Week of: 1/7-1/11

Week 16

We had a great first week back from break!

Math: This week we reviewed subtraction concepts and started solving two step word problems. We are learning to look for key words in word problems that tell us wether we are going to add or subtract. We played lots of fun math games this week! We also added new pages to our number of the day binder. We are now working with numbers in our binder from 100-1,000. We will take a short exam on Monday and continue with more word problems before moving onto time and money. 

Reading/Language Arts: We reviewed what a collective noun is and wrote sentences using collective nouns in a book. Our main comprehension strategy that we focused on was finding the main idea of a text. We read a few articles and practiced identifying the most important details from the text. We also practiced writing about the most important details of the nonfiction books that we are reading during independent reading time. 

Next Week’s Vocabulary Words:

rapid, steep, insist, bolt, excess

Writing: We are learning how to write nonfiction! We talked about what makes nonfiction writing special and brainstormed different topics that we know a lot about that we can write about. We chose one topic and began making detailed sentences based on facts. We are working on adding adjectives to our sentences to make them more interesting. We then began writing strong introductions to our informative pieces. Next week we will add text features to our stories. 

Q2 Essential Questions:

How do changed in our environment affect communities around the world?

How can we educate our community about these changes?

Science: We began a new PBL unit on severe weather! We are learning about the science behind hurricanes, tornadoes, blizzards, thunderstorms, and droughts. We split up into our research groups and read books, articles, and watched videos on our specific type of severe weather. We brainstormed how weather affects communities around the world and discussed the types of severe weather that different places get. We brainstormed ways that we can educate our community and we decided that we are going to create a weather report newscast and make science stations about our type of severe weather. We will continue our research and work on our projects for the rest of the quarter. 

Art: We created oil pastel drawings of ourselves catching snowflakes on our tongues! 


Important Reminders: 

  • January 18th- Free Dress Day
  • Please consider donating your unused Gift Cards(worth at least $10), to be used for Spring Fundraising! Students can turn them in to me!
  • No School- MLK Day January 21st
  • January reading response questions due- January 31st. 
  • Upcoming field trip at The Roynon Museum of Earth Science and Paleontology- February 5th!!! Permission slip and money is due on Friday, February 1st. Thank you to all the chaperones who offered to drive! 
  • Tentative PBL presentation date- February 1st
  • Minimum dismissal/end of Q2- February 1st
  • Mark your calendars- in school field trip- Monday, March 18th. The Helen Woodward Animal Center will be bringing in various animals to our classroom to discuss the life cycle. I will need a few parent volunteers that morning 🙂 

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