7th Grade Update


2/11-2/14 — 7th Grade Traffic Duty 

2/11-2/14 — Heart Felt Donations

2/14 — Valentines Day

2/15 and 2/18 — Presidents Day Holiday (No School)

To continue our commitment as a Heart Safe School, and to increase awareness of a healthy life style, next week we will be handing out “felt” hearts in exchange for “heart felt” donations of a minimum of $1.00. These hearts, cut from felt by the students, will help us sustain AED supplies and ongoing heart hero education for the students. Cash will be accepted at morning drop off an afternoon pick up starting Monday February 11 through Thursday, February 14th. Thank you for joining in our celebration as a heart safe school.

Next Thursday, February 14th is Valentines Day. We will have a relaxed flex period in which students can enjoy candy, refreshments, and kind words before the long Presidents Day Weekend. 

7th grade has traffic duty next week 2/11-2/14. Please sign up for at least one day. Remember, we need parent and student support to keep traffic flowing and the crosswalk safe. 

Thank you in advance! 



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