Week 5 History Update

We are continuing with the ELA State tests this week. Testing will take place Monday-Wednesday. Thursday and Friday are make-up days. Please be sure your children get sleep, eat breakfast, and come to school on time. 

5/17-No tutoring after school
5/18-Newspaper update due
5/21- 5/23: Catalina! 
Students need to be at school by 6 am
so we can be on the road by 6:15 am. When packing, please remember that everyone has to be able to carry all of their luggage on their own. Each piece of luggage also needs to have a purple string/ribbon attached. I will have extra Monday morning. I suggest packing a flashlight or headlamp for nighttime bathroom runs as it does get dark.
Students with inhalers must bring them to every activity in order to participate. Please be sure to pack them!
There will be food to buy on the boat, but students should pack a bag lunch to eat on the boat ride over.Their first meal at camp will be dinner at 6 pm.
There will be an opportunity for students to purchase souvenirs if they choose. There are hats, water bottles, sweatshirts, etc. ranging from $12-$30, or postcards for $1. 
Students not attending the trip are expected to attend school 5/21-5/23. 
Weather forecast as of this morning 5/14.

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