I get everyone’s form back, even if you are NOT buying a copy. I do not except or require anyone to buy a copy of this book. However, in order to receive the free copy, you must please sign the form and check the “no” box if you are not buying one. If you would like a copy of the book you may fill out the order form or buy one online. This is not the only time that I will be using this company to publish our work, so there will be more opportunities to buy a class book 🙂 

Tentative PBL Date- November 1st. I will notify you if this changes! Students will be reading their fairy tale and presenting their maps of their fairy tale. Students may also dress up as characters from their stories. 

We started to take the reading portion of the MAPS test and will finish next week. 

Our main reading strategy that we focused on this week was cause and effect. We read a few stories together and discussed the different events that happen because of something. We then responded to a writing prompt and wrote about a cause and effect from the story. 

Next Week’s Vocabulary Words:

luxury, enormous, jealous, vibrant, affordable 

Writing Workshop: We put the final touches on our first piece of work and have been free writing in our journal. Next week, we will begin Unit 2. I sent home a rubric of Unit 1 in writing in your child’s folder this week.Let me know if you have any questions. Each time we finish a Unit, I will send home a rubric so you can see your child’s progress. The rubric has all of the mini lessons that have been taught.

Reading Workshop: We are continuing to reflect on our reading and write about connections predictions, and new facts that we are learning in our books. We are learning how to share with the class about what we are reading. Guided reading groups are made! Ask your child about our article a day routine!

Social Studies: We began a unit on Ancient China! We also began making maps for our fairy tale stories. I asked the students the driving question- How can maps help the characters in the stories that we read? We started with a blueprint of our fairy tale land and are going to begin creating them next week. We will be presenting the maps along with the fairy tale stories.  

Halloween Party: Halloween is coming up! We are going to have a fun day in the classroom. Please see the sign up genius below for items to donate to our classroom party. More details on what we will be doing will be coming. Let me know if you would like to volunteer for our party! I also would love if a parent is available after school to put up the decorations for my door. The kids are making monsters to decorate, but I would love if someone could put it up. I also am in need of black butcher paper to cover the door. Please email me if you can get me the butcher paper and/or put everything up. Thank You so much!



Compliment Throne Pictures:


Important Reminders:

  • Jogathon- October 19th We’re about a week away from this year’s Jogathon! Please encourage your kids to get pledges! We’d like EVERY student to get at least one $10 pledge, to help support all of the great programs at OTA. If you haven’t already done so, please set up your page to our web based fundraising system!
  • If you placed a September Scholastic order it should be here sometime next week. October Scholastic orders are due October 30th
  • October reading log and reading response questions- due October 30th. Instructions for how to do this are located on the extended learning tab on the blog. 
  • Field Trip-November 6th. Thank you for all of the parents that said they were able to drive. Please hand in your permission slip and money by October 26th. If you are driving I will email you with who is in your car and more information soon. 
  • Conferences- November 7th-9th. 

Have a great weekend!

Week of 10/1-10/5

Week 5

Math: We wrapped up Topic 1 in Math! We practiced more addition and subtraction strategies as we rotated through centers and games. We took our Topic 1 test on Thursday. Everyone’s test is in their take home folder. I am giving extra credit opportunities to students who received a certain grade. If there is a note on your child’s test, please sign it and return it on Monday. I will have some extra credit problems so they can boost their grade. 

Language Arts: We read and learned about tall tales. We read about Paul Bunyon, Casey Jones, John Henry, and Pecos Bill. Ask your child what their favorite tall tale was. Our main reading comprehension strategy was all about retelling. We learned that when you retell a story you only talk about the most important parts that happen in the beginning, middle, and end. We wrote in our reading notebooks about what happened in the beginning, middle, and end of Chrysanthemum. We also made a lot of progress on our fairy tales that we are creating and teaching to the other students at OTA. We hung our moral posters around the school with some of the first graders! 

We will also be taking the language portion of the MAPS test next week. 

Next Week’s Vocabulary Words:

tremble, delectable, nervous, avoid, whimper

Writing Workshop: Everyone is currently publishing and illustrating their first narratives! We successfully completed Unit 1 and will move on to Unit 2 once all of the narratives are finished. 

Reading Workshop: We learned that when we are reading we can use sticky notes to help us comprehend. We can put predictions, connections, questions, and new facts that we learned on sticky notes. We are beginning to share with the class the different things that we are discovering in our books. Guided reading groups will start next week! I wi 

Art: We learned how to draw a pumpkin and we made spooky halloween art!

Mystery Reader:Thank you to our third mystery reader! If you would like to sign up to read a book to our class, please do so on the mystery reader tab on the blog. I will email you about a week before to ask you for your 5 clues. 

Important Reminders:

  • Picture Day- October 9th! 
  • JogAThon- October 19!
  • Halloween party- I will be creating a sign up genius for different snacks to bring to our Halloween party. 
  • Make sure to bring back Math test on Monday if there is a note on it. 
  • October reading log and reading response questions- due Tuesday, October 30th. Remember, your child is choosing 3 questions to answer about 1 of the books that they read. Look under the extended learning tab for more information. 
  • If you happen to have any cans in your recycling bins Ms. King is requesting some for an art project on Monday! Please bring them in if you have them!


Have a great weekend! 🙂