June 4-8

Hello STEM Families!

I see the light of Summer! We are almost there! We are going head first into dissections this week. If for any reason you are not comfortable with your student participating in this please send in a signed note and I will remove them from the classroom with an alternative assignment. Please try to refrain from excusing them because they think it is gross, many students claim this because it is unknown to them. Once they start, they enjoy it immensely. If for any reason your student does not want to actually cut the specimen, they will be allowed to skip that lab job as long as they at least try it once.

Any donation of gloves would be greatly appreciated! We go through boxes and boxes of them this time of year. All sizes are needed, and the gloves need to be latex free to avoid any allergies. Nitrile gloves work great!


If you would like to come in to experience the dissection, you are more than welcome to join your student’s group for the hour! Please email me ahead of time so that I know you are coming. Looking forward to seeing you!


5th: The 5th graders are going to be studying the function of the heart and the circulatory system before they dissect one next week. All students need a pair of lab goggles for next week. If they have an older sibling, they can use theirs. Please make sure that they are goggles and not safety glasses. Goggles can be purchased at Home Depot, Lowes, Staples, and Office Depot.

6th: 6th Grade students are dissecting their rats! Students are doing a great job of handling the seriousness of this lab. Students rotate through lab jobs of being the supplies person, the person who does the cutting of the specimen, the writer for the lab, and the cleaner/observer who makes sure things are being done correctly.

7th: This week, the 7th graders are beginning their frog dissections! Now that they have one full dissection under their belts, the students feel much more comfortable with dissecting the frog. We have completed the external portion of the dissection, and will be continuing on to the internal portion for the rest of this week and part of the next week.

8th: 8th Graders are going strong with their fetal pig dissection! They will have an extra period with me on Wednesday afternoon to really get through this dissection before school is over! I am looking forward to how much insight they gain about their own anatomy during this time. 

Every Wednesday, I have after school tutoring until 4:00, I cover all subjects in tutoring. If you ever need to get a hold of me you can message me through the Remind App, or email me at [email protected] If you have not signed up for the remind app yet, the codes are listed below and you can have your student help you to sign up.

5th – b2c7h6

6th – bkgaaf

7th – 248c439d

8th – missschlos


Miss Schlose


  • 6/6 – 2nd and 3rd grade field day
  • 6/7 – Kinder and 1st grade field day
  • 6/8 – 4th and 5th grade field day AM / Middle School field day PM
  • 6/14 – 8th grade Promotion Ceremony @ 6:00PM
  • 6/15 – Last day of school! Dismissal at 12:00PM

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