Adventures in Third Grade-Week 11

It sounds like a lot of fun things are happening this next week for all of you-according to the students who shared their plans for Thanksgiving Break:) I am very grateful for this awesome group of third graders and hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Important Dates and Reminders

  • November 19-23 Thanksgiving Break
  • November 27th-Giving Tuesday
  • December 7th-Coffee with the Principal 8:15am

Curriculum Highlights

Daily Morning Meeting: Our morning meetings were cut short due to a short week, field trip and Cardiac Awareness Day so no awards were given but we’ll resume with awards after break.

Reader’s Workshop: We finished up our mini-unit on Trickster Tales and learned a lot about the elements of these tales. We continued with studying characters and their traits focusing on how a character changes from the beginning of the story to the end-and what exactly causes that change.

Writer’s Workshop: From the perspective of a turkey, letters were written to Farmer Mack Nugget pleading for him to not kill turkeys for Thanksgiving meals. Our inspiration for these letters was the book “Twas the Night Before Thanksgiving”.

Math: We started Topic 4: Division-Using Multiplication Facts to Solve Division Problems. The students did really well understanding the relationship of division and multiplication by creating fact families. Ask your student to show you what the fact family is for 3,4 and 12.

Read Aloud: “Rules” continues to give us lots to talk about and this week it was whether or not Catherine was embarrassed about Jason, her friend in a wheelchair. Lots of great character analysis!

Social Studies: We loved our class field trip learning all about the Kumeyaay! We also researched, in groups, topics about the Native Americans of the Southeast. Each group researched either food, clothing, lifestyle, location/geography or shelter of these tribes.

STEM: There were three Thanksgiving STEM challenges the students explored and I’m always impressed watching third grade minds engineering things! The challenges were: To build The Mayflower (out of foil, styrofoam and tape) and see how many pilgrims (pennies) will fit in your boat before sinking, construct a Thanksgiving dinner table (dominoes and popsicle sticks) and see how much food will fit on your table without overlapping, and design a shelter for a turkey so that it is completely covered and out of sight to avoid becoming a Thanksgiving meal.

STEM Challenge Photos

Cardiac Awareness Day Photos



Kumeyaay-Ipai Interpretive Center Field Trip

We had a great time on our field trip today! We learned SO much about the Kumeyaay Native Americans and enjoyed so many different things like…

  • My favorite part of today was when we took a hike. I learned that they made a new home (ewaa) each year. -Jane
  • My favorite pary is that I learned how to count to ten in their language. And I liked grinding acorns. You used a big rock to grind the acorns. I really liked the trip.-Leonard
  • I learned that they made tools out of trees and they ate different things than we do. I also learned that they acorns with holes the bugs went in to. I also learned how to count in Kumeyaay. And I liked that we got to see the homes they lived in. I also like how we could do the things the Kumeyaay tribe did and I thought that was really cool that we got to be like the Kumeyaay tribe. -Roxy
  • I learned that their ewaa lasts only one year, how to grind acorns, and that the rabbit stick is small. My favorite part was grinding acorns. I liked how there were actually real artifacts. -Poppy
  • I learned that they eat crushed cherries. My favorite part was when we crushed acorns! I liked the trail hike! -Peyton
  • I loved that we got to crush acorns. I also liked the hike. I enjoyed when we made the rocks and played the game. My favorite part was everything! -Selma
  • I learned that they used mostly an oak tree branch to make things. The hiking was my favorite part. I liked speaking numbers in Kumeyaay. -Aska
  • I learned that it takes a long time to make meal with acorns. -Louis
  • My favorite part of the field trip was crushing acorns. -Jacob
  • My favorite thing from the field trip was seeing bones and grinding acorns. P.S. I also had so much fun!!! -Jimmy
  • I loved to make the acorn meal. My favorite part is to get the items of the Kumeyaay. I liked to make the rock! -Betey
  • My favorite part was grinding acorns. -CJ C
  • I learned hard grinding acorns is! I learned about plants and saw real artifacts!!! Even a bow, a spear and other cool things. -Jonathan
  • I liked the Taco Tree. My favorite part was making acorn food and I liked the hike. -Ivy
  • I learned how to play a game that the tribe made and how to grind acorns. My aunt and uncle will be so happy! -Reid
  • My favorite part was grinding acorns. I learned that to make acorn meal there is a huge process. I liked taking a hike. -Chloe
  • I learned that it took a lot of work to make an acorn meal. Their main source of food was acorns. -Landon
  • My favorite part was looking at the weapons, pottery and food. -Reece
  • I learned that it was hard to make acorn meal. -Talis
  • My favorite part was we got to go to a house called an ewaa. -Brighton
  • My favorite part was that I got to grind the acorns. -Wyatt F.
  • I learned how hard it is to make meals. My favorite part was grinding acorns. I liked the stations. -Xavier
  • I learned that it took a lot of time and work to make a house. -Wyatt Mc.
  • I liked seeing their homes and grinding acorns. -Maya
  • I learned that if a jumping cactus gets you it grows a root. -CJ
  • I liked smashing the acorns.I learned it takes a long time to make acorn meal. -Mateo
  • My favorite part of the field trip is when we crushed the acorns. I liked the hike we did where we saw all the plants. -Austin

And a BIG thank you to our parent chaperones who helped make this field trip happen:)

Adventures in Third Grade-Week 10

Thank you to all who attended conferences this week. I really enjoyed meeting and talking with you about your great kids:) For those of you unable to attend conferences, your student’s report card will be mailed to you next week.

I also wanted to tell you all how very grateful I am for the Starbucks gift card and hand delivered lunches this week for conferences. Thank you all so very much! It means so much to me and your thoughtfulness is beyond appreciated. You all really made my week! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Important Dates and Reminders

  • Monday, November 12th-Veteran’s Day, no school
  • Wednesday, November 14thKumyaay-Ipai Interpretive Center Field Trip 
    • We will depart school at 8:15-please be to school on time as we’ll need to leave promptly at 8:15.
    • Students will wear their uniforms and comfortable shoes as we will be walking up some hilly terrain. The center also recommends hats.
    • Students will need to bring a water bottle and a lunch-backpacks are not needed and will not be taken on the field trip. Lunch boxes are fine as we’ll be eating lunch at a nearby park.
    • We should be returning to school by 2pm.
    • A reminder email will be sent on Tuesday.
  • November 15th-CPR Awareness Day, which is the same idea as last year, where students learn AED procedures, CPR and water safety.
  • November 19-23 Thanksgiving Break

Curriculum Highlights

Daily Morning Meeting: November’s Core Virtue is “Stewardship” and as a class we discussed how we can show stewardship in our classroom. Our mantra for the week was “I take care of myself, my work and my space” as these are all gifts we are given that we should take great care of.

Reader’s Workshop: As we begin to learn about the elements of legends and folktales, we launched this unit examining Trickster Tales. We read about Anansi the Spider, Coyote, Raven and Papagayo-all tricksters in their own way. By looking at these trickster tales we explored elements that were the same in each book and unique to Trickster Tales. 

Writer’s Workshop: We revisited writing friendly letters through reading response about Trickster Tales as well as letters to veterans to thank them for the gifts they’ve given us by serving our country.

Math: We learned about the Associative Property of Multiplication, reviewed and practiced our multiplication facts and knowledge of properties of multiplication and took our Topic 3 Assessment today.

Read Aloud: “Rules”-We continue to learn more about Catherine and her relationships-like the one she has with her Dad, the one she has with Kristi-her new neighbor-and the one she has with herself having a brother with autism.

Social Studies: We kicked off our Native American Unit with the theory of the Land Bridge-ask your student to explain this theory to you. An introduction to the local Kumeyaay tribe gave us some good insight into the people who inhabited what we now call San Diego. We also learned about Native Americans of the Southwest, how they lived in that region, their food source, their craftsmanship with building and creating, as well as the mysterious disappearance of the Ancestral Pueblo of that region.


We want to congratulate Poppy, Austin, Mia and CJ for their Stewardship! They really showed us how they take care of themselves, their work and their space by being grateful for what they have been given. Your class is so proud of you!

Today we had our ice cream party celebrating our victory with the 2nd floor Halloween door decorating contest! The vanilla ice cream, whipped cream and syrup were a big hit:)




Adventures in Third Grade-Week 9

It’s the end of the first quarter and it has been a pleasure getting to know your students this past 9 weeks. I am looking so forward to the rest of this school year with all of them-we have so many fun and exciting things to learn, create and do together!

Important Dates and Reminders

  • November 5th-Quarter 2 starts and our PE days are now Tuesday and Thursday mornings.
  • November 7-9th Parent Teacher Conferences and half days with dismissal at noon. If you haven’t signed up for a conference yet, you can sign up here.
  • Monday, Nov. 12th-Veteran’s Day, no school
  • November 14th-Class field trip to Kumeyaay-Ipai Interpretive Center. Drivers, look for information to come next week.
  • November 19-23 Thanksgiving Break

Curriculum Highlights

Daily Morning Meeting: This week we focused our thoughts on the word “EFFORT” as we continue to learn, try and apply new learning as well as push through the end of the quarter. Our mantra this week was, “When the going gets tough, the tough get going”.

Reader’s Workshop: We put a lot of time and effort in to learning, practicing and preparing for our Reader’s Theater Animal Classification performance. We focused on using inflection, strong voices and gestures to enhance our performance. Thank you to all who were able to attend. We hope you enjoyed the show!

Writer’s Workshop: As nonfiction writers, we are choosing nonfiction text features to enhance our writing and elaborate what we are writing about in our final drafts.

Math: We learned about 6,7 and 8 as factors as well as completed some math mystery investigations that involved using many math skills to figure out puzzles and solve the mystery!

Read Aloud: “Rules” continues to be a book filled with teaching moments. Catherine begins to realize how Jason, the boy in the wheelchair who communicates only through word cards, will never know the feeling of what it’s like to run. So she takes Jason on a wild ride. Ask your student about this-Catherine is a good kid.

Science: We finished up our Animal Classification unit with a STEM activity where students had to engineer a new animal who has the ability to survive (based on the description of its habitat as well as the classification it falls under) in a specific environment. We also did another STEM challenge on Halloween where students had to engineer a spider web that could handle the weight of a falling stapler (aka a spider’s prey).  



We’d like to congratulate Reid, Reece, Jane and Betey for the incredible EFFORT they put into the last week of Q1. When the going got tough, these kids got going! Your class is so proud of you all!
Our class won the 2nd floor Halloween door decorating contest! We will be celebrating this victory with an ice cream party:)



The OTA Halloween Parade is tomorrow at 9am followed by awards at 9:40am. Students may wear appropriate masks for the parade only. Our class party is from 1:30-2:30, parents are welcome to join us. Looking forward to seeing everyone in their costumes!

Optional Music Conference Slots

Hello all,
It is not required but should you want to do a parent teacher conference for music I do have time slots available 12:15 pm – 3 pm the 7th, 8th, and 9th of November. Spots are first come first serve! Thanks for your time and happy fall:)
Ms. King

Adventures in Third Grade-Week 8

Important Dates and Reminders

  • October 29th-Students may begin turning in Extended Learning projects. Please remember these count for 15% of your student’s grade. 
  • October 31st Halloween-Students are encouraged to wear costumes just no masks or weapons. There will be a Halloween Parade in the morning and our class party from 1:30-2:30. Parents are welcome!
  • November 1st-Animal Classification Reader’s Theater at 2pm. Hope to see you there!
  • November 2nd-Last day of the first quarter. It’s a minimum day with dismissal at noon and it’s also Crazy Hair spirit day!
  • November 7-9-Parent Teacher Conferences and minimum days. Watch for a Sign Up Genius to sign up for conferences.

Curriculum Highlights

Daily Morning Meeting: With a continued focus on Perseverance, our class mantra this week was “I am open and willing to learn and try new things”. 

Reader’s Workshop: As we finish up our nonfiction unit, we took a look at features of nonfiction text authors use to give us more information. The students have also been practicing their lines with their Reader’s Theater groups.

Writer’s Workshop: As nonfiction writers, we elaborate our writing with details, information, interesting word choice and text features to keep the reader engaged and interested in what we write about. We worked very hard at this author’s craft and came up with some amazing elaboration techniques in our writing.

Math: We began Topic 3-Apply Properties: Multiplication Facts for 3,4,6,7,8. 

Read Aloud: “Rules” continues to be a great read aloud as we hear all about Catherine’s life with her brother, David, new neighbor Kristi and her growing friendship with Jason-the boy in the wheelchair who communicates by pointing to word cards.

Science: A STEM task has been assigned and students are engineering a new animal. They have to put some good thought to planning, designing and developing this new animal to live in a specific habitat. They will begin creating a model of their animal next week.

Music, From Ms. King: 1) E minor chord 2) Switching between E minor and other 3 finger chords 3) New Song: Hang Me Out to Dry (G Major and E minor chords) 


We’d like to congratulate Chloe, Louis, Landon and Aska who are incredible role models of perseverance. They took on new skills we learned in class and applied them to their work persevering through the highs and lows of trying out a new skill. We are so proud of you all!




Important Jogathon Message

From the Jogathon Committee…
We had a smooth and successful Jog-a-thon!! Thank you to all the volunteers, teachers, and students for your hard work and participation. Please continue to collect your donations this week. For those of you that have donations pending per lap you ran, you should have received your JAT certificate with your individual total so you can request final donation payments. We are in the process of uploading this data to Pledgestar for those families/students who have pending “per lap” donations in Pledgestar. We will let you know when that information is complete. In the meantime, for all other manual donations (via checks), Please turn in to your teachers by Friday. If you have multiple checks, please ensure the student’s name and grade is clearly marked so we know where to apply the donations. Thanks so much!!

Adventures in Third Grade-Week 7

A HUGE congratulations to these awesome 3rd Graders who did an AMAZING job running hard at the Jog-A-Thon to earn money for our school! Important Dates and Reminders 

  • Monday, October 28th Students may begin turning in their extended learning. 
  • Wednesday, October 31st Halloween Parade (more info to come) and class party 1:30-2:30. Parents welcome!
  • Friday, November 2nd Extended Learning is due and it’s the end of the 1st Quarter. It’s a minimum day with dismissal at noon.
  • Wednesday, November 14th Class Field Trip to Kumeeyay-Ipai Interpretive Center 

Curriculum Highlights

  • Daily Morning Meeting: This week we continued to focus on the core virtue “Perseverance” with the mantra of “I complete my school work on time”. We also shared what we want to be when we grow up and our favorite book. It’s always so much fun getting to know each other better!
  • Reader’s Workshop: We have been continuing our Informational Reading Unit learning how nonfiction authors organize their writing with a main idea and supporting detials. We’ve been working hard on main idea this week and had an assessment to see how we’re doing with this concept.
  • Writer’s Workshop: As we dig deeper to learn how nonfiction authors write books, we discussed the writing process all authors go through and determined where each of us was in that process of writing our book about an animal we chose. 
  • Math: This week in math, we completed Topic 2 and understanding 0,1,2,5 and 10 as multiples. We did center activities to keep us practicing multiples and our multiplication facts. We took our Topic 2 assessment yesterday. 
  • Read Aloud: We’re continuing to enjoy “Rules” and the friendship Catherine is forming with Jason, a child she’s met who is in a wheelchair and uses cards to communicate.
  • Science: In classifying invertebrates, we learned that arachnids, crustaceans and insects are classified as Arthropods. We also did a STEM activity where we engineered various things for animals such as a toy to keep a cat entertained, a new trunk for an elephant and a way in which to help a turtle move faster.
  • Music, From Ms. King:
    – We continued to work on songs using 3 finger chords 
    – Learned a new song (Shake It Off)
    – Learned how to notate/read musical rhythms using quarter notes and quarter rests


This week we’d like to congratulate Mateo, Talis, Wyatt F., Leonard and Selma for the hard work and perseverance they put forth to get their work done this week! Your class is so proud of you!


Adventures in Third Grade-Week 6

Important Dates and Reminders

  • Jog-A-Thon is next Friday, October 19th! Be sure to keep gathering those pledges to help our school. It is also a half day with dismissal at noon.
  • October 31st is Halloween with a school-wide parade. We will also be having a fun class party-parents are welcome!
  • End of the first quarter is Friday, Nov. 2nd. It is a half day and also the due date of extended learning projects. *If your student would like to turn their extended learning in that week, they can bring their projects in starting on Monday, October 28th.

Curriculum Highlights

Daily Morning Meeting: We continued to focus on our monthly core virtue of  “Perseverance” with a mantra of “My hard work will pay off”. We introduced a new activity to our morning meeting called Go Noodle! which offers movement and mindfulness for kids through fun and engaging brain boosting activities.

Reader’s Workshop: We began our Informational Reading unit where we are learning how nonfiction reader’s prepare to read nonfiction, strategies to use while reading nonfiction, and teaching others about the nonfiction we read. 

Writer’s Workshop: We also began our Informational Writing unit where we are learning how to become a nonfiction writer. We worked on identifying main ideas and supporting details-we’ve been learning a lot about octopuses and frogs. We also chose the animal we will research and write our own nonfiction book about.

Math: We began Topic 2: Patterns in Multiplication. We looked at multiples of 0, 1, 2, 5, 9, and 10 and the patterns we see in multiplication facts. 

Read Aloud: We are reading a wonderful book called “Rules” which is about a young girl with an autistic brother. While waiting for her brother during his clinic time, she befriends a boy in a wheelchair who can only communicate by pointing at cards. The conversations about differences and how it feels to be treated differently because you look or act different has been heartwarming. You all have some very sweet children.

Science: We discussed and identified the two main classifications of animals: Vertebrates and Invertebrates as well as the characteristics of animal classes (fish, mammals, insects, amphibians, reptiles, birds). We discussed and explored the benefits of having a spine by building our own out of mints (vertebrae) and gummy life savers (soft discs).

Music, From Ms. King:– Continued to practice our known chords and switching between them (CM, DM, FM, Am)  – Learned a new 3 finger chord (GM)  – Practiced and Performed “Best Day of My Life” using our two three finger chords (DM and GM)* (M = major chord, m = minor chords)


We want to congratulate Jimmy, Brighton, Wyatt Mc. and CJ C for their incredible perseverance this week-they worked very hard and that hard work paid off!                        Your class is so proud of you all.