Adventures in Third Grade-Week 37

The end of the school year is here. Hard for me to believe-it all went by so fast, and I couldn’t have asked for a better group of students and families to share it with. I will miss this class so very much and even though I’ll still see the students at school as fourth graders, I’m going to miss all of us being together. I had forgotten how bittersweet the end of a school year is when you’re a teacher. You all have some pretty amazing children.


Happy Birthday to CJ who celebrated his birthday on June 13th. We hope you had the Happiest of Birthdays!

We also celebrated (with some popsicles:) our Summer Birthday Crew:  Jane, Poppy, Mateo, Ivy, Jacob, Jimmy, Wyatt F. and Wyatt Mc. We hope that each one of you has a wonderful time celebrating your birthday this summer!

The Cast of The 13 Colonies
Congratulations to the cast of The 13 Colonies! 

Through their dedication to learning their lines, singing their songs, rehearsing their show, putting together their costumes, working on their committees, and performing three live shows-as well as learning a thing or two about this time in our nation’s history-this cast deserves a standing ovation! I couldn’t be more proud of them. BRAVO!

Thank you all for a wonderful year together. I’ll never forget this class-they hold a special place in my heart. Happy Summer Vacation to you all.

Last day of school-Spanish Fiesta

Dear Third Grade Parents,
Students have been learning all about “Food” in Spanish for the last quarter. I want to have a “Fiesta” for our last day of school. I would like for students to bring a small snack to share with their classmates. It could be as simple as tortilla chips, salsa, guacamole, churros, drinks, etc.
Please let me know if you have any questions.

Adventures in Third Grade-Week 36

We loved Field Day! Thank you to our parent volunteers who came and helped run stations as well as those parents who donated items and snacks for our Field Day party. It was a great end to the week. Now, we move on to our final week together in third grade. Hope to see you all on Thursday at our 13 Colonies Musical!

Important Dates and Reminders

  • June 10th: Dress Rehearsal for 13 Colonies, all “costumes” come to school
  • June 13th13 Colonies Musical at 1:30pm, Class Awards to follow 
  • June 14th: Last Day of School, FREE DRESS and dismissal at noon 

Curriculum Highlights

Daily Morning Meeting: Our focus word for the week, and core virtue for June, is WISDOM. Our mantra was “I have wisdom because of my knowledge and experiences”. We discussed how you can have wisdom as a third grader and you don’t have to be “old”-as many in our class believed. 

Reader’s & Writer’s Workshop: We had fun doing an EPIC Book Tasting where students were able to read three different books and rate them. They also wrote a short reflection on these books to then share with their classmates in hopes of inspiring another to read something new. We also wrote about our bright futures and what they look like-this was a big hit with the students.

Math: Our Fast Food Restaurant project has moved in to creating menu items, determining the cost to make these items, setting item prices, and calculating profit. It’s been a creative way to put our math knowledge to use at the end of the year.

Read Aloud: The Penderwick sisters have infuriated Mrs. Tifton…again. This time they are caught playing and fooling around with Jeffrey when he’s supposed to be in his room staying away from them. Skye eavesdrops on a conversation with Jeffrey and his mother and can’t help herself when she hears Mrs. Tifton criticize her family-she barges in the room and confronts Mrs. Tifton. We had a valuable conversation about Skye’s actions.

Social Studies: We are working on finishing up our Design-A-Colony projects by establishing a government, laws, and rules our colonists live by. The thought going in to these colonies really demonstrates what the students already know about life as a colonist.

Musical: Our committees have been hard at work preparing for our show! Our dress rehearsal is on Monday. Then, on Tuesday and Wednesday, we perform our show for other grade levels in order to practice in front of an audience and gather feedback about our show. This feedback will help us continue doing what’s working well and make some shifts in areas that might need some adjustments. We are VERY excited for our BIG show on Thursday:)

Celebrations!Happiest of Birthdays to Jonathan! We hope you have the best birthday!
Congratulations to Xavier, CJ C, Mia and Maya for showing their WISDOM. These students showed wisdom in math, in what it takes to work hard and believe in yourself, or in how you always have an opportunity to make a better choice. Your class is very proud of you all!

Adventures in Third Grade-Week 35

We successfully completed state testing! I am very proud of these third graders for the effort and focus they put in to testing. Now we move on to finishing off our final two weeks together…hard to believe.

Please read the below link. It has information about costuming for our 13 Colonies musical. Please let me know if you have any questions. The students are so excited about their costumes! Thank you for your support.

Costume Ideas

Important Dates and Reminders

  • June 4th: Beauty and the Beast theater performance at 1:00pm.
  • June 7th: Field Day, 3rd grade wears yellow t-shirts
  • June 10th: Dress Rehearsal for 13 Colonies, all “costumes” come to school
  • June 13th13 Colonies Musical at 1:30pm, Class Awards to follow 
  • June 14th: Last Day of School, dismissal at noon

Curriculum Highlights

Daily Morning Meeting: Our focus word for the week was SELF REGULATE with a mantra of “I have tools to help me self regulate and refocus.” At a time of year where this can be very challenging, we visualized ourselves using the tools we have to help us self regulate. For the few mornings we were able to have morning meeting, we shared our strategies for self regulation and why those strategies are helpful.

Reader’s Workshop: With only a couple of days for Reader’s Workshop this week, we spent some time reading just to enjoy reading.

Writer’s Workshop: On the days we were able to have Writer’s Workshop, we examined how strong verbs make the biggest difference in a writer’s narrative. In the mentor text, “Come on, Rain” we were given a very clear example of strong verbs painting a vivid picture of the action in a story. Then we explored specific nouns that tell the reader exactly who, what and where the text is referring to. “When I Was Young in the Mountains” was the perfect mentor text to demonstrate this writing skill.

Math: Math state testing was our big focus this week. Now we are finishing off the year with a math PBL project where the students are being asked to design a fast food restaurant using various math skills we have learned this school year. This is a fun project that allows the students to put their math knowledge to work in a real world scenario.

Read Aloud: The Penderwick sisters lose a rabbit, lose a sister, have a dog running loose in Mrs. Tifton’s garden (and she finds out they have a dog she didn’t even know about), and they are told they are a bad influence on Jeffrey. It’s their father who puts it all in to perspective for them and brings back calm to their family.

Social Studies: We finished our final social studies unit of the year and I am really going to miss teaching this to your students. They are so inquisitive and engaged which makes history so enjoyable to teach. We learned about the reasons leading up to the American Revolution, the Boston Massacre, the Boston Tea Party, our Founding Fathers, The Sons of Liberty, Patrick Henry, and the numerous taxes King George and Parliament unsuccessfully tried to impose on the colonists. Watching the students make connections to our musical throughout this unit has been rewarding, to say the least. 

Musical: Our committees have been working hard to complete their tasks. Our Costume Committee shared their Google slides to help inspire us to “create” our costumes. Our Program Committee designed a beautiful program and distributed a fun questionnaire for all of our cast members to complete. Our Props Committee continues to organize and gather props needed to enhance our performance. Our Set Design Committee submitted their designs and a vote was take to decide which four designs would be used. 

Music, from Ms. King: Students are still doing piano to make up for the time we skipped getting the ukulele concert ready so only if you want to.


Congratulations to Brighton, Poppy, Austin, and Jonathan who showed us they know how to self regulate by staying focused and using tools they have to refocus. Your class is very proud of you all!

Adventures in Third Grade-Week 34

We have completed the ELA sections of state testing and I’m very proud of the effort, hard work and determination the students demonstrated during these long tests. Thank you again to those of you who donated snacks-it made a big difference for the students and they loved finding these snacks at their desk on our testing mornings. Next week we take the math sections of state testing. Enjoy your Memorial Day Weekend!

Important Dates and Reminders

  • May 20th-May 30th: CAASP State Testing
    • Week of May 27th Testing Schedule
      Wednesday-Math CAT (8:20-10:10 block)
      Thursday-Math Performance Task (9-10:10 block)
  • May 27th: Memorial Day, no school
  • May 30th: Last day to order OTA Yearbook
  • June 4th: Beauty and the Beast theater performance at 1:15. *I am still in need of drivers to drive to Mission Hills for this show. Please email me if you’d like to volunteer.
  • June 7th: Field Day, 3rd grade wears yellow t-shirts
  • June 13th: 13 Colonies Musical at 1:30pm, Class Awards to follow 
  • June 14th: Last Day of School, dismissal at noon

Curriculum Highlights

Daily Morning Meeting: Due to our testing schedule, our morning meetings weren’t a daily agenda item as they typically are so we made the most of the mornings we were able to sit together in circle. Our focus word for the week was GRIT and our mantra was, “I demonstrate GRIT with passion and perseverance no matter the challenge”. I can honestly say I saw this happening from every student this week.

Reader’s Workshop: State testing took up most of our workshop block though we did read about the three different colonial regions in order to gather more information about life as a colonist. This information will useful for their Design-A-Colony Project.

Epic Book is a great online library for students that we use in our classroom. They are offering a deal this summer to access this library. If you are interested, you can read this flier: Epic Books Summer

Writer’s Workshop: We were able to do a day of Writer’s Workshop this week where the students chose the topic for their personal narrative. As we began drafting our personal narratives we focused in on the importance of transition words to keep the the flow of our writing from becoming choppy. 

Math: I realized I left math out on last week’s post. We have been exploring capacity and volume as a way to measure liquids. We distinguished between liters and milliliters by looking at objects such as cups, pitchers, eye droppers and coolers to estimate their capacity.  We’ve also been doing a lot of review and practicing of past math concepts.

Read Aloud: The Penderwick’s time at Arundel is beginning to end. After Jeffrey’s birthday party, he learned that his mother’s boyfriend wants to send him off to military school and that she doesn’t think very highly of his friends, the Penderwick sisters. Things become even trickier when Jeffrey’s mother, Mrs. Tifton, sees Batty at Cagney’s house…and there is an escape. Your student can explain that to you:)

Social Studies: Religious dissent, William Penn and the Quakers and colonial life were the topics we examined this week. We’ve discovered how the colonies were named (usually after kings, queens, or important people) and why colonists left one colony for another. We’re beginning to have a strong understanding of religious struggles as well as the struggles of the colonists to separate from England. We found out that life wasn’t all that easy as a colonial child-those kids had to do hard labor!

For our Design-A-Colony project we created colonial flags that represent who we are and we began creating a supply list that we plan to take with us to the New World. Only problem is, there’s a weight restriction. So, we really had to work together to decide what was most important to take and what we could afford to leave behind.

Musical: This week we formed four committees that are in charge of important aspects of our performance. Those four committees are:  Costumes, Props, Set Design and Programs. These committees are doing research, creating, designing, and gathering information that will be necessary for us to have a successful performance. The students love these roles and I love how it gives them ownership of this production.

Music, from Ms. King: Students are continuing their work on piano now that the concert is over.

Art: Using directed drawing (which is a great listening and following directions practice) we created our colonial self portraits. They’ll be on display for you to see at our 13 Colonies performance:) 








Happiest of Birthdays to Maya and Reid! Maya celebrated her birthday on Monday and Reid celebrated his birthday on Thursday. We hope you both had the best birthdays!

Congratulations to Mateo, Chloe, Reece, and Jane for the GRIT they showed this week during state testing and during our musical rehearsals (lots of lines & songs to memorize). They did an awesome job and your class is so proud of you all!

Adventures in Third Grade-Week 33

OTA’s after school theater group will be having an off campus performance of Beauty and the Beast at 1:15 on June 4th. This performance will be held in Mission Hills. We need some parent drivers to help get us up there. If you would like to drive, and have all of your volunteer paperwork updated and turned in to the office, please let me know. Thank you!

Important Dates and Reminders

  • May 20th-May 30th: CAASP State Testing
    • Week of May 20th Testing Schedule
      Monday-ELA CAT (8:20-10:10 block)
      Wednesday-ELA Performance Task Day 1 (8:20-10:10 block)
      Thursday-ELA Performance Task Day 2 (9-10:10am block)
  • May 27th: Memorial Day, no school
  • June 4th: Beauty and the Beast theater performance at 1:15. 
  • June 7th: Field Day
  • June 13th: 13 Colonies Musical at 1:30pm, Class Awards to follow 
  • June 14th: Last Day of School, dismissal at noon

Curriculum Highlights

Daily Morning Meeting: Our focus word for the week was CONFIDENCE and our mantra was, “I believe in myself and my ability to succeed because I have confidence”. We shared what we feel confident about and visualized that confidence along with the feeling that came with it. We did the same for things we don’t feel confident about. What feeling was associated with that? We discussed how can we use our belief in ourself to take on challenges where we may be lacking confidence.

Reader’s Workshop: This week we continued practicing and reviewing the skill of inferencing. This was very helpful as we took an ELA practice test and the students were asked what they could infer from the passage they read. Inferencing can be tricky and I’m proud of the growth the students have made. We’ve also been practicing test taking strategies when you have a long passage to read and a series of questions to answer.

Writer’s Workshop: We did a practice ELA performance task, over two days-just like the real thing. This was a good learning experience and review too. For our personal narrative unit, using mentor texts, we examined three other ways to give a narrative a satisfying ending:  Hopes and dreams, decisions and a moral/lesson. In groups we created a show, don’t tell hopes and dreams ending. We also wrote about a lesson we have learned and this was a big hit!

Read Aloud: The Penderwick sisters have been invited to Jeffrey’s birthday party and when they don’t have anything to wear, they discover Mrs. Tifton’s attic. Full of treasures, the girls are given outfits to wear that once belonged to Mrs. Tifton. The day of the birthday party arrives and the girls enter Jeffrey’s house wondering if his mother will recognize her clothing and shoes on all of the sisters…and, they have never met her before.

Social Studies: The founding of Maryland and Georgia, religious freedom, Puritans, Strangers (ask your student:), the First Thanksgiving, relationships with Native Americans, hardships and government are a few of the topics we explored this week. Today we got to hear about Benjamin Franklin and all of the contributions he has made! We all enjoyed this so much as we now have a better understanding of the lyrics in our musical’s song about him. Lastly, in groups of 3, we are creating our own colony. The past two days were focused on the name of this colony, strengths and weaknesses of the colonists and why you left your home to come to the New World to establish this colony. 

Musical: This week was spent reading the script and taking turns with the parts. We are really enjoying getting to know the characters and the story behind the musical. Students found out what role they have in the production today. If your student brings home their script to practice, I’ve reminded them it is their responsibility to bring it back to school. They are all going to put on an incredible show!

Music, from Ms. King: Thank you to all the parents and kids who came to the Spring Concert to support the music program!


Happiest of Birthdays to Xavier who celebrated his birthday on May 14th. We hope you had a wonderful birthday celebration!

Congratulations to Ivy, Talis, Leonard and Selma for showing CONFIDENCE this week! These students took on challenges, got back up when they were down, and kept a positive attitude because of their belief in themselves. Your class is so proud of you all!

Adventures in Third Grade-Week 32

We LOVED seeing Mateo, Poppy, Aska, and CJ perform in the OTA Talent Show this morning! It was so awesome seeing our classmates on stage today.

Important Dates and Reminders

  • May 10th: OTA Talent Show at 6pm
  • May 12th: Happy Mother’s Day to all of you amazing 3rd Grade Mamas! Enjoy your day:)
  • May 15th: OTA Spring Concert 3rd-Middle School at 6:30pm (see below for details)
  • May 20th-May 30th: CAASP State Testing-if you would like to sign up for snacks during our testing window, you can do so HERE. Thank you to all who have signed up!
  • May 27th: Memorial Day, no school

Curriculum Highlights

Daily Morning Meeting: Our word for the week, which is also our Core Virtue for the month of May, is WONDER. Our mantra was, “I delight in beauty and mystery because I wonder”. We talked about and visualized how an attitude of wonder can make learning exciting and fun-being curious opens our minds to new ideas and taking on challenges. 

Reader’s Workshop: This week we focused on inferences and how you can use clues from the text, what you know (schema) and questions you have to come up with what the author is trying to say without saying it. This is a tricky concept and through mentor texts, as well as task cards and examining scenarios, we have been working on our inferencing skills. 

Writer’s Workshop: When writing personal narratives, it is the author’s job to paint a word picture. We examined what this concept means by drawing a picture of “a cabin in the woods”. Then, we drew another cabin in the woods this time by listening to the way in which I painted a word picture (by looking at a photograph of a cabin in the woods) for them with descriptive, sensory language. The difference between the two pictures made it very clear how important it is to paint a word picture to help the reader visualize. We are now examining the ways to end a narrative with the first being a reflective, or circular, ending. By reading a mentor text using this ending strategy, we practiced writing reflective endings to our own stories.

Math: We practiced finding the perimeter of shapes and reviewed area. We then completed our Quadrilateral unit with an assessment and now we have begun our Time, Capacity and Mass unit. We have started examining and practicing ways in which you can tell time on an analog or digital clock. For example, 9:25 can be read as nine twenty-five or as 25 minutes past nine. Next week we begin elapsed time. 

Read Aloud: The Penderwick sisters find themselves continually apologizing to Jeffrey, the snooty lady’s son. He keeps overhearing one of the sisters talking badly about his mom so the girls decide to apologize and make him cookies. Things go terribly wrong when the cookies are broiling in the oven and then their littlest sister ends up in a field where a bull resides…and rumor has it, this bull has gored a man!

Social Studies: This week we learned all about the colonists. This is such a fascinating part of our country’s history and be sure to ask your student about the Lost Colony (Roanoke Island). They were very intrigued:) We heard all about the failed attempts by the English to settle land in the New World, Jamestown and John Smith, Chief Powhatan and his daughter Pocahontas, fires, “the starving time”, “you don’t work, you don’t eat”, the House of Burgesses, cash crops, the Carolinas, and slavery…just to name a few things. The curriculum connections we are making to our musical are awesome!

Our musical is going as planned and we are having fun with the music and becoming familiar with the play itself. Next week we will begin to identify the parts we want to play and scripts will be put in to the hands of those with speaking/solo singing parts. For those wanting to be involved in other ways, some of those roles are ushers, program design, set design, stage hands and everyone will be in the chorus. I’ll have a better idea of the date for the play once we get our parts solidified. It will be in June, most likely the last week of school, but I will confirm that in next week’s blog post. 

Music, from Ms. King: We’ve been preparing for the OTA Spring Concert which is Wednesday, May 15th at 6:30pm. Come and see your child play their ukulele, watch the orchestra perform and enjoy our rock band groups! Student call time is 6:15pm at Immaculate Conception Church in Old Town (2540 San Diego Ave.) See you there!

Celebrations!Happiest of Birthdays to Brighton who celebrated her birthday on Tuesday. We hope you had the best day!

Congratulations to Reid, Wyatt Mc., Roxy and Betey for showing WONDER this week. These students were curious, they took delight in the challenges and mysteries of learning and they kept a positive attitude because of that wonder. Your class is very proud of you all!

CAASSP Testing Information

CAASSP Testing: The annual California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CAASSP) is coming up. This is the first year of state testing for 3rd graders and we have been preparing all year long and will continue to prepare more heavily until May 20th when testing begins. We have been taking practice tests in class so that students become familiar with the testing format as it is all done on their Chromebook.

OTA Grades 3-5 Testing Window: Monday, May 20-Thursday, May 29th. More info will be sent on our testing schedule as we get closer to the test dates. 

The CAASPP includes 4 Tests:

  • Math CAT– this is a review of all concepts learned in 3rd grade. This includes multiple choice, short answer, graphing, etc. 
  • Math Performance Task (PT)- this is a real world math problem that will require students to expand and think deeply about the concept. Students are required to fully explain their thought process, the math they are completing, and why they did what they did. 
  • ELA CAT- this test requires students to read many passages and asks comprehension and vocabulary questions regarding the text. This includes all 3rd grade ELA Common Core standards. There are multiple choice and short answer questions. (all short answer should be in complete sentences and very detailed)
  • ELA Performance Task- This test takes TWO days to complete. It is lengthy. The test is made of 2 sources about a certain topic. For part 1, students read the 2 sources and are asked 2 questions. These answers must be in paragraph form with textual evidence to support their thinking. For part 2, students are required to write an essay (they will be randomly assigned an opinion, narrative, or informative essay).

Testing Week Information:

  • It is very important to be at school on time, have a healthy/filling breakfast, and a full nights rest. 
  • These tests are long and students can prepare at home with healthy eating and a good night’s sleep.
  • Students who are absent during a test will have to miss class time later to complete the test. Please plan now for your child to be here during our testing window (if your child is sick, we can accommodate for them to take the test at a later date).
  • Tests will start first thing in the morning. If students are late- Mr. C will hold them in the office until after our testing block so that students are not distracted by people coming in and out of our classroom. So, please make sure students are ON TIME! 
  • All students need headphones or ear buds for the tests. There is some audio that students are required to listen to. If students do not have headphones at school already, please arrange to send some with your child. 

Practice Tests:

  • We are doing practice tests in class but if you would like to practice these at home too to continue to give your student practice with the testing format, your student can access these practice tests through their Google Classroom account. Please let me know if you would like more information about taking practice tests at home. 

Testing Week Donations:

  • Because the testing period is long, I would like to offer students a nut-free snack, individually wrapped candy, and gum. 
  • Each day, I have 1 or 2 of the following items on their desk before testing begins:
    • 1 individually wrapped nut free snack: pretzels, goldfish/cheddar bunnies, skinny pop popcorn, etc.
    • 1 or 2 pieces of small hard candy-jolly rancher, life saver, etc. 
    • 1 piece of gum to chew during testing 
  • I am asking for donations of any of the following items I mentioned above.
    • Please see CLICK HERE if you would like to sign up for an item to donate. 
  • We have 5 testing days, and these items help the student’s testing stamina to last the 2 hours of testing each day! 
  • Students will only be allowed to eat/chew the food/gum provided for them during testing. 

If there are any questions about testing, please feel free to email me:)


Adventures in Third Grade-Week 31

Grandparents and Special Friends Day

What a wonderful day to be a teacher and see the love of loved ones surrounding all of your students! We had such a nice time writing Buddy Poems, playing some of our favorite math games and giving our special guests a sneak peak of some of the songs from our musical:) I hope your Grandparents and Special Friends enjoyed their visit as much as we all did.


Field Day 2019 will be on Friday, June 7th! More details including timeframe and activities to come. Each grade level is a different color and third grade is YELLOW. To get in the spirit of Field Day, OTA Field Day t-shirts are available for you to purchase.

Each t-shirt costs $10 and if you plan on buying one, return your order form with your payment of $10 no later than May 7th (preferred payment is cash but checks made out to Old Town Academy will be accepted). 

Purchasing a t-shirt is not required so if your student doesn’t want to purchase one, they may wear a yellow shirt of their choice on that day.

Let’s go third grade!

Important Dates and Reminders

  • May 4th: OTA Gala, hope to see you there:)
  • May 10th: OTA Talent Show, 6pm show time
  • May 15th: OTA Orchestra Performance, 5:45pm

Cabrillo National Monument Field Trip

Even though we got rained on and had to leave a bit earlier than expected, we sure did learn some fascinating things about the life of an explorer from our expert explorer guide. It really was a lot of fun. Plus, we got to enjoy the beautiful views before the rain came pouring down:) Thank you to all of our parent chaperones who helped make this field trip happen!

Curriculum Highlights

Daily Morning Meeting: This week our focus word was SELF TALK and our mantra was, “I use positive self talk because what I tell myself, I believe”. We spent a lot of time visualizing a challenging situation and hearing the words that come into our head. We practiced listening to positive words we can tell ourself when we are faced with a challenge. Hearing students share ways in which they used positive self talk was incredible.

Reader’s Workshop: In preparation for state testing, we are practicing reading passages and then answering a series of questions about these articles using a similar format to what students will see on state testing (more info to come about this). We also continue to work on our reading stamina by reading stories and then taking a quiz to see how well we comprehend what we read.

Writer’s Workshop: Continuing with our personal narrative unit, we explored more mentor texts with strong leads. This time we focused on strong leads that use action, dialogue and description to hook a reader. We practiced these strategies with our own narratives and I continue to be so impressed with students applying what they have learned! Lastly, we discussed how narrative writers have a job to show, and not tell, the reader what is happening. For example, we read a mentor text that does a beautiful job of showing not telling. Then our table groups chose two telling sentences they wanted to turn into showing sentences. One group took the sentence “The cat was hungry” and changed it into “The cat was circling the floor famished as I poured its food.” I was once again so impressed by these kiddos!

Math: We have entered the world of Quadrilaterals, their attributes and how we classify them. This is a very language heavy topic and one that is giving us all the challenge of learning new vocabulary to describe these polygons. We are also practicing, reviewing, practicing and reviewing some more in order to build our stamina for state testing. I am proud of the effort and honesty these students put in to their math work. 

Read Aloud: We have started a new book called “The Penderwicks” which is a story of four sisters who travel to a cottage with their father and hound for the summer. They arrive at the cottage only to realize it sits on a property with a mansion owned by a lady with a snooty reputation. As the girls explore the property, they see a boy in the window, meet a friendly gardener and use a very creative way to decide who gets what room in the cottage. 

Social Studies: Working in small groups with others who chose the same explorer, students were put to the task of creating a poster of their explorer which includes facts. The idea behind this is to treat this poster as a non-fiction text feature so that when people read your poster, they walk away with new knowledge about your explorer. We also learned about Spanish Settlements and when Spanish ships sailed to the new world, they always had at least one priest on board. The mission of these priests was to convert the Native Americans to Christianity. By establishing missions, the Spanish taught and educated the native people about European ways of life too. We had a great discussion sharing our opinions about whether or not it was ok for the Spanish to try and convert the Native Americans.


Congratulations to Louis, Mia, Maya and Peyton for showing and using positive SELF TALK! These students have demonstrated self talk through their thoughts, words and actions. Your class is very proud of you all!

OTA Field Day T-Shirts

Field Day 2019 will be on Friday, June 7th! More details including timeframe and activities to come. Each grade level is a different color and third grade is YELLOW. To get in the spirit of Field Day, OTA Field Day t-shirts are available for you to purchase.

Each t-shirt costs $10 and the order forms will be going home with your student today. If you are interested in purchasing a t-shirt, please fill out the form sent home and return with your payment of $10 no later than May 7th (preferred payment is cash but checks made out to Old Town Academy will be accepted). 

Purchasing a t-shirt is not required so if your student doesn’t want to purchase one, they may wear a yellow shirt of their choice on that day.

Let’s go third grade!