Adventures in Third Grade-Week 22

Curriculum Highlights

Daily Morning Meeting: This week our focus word is also one of the Core Virtues of February and that is JUSTICE. Our mantra was, “I behave in a way that is fair and equal for everyone”. We discussed this a lot in the sense of challenges we face in the classroom and out on the playground. 

Reader’s Workshop: This week we focused on context clues to figure out the meaning of unknown words. We took a look at an underlined word in a sentence and used different strategies to figure out the meaning of that word. This was a great practice for all of us. We also continue to meet and discuss our book club books. Each student within each book club had an opportunity to evaluate their book club. These evaluations were a good reminder that your book club is holding you accountable to the expectations and they are also noticing when you are doing a great job.

Writer’s Workshop: We continue to practice writing strong opinions and reasons for our opinion. With the introduction of the OREO graphic organizer (O=Opinion, R=Reason, E=Example, O=Opinion), we are able to organize our opinion, provide reasons for our opinion and back up our reason with an example. We practiced this strategy by reading about the lives of Ancient Romans. After reading these passages, students were presented with a question about their thoughts on the subject of Roman lives. They had to then organize their thoughts and opinion onto the OREO graphic organizer in preparation for an opinion essay.

Math: By rounding numbers, breaking them apart, or “making a ten” we can do mental math to solve addition and subtraction problems. We completed our graphing project where we had to graph information in four different ways (frequency table, line plot, bar graph and pictograph) as well as analyze that data by answering questions. 

Read Aloud: We began our new book, “The Thieves of Ostia” which is the first in a series called Roman Mysteries. In this historical fiction story, we are introduced to Flavia, a young girl who lives in Ostia, the port of Rome. She lives with her father, a ship’s captain, and he has lost his beloved seal ring. Flavia sets out to find this ring and ends up with a magpie, in a tree, in a graveyard with half a dozen hungry dogs awaiting her descent. After that experience, the story begins to unfold and we are loving it! There are so many references to things we are leaning about with Ancient Rome.

Social Studies: This week we learned about the Roman Republic. Exploring this world of senators, consul, and Ancient Rome’s social classes (Patricians, Plebeians and slaves) has allowed us to practice and share our strong opinions and reasons on this topic. We also dove into the intriguing Punic Wars. Your student should be able to tell you how many Punic Wars there were between Rome and Carthage, who Hannibal was and what animals he took with him to invade Rome by traveling over the Alps, and what the Romans did to the Carthaginian’s land once they conquered them.

Lastly, we had the pleasure of meeting two Ancient Romans, Augustus and Cassia Flavian (aka my mom and dad). Augustus and Cassia taught us all about their home, Augustus’ olive oil trade business and what Ancient Roman’s ate. Augustus, a wealthy Patrician, let us see how servants prepared him for his feast as well as how he ate while reclining on his left side…there is a reason for that. Ask your student if they can tell you:) This was such a fun experience and my parents were so impressed with all of your amazing kids, their questions, engagement and most of all, their willingness to try foods of Ancient Rome.





















Art: Columns are a major contribution from Greeks and Romans and have beautiful and often ornate designs. After looking at how columns were used in Ancient Rome, as well as how columns are used today all over the world, we observed the four major columns used throughout Ancient Rome and they are called:  Doric, Tuscan, Corinthian and Ionic. The students sketched then traced three different types of Roman columns as step one of a very pretty art project.


Congratulations to Jonathan, Xavier, CJ C and Selma who showed us all how they use JUSTICE by behaving in a fair and equal way. Your class is so proud of you!

Adventures in Third Grade-Week 21

Important Dates and Reminders

  • February 15-February 18th: President’s Weekend, no school on Friday or Monday
  • February 20th: OTA Board Meeting 6pm
  • February 22nd: Honor Roll recognition at morning assembly, 8am

Curriculum Highlights

Daily Morning Meeting: This week our word was HONESTY which is also a Core Virtue for the month of February. Our mantra this week was, “I am honest with myself by making choices based on what I believe, not based on the beliefs of others”. We discussed this in relation to making choices in our classroom based on what we believe is the best choice rather than being influenced by the choices of others. Lastly, we shared compliments we had for one another. Each student picked a classmate’s name out of a bowl and then they were responsible for writing compliments on paper hearts for that student. We then passed out these compliment hearts to each other this morning and glued them on to our Valentine’s Day box. It’s a very special thing to watch the smiles on these student’s faces when they read these kind words somebody else had for them.

Reader’s Workshop: Our focus with book clubs this week was using a rubric to guide us to write our best reading response letter to our book club. We reviewed and further practiced making text connections to help us better understand what we are reading. We also read the “Myth of Cupid and Psyche” which gave us even more insight into the fascinating stories and world of Roman gods and goddesses.

Writer’s Workshop: This week we read an opinion essay on whether or not wild animals should be used in the circus and this was a great example of taking a stand on a topic. As we took a closer look at this essay we discovered that the author included three strong reasons to support her opinion. Discovering this strategy, we also chose a topic to take a stand on (ex: a later start time for OTA) and come up with three strong reasons why we feel this way.

Math: We began Topic 8: Use Strategies and Properties to Add and Subtract which has a focus on rounding numbers, properties of addition and using these skills in mental math. There are some extension projects going on as well which are designing a toy store (using the skills of area, multiplication, data collection and organization) and graphing conversation hearts and displaying our data using four different types of graphs. This also involved answering questions that really get you thinking about analyzing the data you collected.

Read Aloud: We finished reading “Because of Winn Dixie” and I have a lot of love for this book. I know a lot of students felt the same. Opal is the kind of character we can all learn something from:) We loved the movie and it was so fun discussing the similarities and differences between the movie and the book. Next week we begin reading “The Thieves of Ostia” which is about four children in ancient Rome and it’s the first in a series called “The Roman Mysteries”.

Social Studies: Roman Gods and Goddesses were the topic this week and it was a topic that every student was silent and engaged for-it was so much fun teaching and talking about these fascinating deities. We discussed the history of the relationship between the Romans and Greeks, why they believed in gods and goddesses, how they celebrated and thanked these gods as well as where rituals took place to honor these gods. Each student chose a god or goddess who caught their attention and began gathering research for a future project.

Science: Before we took down our Body Systems expert bulletin boards (to make room for Ancient Rome), we took pictures for you all to see:)

The Skeletal System Experts
The Muscular System Experts
The Nervous System Experts

Music, From Ms. King:Piano: Work on 4 finger songs 
Ukulele: Learning Count On Me by Jason Mraz. Learned D minor chord


Congratulations to Wyatt F., Jimmy, Brighton and Ivy for their HONESTY this week. These students really put in the work to show they were being honest with themselves about their choices in our classroom this week. Your class is very proud of you all!

Adventures in Third Grade-Week 20

To continue our commitment as a Heart Safe School, and to increase awareness of a healthy life style, next week we will be handing out “felt” hearts in exchange for “heart felt” donations of a minimum of $1.00. These hearts, cut from felt by the students, will help us sustain AED supplies and ongoing heart hero education for the students. Cash will be accepted at morning drop off an afternoon pick up starting Monday February 11 through Thursday, February 14th. Thank you for joining in our celebration as a heart safe school.

Important Dates and Reminders

  • Saturday, February 9th: OTA Family Dance 6-8pm
  • February 11-14th: “Heart Felt” Donations 
  • February 14th: Valentine’s Day activities plus Popcorn Bar and Movie. Please return the permission slip that went home yesterday if you wish for your student to watch “Because of Winn Dixie”. Here is our Valentine’s Day Class List.
  • February 15-18th: President’s Weekend, no school Friday or Monday

Curriculum Highlights

Daily Morning Meeting: This week our focus word was CARING and our mantra was, “I show that I care for my self and others”. We especially focused on how we show we care in our classroom by following expectations, listening and showing ourself and others we are ready to learn.

Reader’s Workshop: Our book clubs are going well and students are working on how to “push the conversation” with your book club by asking questions that dig deeper and ask for more from the person sharing. We explored making connections to what we read such as text to text, text to self, text to world and text to media. I was impressed with all of the types of connections the students were making!

Writer’s Workshop: We have started our Opinion Writing Unit and it is so fun! This class is not short on opinions so they have been very enthusiastic about this writing process. We discussed how authors brainstorm to help them find a topic for an opinion essay. The students brainstormed ideas of “favorites”, “wants” and “take a stand”. We also explored the difference between a weak and a strong opinion and came up with some strong opinions of our own.

Math: We took our Topic 6 Assessment and will continue working with area and perimeter. Students also took a Topic 8 pre-assessment. We begin Topic 8 Use Strategies and Properties to Add and Subtract on Monday. We’ve also been working on fact fluency with multiplication and division bingo-the goal is by the end of the school year, students are fluent in their multiplication and division facts. This will make a big difference for them in 4th grade.

Read Aloud: Opal continues to make us think about what it means to be open minded. She learned about a friend with a criminal past, why Gloria Dump has glass jars hanging in her tree and why Amanda always has a pinched face. She’s learning many lessons and one of them we talked about in depth is that you never know what a person is going through so be careful to judge them. I can’t say it enough but this book is truly incredible in so many ways. We are all very excited to watch the movie version of Winn-Dixie on Thursday!

Science: We completed our unit on Human Body Systems. Each expert group had smaller more specialized experts within their group who created Google Slides to share their expertise on a specific part of their system. We all learned so much from one another. We also enjoyed making brain hats:)

Social Studies: Our Ancient Rome unit has officially started and we are going to have the best time learning about this fascinating civilization! We discovered where ancient Rome is located and why it made such a perfect spot to grow an empire. We touched upon their geography, diet, architecture, and the Colosseum to get those third grade brains extra curious. The Legend of Rommulus and Remus gave us some insight into how Rome came to be.

Art: The symbol of the she-wolf with Rommulus and Remus is a very common one throughout Italy. We took a look at ancient Roman coins and observed how this symbol was found on their currency as well as other symbols called Roman Numerals. By examining the relationship between Arabic numbers and Roman numerals, we had a good idea of how to create numbers like the Romans did. So using clay and carving tools, students created coins in the style of the ancient Romans. Next week when the coins are dry, we will use metallic paint to paint them.

Music, from Ms. KIng: Students have completed learning the melody for happy birthday this week on ukulele. They have also completed our learning unit on three note piano songs.

Celebrations! Congratulations to Leonard, CJ, Jane and Betey! These students did such a great job showing they cared for themselves, others and our classroom. Your class is so proud of you all!


Adventures in Third Grade-Week 19

Today marks the last day of Quarter 2 and what a successful quarter we had! I’m very proud of the hard work these students put in and look so very forward to our Ancient Rome and Solar System units in Quarter 3:)

On Friday, February 8th, we’ll be decorating Valentine’s Day boxes. Please have your student bring in a shoebox by that date. If you happen to have any extra shoeboxes that you are willing to donate, that would be appreciated too. Thank you!

Important Dates and Reminders

  • February 4th: Quarter 3 begins!
  • February 8th: Coffee with the Principal 8:15am
  • February 9th: OTA Family Dance-Neon Dance Party 6-8pm
  • February 14th: Valentine’s Day-we will be having a fun day of activities and we will pass out Valentines. If your student would like to personalize their Valentine’s, here is our Valentine’s Day Class List. There are 28 students in our class and just a reminder that if your student decides to pass them out, they need to have one for everyone in our class.
  • Report Cards will be sent home next week. If you would like a copy of your student’s winter MAPS scores, you may request a copy.

Curriculum Highlights

Daily Morning Meeting: With the Great Kindness Challenge going on this week, our focus word was KINDNESS and our mantra was “I show kindness in many ways throughout the day”. There were so many acts of kindness this week and I hope this continues outside of this week as well:) We had many discussions about sharing secrets, keeping secrets and telling secrets. Questions were posed such as, “What if somebody is telling you somebody else’s secret, how can you handle that?” or “What if you aren’t good at keeping secrets, what can you say to the person who wants to tell you a secret and keep that secret private?” or “How do you decide whom to tell a secret to?” or “Should people be telling secrets?”. It was fascinating hearing their opinions!

Reader’s Workshop: We spent a lot of time focusing on the rituals and routines of Book Club expectations and meetings. This week, I really wanted to students to get a clear understanding of what a strong book club discussion looks and sounds like. In order to do this, different book club groups were asked to be in the “fishbowl” while the rest of us stood around them. We watched as this book club did their meeting and discussion about what they read. Afterwards the students, watching what was going on in the “fishbowl”, had an opportunity to comment on what they heard, saw and noticed that was meaningful and an example of the power of a book club in making us better readers. 

Writer’s Workshop: We completed our Meet the Expert blurbs and they are so great! The students did an excellent job including important details and information to prove they are an expert on their body system. We also worked on using a rubric to ensure that our reading response letters for our book clubs are meeting the expectations-this is a skill we will continue to work on.

Math: We are almost finished with Topic 6 and spent a lot of time going over how to find the area of irregular shapes…we’ve almost got it! We’ll have an assessment next week.

Read Aloud: “Because of Winn-Dixie” is such a good book. Opal is a strong character and her character traits are something we can all learn from. She’s been very lonely having moved to a new town, not having a mom around, and being the preacher’s daughter. But, she is pushing through and making some very unlikely friends along the way. Plus, she got a job and got a job for a wonderful reason…ask your child to elaborate on this.

Science: Our expert teams have been busy at work designing their bulletin boards to prove their expertise and educate others about their body system. We became super experts on very specific parts of our system and began creating Google Slides to display this knowledge. We did another Mystery Science with Doug experiment where we learned about the brain and nervous system. Students had to test their reaction time in catching a ruler that was unknowingly released from their partner’s hand. This gave them a hands on demonstration of how the eyes and brain work very hard sending each other messages through our nerves/senses. They loved this!

Music, from Ms. King: Students are continuing on with the introduction of the piano and from here to the end of the year we will be spending half our time on piano and half of our time on the ukulele. On the ukulele we have started to talk about how to play melodies on the instrument in addition to chords. 


CJ C celebrated his 9th birthday on January 29th. Hope you had the Happiest of Birthdays, CJ!Congratulations to Poppy, Maya, Reece and Austin for showing great acts of kindness throughout the week, it was wonderful to watch. Your class is so proud of you!

Third Grade Adventures-Week 18

Important Dates and Reminders

  • January 28-February 1st: The Great Kindness Challenge 
  • February 1st: Last Day of Quarter 2, Pajama Day Sprit Day and dismissal at noon.
  • February 9th: OTA Family Dance Neon Dance Party 6-8pm

Curriculum Highlights

Daily Morning Meeting: This week our focus word was STRENGTH with a mantra of “I have strength to use in any situation”. We discussed that strength isn’t just physical but mental too. We had two different challenges (holding a squat position with arms extended forward as well as using breath and mental focus to hold tree pose) that required mental strength to push through. We also shared out ways we used mental strength when these challenges got tough and how we can apply those strategies in our daily lives.

Reader’s Workshop: After the MLK, Jr. Reader’s Theater presentations, we introduced Book Clubs and met with our group to look over book club guidelines, expectations and contract signing-book clubs require certain things be done by each person in the group to make it function well. We also did pre-reading task cards with our book club books which gave everyone an opportunity to explore what they’ll be reading.

Writer’s Workshop: We took a look at how a “Meet the Expert” blurb is written and what exactly to include in a blurb like this to justify your expertise in a particular area. We have three expert groups in our class: Skeletal System, Muscular System and Nervous System so we wrote and will be posting expert blurbs around the room to give people an opportunity to “Meet the Experts”. 

Math: Area is our topic so we practiced using standard and nonstandard units of measure to find and label area as well as work with the Distributive Property of Multiplication to help us find area.

Read Aloud: We finished “There’s a Boy in the Girl’s Bathroom” and had such a wonderful time reading this book together. It was so engaging and the students loved it! It was a wonderful book to truly dissect a character and see their growth throughout a story. We have now moved on to “Because of Winn-Dixie” which is a story about Opal and the stray dog she takes in after saving him from the Winn-Dixie-where he was running wild,  almost got sent to the pound and was given the name Winn-Dixie to save his life. 

Science: We are now in our unit on Human Body Systems with a focus on the skeletal, muscular and nervous systems. Students chose a colored cube that matched one of the three systems and that became the expert group they are a part of. We have worked on researching each system with our groups and our role is to be an expert on that system. Each system group has been given a bulletin board that they are in charge of filling with engaging information about their system. We also did a very fun science experiment called “Robot Finger”. This experiment taught us about bones, joints, muscles and tendons. Ask your child what Doug did with the chicken foot:)

Music, From Ms. King:This week we have started to introduce the piano and from here to the end of the year we will be spending half our time on piano and half of our time on the ukulele. On the ukulele we have started to talk about how to play melodies on the instrument in addition to chords. 

Celebrations!Happy Birthday to Mia! She will be celebrating her birthday on January 27th:)

Congratulations to Mia, Peyton, Roxy and Landon! These four showed great mental STRENGTH this week as they focused their minds no matter what was going on around them. Your class is very proud of you!

I’d also like to congratulate Chloe, Aska, Reid and Louis who were recognized last week for showing COURAGE. Your class is very proud of you too!

MLK, Jr. Reader’s Theater Reflections

Last week the students were given a reader’s theater script about Martin Luther King, Jr. They had a couple of days to read their lines and practice their performance- which they did this morning. The purpose of this activity was to have the students experience and learn about what it was like to be Martin Luther King, Jr. Here’s what they had to say…

  • I learned MLK’s biggest speech was in 1963 and the name of his speech was “I Have a Dream”. 250,000 people came to listen. -CJ C
  • I learned that Martin Luther King had a very hard life and he was rejected by his best friend, Jonny. -Landon
  • I learned that Martin Luther King had four children and a wife named Coretta Scott.  -Mia
  • I learned Martin Luther King used his words not his fists. -Jonathan
  • I learned MLK graduated high school at the age of 14. -Louis
  • I learned that even though one of his friends is white, he had to be separated because he is black and his friend is white. -Poppy
  • I learned that MLK, Jr’s wife is named Coretta.-Ivy
  • I learned that Martin Luther King Jr. was a pastor in 1954. -Jimmy
  • I learned that Martin Luther King had courage to make a difference. -CJ
  • I learned that the president when MLK was alive was President Kennedy. -Chloe
  • I learned that after MLK died, Coretta started being the leader. -Jane
  • I learned that Martin Luther King had a friend who was white and couldn’t play with MLK because he had a different skin color. -Roxy
  • I learned that MLK was a pastor in 1954. I also learned MLK graduated high school when he was 14. -Brighton
  • I learned that Martin Luther King’s friend Jonny couldn’t play with him because he has black skin and Jonny had white skin. I learned he had courage. -Selma
  • I learned MLK, Jr. had a lot of strength and courage to solve problems. -Reece
  • I learned Martin Luther King had a lot of courage and thousands of followers.            -Leonard
  • I learned that he was done with college when he was 19 years old. -Betey
  • I learned that MLK was threatened and a bomb was thrown into his house. He was shot by a rifle. -Wyatt Mc.
  • I learned that he had four children and his wife read a lot of books. -Wyatt F.
  • I learned he was a pastor. -Peyton
  • I learned that Martin Luther King, Jr. was really brave because if I got told to do that I would probably say no to do that thing. MLK, Jr. did. I would be afraid. -Reid
  • I learned Martin Luther King’s house got bombed and his wife survived. -Xavier
  • I learned that MLK’s wife read a lot of books. -Talis
  • I learned that Martin Luther King, Jr. gave a super duper famous speech called, “I Have a Dream” speech that 250,000 people attended. -Austin 
  • I learned that Martin Luther King has so much strength. -Maya
  • I learned that Martin Luther King Jr. won his first speech and was in first place even when he was only 14 years old. -Aska
  • I learned that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. met John F. Kennedy. -Mateo

    “Martin Luther King, Jr.” Group

  • “A Valuable Lesson” Group

    “A Dream Begins” Group

    “A Hero Emerges” Group

Adventures in Third Grade-Week 17

I wanted to thank all who were able to make it to our OTA Native American Museum. The grand opening was a huge success!

Our guiding question was “How can we, as docents, educate museum visitors about Native Americans?”. I hope you found that our docents did their job well! I know I am very proud of them. To see the pride they took in their role and in their final product was worth every ounce of hard work they ALL put in to this project. SO proud of them:)

I am out of the classroom until we return to school on Tuesday so our weekly blog is a bit early. We do have celebrations to acknowledge and I will do that in next week’s post.

I hope you all enjoy the long weekend and if you get a chance, please ask your student why Monday is more than just a day off from school.

Important Dates and Reminders

  • Friday, January 18th: Free Dress Day! Congrats on bringing in over 280 pairs of socks.
  • Monday, January 21st: No school, MLK Holiday
  • February 1st: Last Day of the 2nd Quarter and dismissal at noon

Curriculum Highlights

Daily Morning Meeting: Our word for this week as ENCOURAGE with our mantra being, “I encourage myself and others with my actions and words”. We talked about the difference between encourage and discourage (and how those prefixes change the meaning of the word courage). We shared what types of words and actions make you encourage others or feel encouraged by others.

Reader’s Workshop: As we are closing up various units, we took the week to focus on Martin Luther King, Jr. Students read a variety of stories about Dr. King recalling important events and facts from his life. They also will compare and contrast Dr. King with the famous baseball player, Jackie Robinson-again using evidence from the text to support their reasoning.

Writer’s Workshop: I think it’s safe to say each student in third grade has met the learning target of writing a paragraph with a topic sentence, supporting details, and a concluding sentence. As we put a close on this unit, we wrote about what our dream is for a better country.

Math: We are now in Topic 6 which focuses on the relationship between area and multiplication. Students are completing their Restaurant Project where they are designing a restaurant and calculating the area of the space needed for tables, a kitchen and greeting station.

Read Aloud: Bradley Chalkers has worked through his anger about his counselor, and friend, Carla being transferred out of his school. It’s looking like even though Bradley reverted to his old ways, the support he got from his family has helped him work through his anger. We’re seeing him return to the positive changes he has made. Now we are left wondering if Bradley and Jeff will show up to Colleen’s birthday party.

Social Studies: We are now officially finished with our Native American Unit. We begin our science unit on Human Body Systems next week.

Have a wonderful weekend!

OTA Native American Museum to Open Its Doors!

The OTA Native American Museum is set to open its doors on Wednesday, January 16th at 2:15pm!

There is much buzz about what this museum offers its visitors so to give you a sneak peak, here are some things you can expect to see and learn:

  • Featured tribes from the Southwest, Southeast and Eastern Woodlands
  • Detailed map highlighting the Native Americans who lived in each of these regions
  • Information on the Land Bridge Theory
  • Models of the homes these tribes lived in
  • The importance of Native American Legends
  • The role corn played in the lives of Native Americans
  • The art of basket weaving
  • Dreamcatchers and their purpose

And to help you walk through this educational museum, we have 28 very knowledgeable docents who will assist you:) Admission is free.

We all look forward to seeing you on Wednesday!


Adventures in Third Grade-Week 16

Happy New Year! I hope you all had a wonderful winter break. The OTA Foundation Holiday Gift Card Drive has begun. If you have any unused gift cards valued over $10 that you would like to donate, they are for our Spring Fundraiser. You can send them to school with your student and I will be collecting them through January 18th.

Important Dates and Reminders

  • January 11-January 18th: OTA Foundation Holiday Gift Card Drive
  • Wednesday, January 16th: Native American Museum Opening! Museum hours: 2:15-2:45pm. Hope to see you there!
  • Friday, January 18th: FREE DRESS DAY! Congrats to our class for collecting 280 pairs of socks for the sock drive.
  • Monday, January 21: MLK holiday, no school
  • February 1st: Last Day of the 2nd quarter, minimum day with dismissal at noon

Curriculum Highlights

Daily Morning Meeting: This week we focused on our Core Virtue of COURAGE with a mantra of “I am courageous even when things are unknown to me”. We spent some time discussing, sharing and working together on encouraging one another and being aware of the words we use with others and how those words either encourage or discourage others.

Reader’s Workshop: This week we practiced asking and answering questions to demonstrate our understanding of what we’ve read. We used the book “Because of Winn-Dixie” (great book) to guide us in asking questions with details from the text as well as answering those questions with details. We also took our Language Arts MAPS winter assessment.

Writer’s Workshop: We completed the final draft of our paragraph about the homes our Native American tribe lived in which means we have completed all of the writing for our project! Very proud of the growth I’ve seen from these kiddos with their paragraph writing.

Math: We did some review of multiplication and division as we moved on to Topic 6: Connecting Area to Multiplication and Addition. We read the math story “Spaghetti and Meatballs for All” which introduced the topics of area and perimeter. We then drafted our own restaurant while calculating the area of the tables. This is a very fun unit! We also completed our winter MAPS assessment.

Read Aloud: Bradley Chalkers continues to surprise us and teach us just how much a character can change and develop in a story. He actually did his homework-even if he ended up putting it in the trash. He actually made friends and he actually got invited to a birthday party. But then, he gets some bad news and we’re left wondering if he’ll go back to the way he was or continue to be the person he has become. Big changes for Bradley and the kids are loving this book:)

Word Work: We learned about pronouns and how they replace other nouns in a sentence. We also were introduced to abstract nouns which are the kind of nouns you can’t see, hear or touch…like knowledge and wisdom:) As challenging as these can be, the students did a great job.

Social Studies: We are all in the finishing stages of our Native American Museum Project. The students were given a bucket of materials to try and create a model of a home that their tribe lived in. We have been hard at work and look forward to the celebration of opening our museum doors and sharing our final project with you all!


Congratulations to Peyton whose Osprey ticket was pulled at Friday assembly before break. We had a fun time celebrating this honor together with Jimmy, Uno and pizza! We also wanted to acknowledge that Peyton celebrated his birthday on the very first day of 2019:) We hope you had a wonderful birthday!

Congratulations to Talis, Wyatt Mc. and Jimmy for showing courage this week. These gentleman worked very hard even when things were unknown or a bit tough to find answers to-they just kept going no matter what! Your class is so proud of you all!


Happy Winter Break!

Thank you to everyone who participated in and contributed to our class party today-the students had a great time:) And a big thank you to our room mom, Marie for everything she did to organize such a fun time today. I cannot express enough how grateful I am to have such great families in third grade! Here are some pics from our party:

Over break, Talis will be celebrating his birthday and we wanted to wish him a very Happy Birthday next week! Hope you have a wonderful day, Talis.

Happiest of Holidays to you all! I hope that you enjoy this winter break with family and friends and I’ll see you all in 2019!