Week of 2/4-2/8

Week 20:

Quote of the week

“The only way to have a friend is to be one.”


Math: We are now able to solve money word problems with dollar bills and coins. We can also reason about the value of coins and dollar bills and find different ways to make the same total value. We also practiced telling time to the nearest five minutes. Everyone started their math carnival project and is practicing adding dollar bills and coins to determine what rides they can go on and what food that they can eat at the carnival. Next week we will finish Topic 8.

Reading/Language Arts: We started a new reading unit and are learning all about the characters in the stories that we read during independent reading time. We learned how to identify physical traits of a character on the outside and personality traits on the inside. We also determined the difference between character emotions and character traits. We read a story and practiced making inferences on the main character by jotting down notes on what the character says, does, feels, and thinks. 

There will be no vocabulary words next week. 

Writing Workshop: We started writing our nonfiction books! We chose an animal that we are going to be studying in science to write our books about. We created a table of contents and  started our introduction. We also learned how to add more detail to our writing by giving lots of examples.

Q3 Essential Question: How do cycles in nature impact our environment? 

Science: We started our new unit all about cycles in nature. We learned that when the earth rotates it causes day and night and when the earth evolves around the sun it causes the seasons. We wrote in our science journals about rotating and revolving. Next week we are going to learn about the life cycle of trees and plants. 

Mystery Reader: We had a very special visit from our local meteorologist. The students enjoyed listening to her story and asking questions. We even showed her our weather report video and she was very impressed! 


Art: We made a sun and moon with warm and cool paint colors to represent nighttime and daytime. 

Valentine’s Day: Our class party is on Thursday, February 14th. Please let me know if you can help out at our party. We will be exchanging valentines and rotating around the room playing various games, minute to win it style! We will be decorating bags in school next week to collect our valentines in. If your child would like to exchange valentines. please bring in the cards on Thursday with no specific names on them. Please only have your child sign their name. For more information about our party please look at the sign up genius.

Compliment Throne Pictures

We had so much fun on our field trip!

Important Reminders:

  • No school Friday, February 15th and Monday February 18th.
  • February reading response questions- February 28th.
  • February scholastic orders- February 27th.
  • In school field trip- Helen Woodward Animal Shelter- March 18th.
  • To continue our commitment as a Heart Safe School, and to increase awareness of a healthy life style, next week we will be handing out “felt” hearts in exchange for “heart felt” donations of a minimum of $1.00. These hearts, cut from felt by the students, will help us sustain AED supplies and ongoing heart hero education for the students. Cash will be accepted at morning drop off an afternoon pick up starting Monday February 11 through Thursday, February 14th. Thank you for joining in our celebration as a heart safe school.




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