March 19 – 23

Hello STEM Families!

The final week before Spring Break! WOOO! Now would be a great time to get that last extended learning before the crunch happens when we get back from break. Remember that all lists for extended learning projects are posted on each class’s google classroom accounts. 6th and 7th grades have quizzes this week and the study guides for those can be found on Remind. If you need to code to enter remind, they are at the bottom of this post by grade.

5th Grade: This week, students are making butter! The lab will be on Tuesday at the end of the day, so your student should be bringing home some butter. They will then finish up learning about the differences between chemical and physical changes.


6th Grade: Sixth graders have finished learning about the phases of the moon and will be learning about different types of galaxies.They a have quiz on Wednesday on the phases of the moon, so please make sure they are studying!


7th Grade: 7th grade is moving into the history of mutations and how these mutations have led to evolution.They will be seeing how some mutations are better than others and through natural selection these mutations are now a permanent part of certain organisms. 

8th Grade: 8th graders are finishing up their biome projects on Monday and then working on their presentations. After their projects they will be learning about the human impact on different ecosystems and coming up with their own real world solution.


Every Wednesday, I have after school tutoring until 4, I cover all subjects in tutoring. If you ever need to get a hold of me you can message me through the Remind App, or email me at [email protected] If you have not signed up for the remind app yet, the codes are listed below and you can have your student help you to sign up.

5th – b2c7h6

6th – bkgaaf

7th – 248c439d

8th – missschlos


Miss Schlose


  • St. Patrick’s Day 3/17
  • Spring Break 3/26-3/30

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