May 7 – 11

Hello STEM Families!

This week, Family Life Opt Out sheets went home with your middle school students. Family life will be next week (May 14-18) if you need another sheet, you can print one out here. I only need it back if you would like to option your student out of these topics. There will also be state testing in middle school at the end of this week and the beginning of the following week. There will be a state test in Science for the 8th graders and we have been working on some study questions as our morning bell work.

If you are a parent with any interest in helping out during the talent show getting students on and off the stage, as well as help with speakers and microphones!

5th: The 5th graders are learning about the endocrine system and how these glands regulate their whole bodies! They are learning the role of each gland and how they work together to help them grow, digest food, and go through puberty! Ask your student about the role of the Thyroid gland.


6th: 6th Grade students are learning about the immune system this week. They are connecting how the circulatory system and the lymphatic systems work together to keep you healthy! Ask your students how the body identifies an invader





7th: This week, the 7th graders are beginning to learn about the nervous system! We have gone over the different sections of the nervous system and how it helps up react to our environment. Ask you student about the difference between the somatic and autonomic nervous systems! 


8th: 8th Graders are learning about Cellular Respiration! This is the way that your body turns food into energy! (I’m already wishing I had more of it and it’s only Monday!) Ask your students about how Glycolysis works for some fun and difficult to understand dinner talk! 

Every Wednesday, I have after school tutoring until 4:00, I cover all subjects in tutoring. If you ever need to get a hold of me you can message me through the Remind App, or email me at [email protected] If you have not signed up for the remind app yet, the codes are listed below and you can have your student help you to sign up.

5th – b2c7h6

6th – bkgaaf

7th – 248c439d

8th – missschlos


Miss Schlose


  • 5/9 – Staff Appreciation Day 
  • 5/11 – Talent Show at Pacific Martial Arts at 5:30 PM

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