Extended Learning 17 for next week and Important Reminders!

Message from Mr. C to the Students: 

Updates from the S3G: Note your upcoming tests for Friday, Jan. 19th. We are also MAPS TESTING this coming week.

Read all the boxes below for assignment due dates and important reminders.

Great work to the S3Gs who completed extra credit extended learning projects. They are spectacular!!! View your grades in social studies and see all those extra points you earned this quarter. Way to go!!! 

The HW & S3G updates with extended learning email will be posted on Fridays from now on so you get a extra few days to complete them. The ELA HW is due by Friday, Jan. 19th. You don’t need to start during the weekend, but you have all week next week to complete and submit it. This is the final Q2 HW so make it your best.

The Spelling & Vocabulary Test will also move to Fridays from now on. Study the list below for next Friday’s test. We took this week’s words today and students had plenty of time to study for it in class this week. Just focus on the words below for next Friday.

Don’t forget that Times Tests will be also Fridays so be sure to study.

This way if you need the extra weekend days, you have them, but you also have a full week to complete HW and study for tests. 

Work on IXL at home any chance you get!

No School Monday, January 15th- MLK Holiday. 

We will be MAPS Testing this coming week- bring a quiet time activity to work on and try to be healthy and present daily. 

CHANGE OF DATE: Your god/goddess costumes are due Jan. 25th Thursday. Wear your completed costume attire it to school. Bring your OTA school uniform in a sturdy bag to change into after the in-class-dress-rehearsal. Your costumes will be returned to you afterwards so you can add on final touches. Then you will come to school Jan. 26th in full gear for the show.

Reminder that the End of Quarter 2 is fast approaching on Jan. 26th which is a Half Day and the day of the Gods and Goddess Spectacular. Any pending work means your child can not participate in the actual show. Get your make-up work in. It is your responsibility to keep track.

Previous Week: 

Rome’s Contribution Essays and Gladiator Weapons by the S3G Photos

The S3Gs did a star-tacular job writing these challenging essays.

The S3Gs had to critically think, discuss, and argue which of the Roman contributions impacts us the most today.

We sat in a circle and discussed as scholars and used thinking tree maps to organize all our arguments and then wrote our essays.

After completing this challenging tasks, the S3Gs made gladiator weapons to celebrate.

Enjoy the photos of a few of the essays students worked very hard on and the photos of the S3G gladiators!

Photos of the S3G Gladiators:

Photo of the S3Gs joining the 1st Graders for a Read Aloud today about Martin Luther King, Jr. It was a powerful story so please ask your S3G to share all about it.


God and Goddess Thinking Maps to Share from the S3G!

Here are some Spectacular god and goddess thinking map posters students created to organize, plan and review their research notes! All of the S3Gs did a fantastic job. They had so much fun organizing their notes and ideas onto a circle map, bubble map or tree map. These brilliant thinking maps are all displayed on our display windows. You can view them when you come to our Q2 classroom PBL presentation on January 26th.

The S3Gs are all working very hard to put them into presentations for the God & Goddess Spectacular coming up on January 26th.

EVITES were sent out this morning– RSVP to the emails from EVITE.

Note that all costumes are due for an in-class dress rehearsal January 23rd. They will be returned to you at the end of the day on January 23rd for touch-ups to be ready for the show day on January 26th. Students will wear their costumes to school for the rehearsal and need to bring OTA school uniforms to change into. Bring a study bag with your name on it.

Once the costumes are returned, students should come to school on January 26th fully ready for the show. Your hair/make-up done, full costumes worn, bring your props/staff/wands/headbands/etc. 


Part 2: Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from the S3G!!!

Thank you to all the parents who signed up for our Christmas celebration items and sent them in. It was a merry celebration!

Thank you to Mrs. Hedrick for hosting the food items and Mr. Perez & Family for the gourmet hot chocolate from Panera with all the sweet toppings and serving it to all the S3Gs. 

Thank you to Mrs. Senn for coordinating the party items.

Thank you to all the S3Gs and families who sent loving and thoughtful Christmas gifts and cards. They are so sweet. I am very touched and grateful. I hope you all have the merriest Christmas season!!!

With Gratitude & Love, Mrs. Pham Snoopy Ninja

The S3G wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

~Enjoy your winter break and see you all January 2nd, Tuesday 8am in the bright and new 2018~

Part 1: S3Gs Holiday Snowman Craft Gifts to Families and Slideshow

Enjoy these adorable photos of the S3Gs and their Holiday snowman gifts to you. The S3Gs enjoyed making their snowman for you. Be sure to read the base of the snowman, it has a Christmas message written to you.

Thank you to ALL the S3G parents and families for your love and support from home to help us reach the stars. We love you!

The S3Gs prepared an appreciation Christmas card for each of our classroom room parents and volunteers. We hope you enjoy the signed card & messages for you. They are coming home today. Thank you to the S3G volunteers for your time, support and help to the S3G. We look forward to your love and support in the new year as well.

Mrs. Senn, Mrs. Turner, Mrs. Tiano, Mrs. Caparell, Mrs. Parada, Mrs. Monson, Mrs. Swanson, Mr. Perez, Mr. Senn, Mrs. Padilla, Mr. Convington


Part 2 of this post will go out Friday…. stay tuned HO HO HO…


OTA Sock Drive: Bring your socks next week!


Every year OTA sponsors a sock drive for the homeless kids at the StandUp For Kids Center here in San Diego. This year our sock drive will be from December 4th through December 15th.

We are asking our OTA families to be generous in helping these kids whose homes are the streets of San Diego. Every year OTA has delivered several hundred pairs of socks to the Center to be distributed to the homeless kids. These kids depend on us to help them and to make this holiday season special for them.

This year we are having a free dress day incentive for the classes to collect socks. Each class will be given a large trash bag to fill with socks. Every class that fills a bag will have a free dress day for the entire class after the holidays.

Please bring in packages of new athletic socks throughout the sock drive to help fill the class bags. The Principal Advisory Committee is spearheading this project and will be in all the classrooms encouraging students to bring in socks.

Get into the spirit of giving this holiday season and help OTA make a difference in the lives of these young children.

Thank you for helping OTA make the holidays special for the homeless kids at the StandUp for Kids Center.

Building the City of Rome in the S3G


The Romans were truly remarkable people. Their history and their story leaves a lasting impression and affects us still today in so many ways. 

The S3Gs had a challenging discussion about the lasting contributions from the Roman Civilization such as the Roman Republic, education, army, architecture, calendar, numbers, Coloseum, etc. They each argued which lasting contribution was the most important in their opinion and wrote about it.

Please continue these discussions with your families at home to expand on the critical thinking!

What are the lasting contributions of Rome?

How did it affect the Roman society?

How does it affect us today?

Which contribution do you feel is the most impacting and what are the reasons that support your opinion? 


Enjoy the slideshow of the S3G construction zone during the building of the City of Rome.  Thank you Mrs. Padilla for your help and patience today!

These were the questions they had to tackle during the Building the City of Rome project:

How can I build a long-lasting City of Rome?

What architect and buildings do I consider important to include?

What are contributions of Rome that I want to demonstrate in my City of Rome model?

How can I work kindly, respectfully, and diligently in teams to accomplish this task?

What are contributions of Rome I feel grateful for?


S3G’s Q2 Project-Based Learning: The Roman Civilization, Slideshow of S3G God and Goddess Sculptors, and Extra Credit Project Options

The S3Gs have landed from space and taking off our astronaut suits and packing our suitcases to travel to Italy! We are traveling back in time to the Roman Civilization for quarter 2 and headed for Ancient Rome.  

We have already started reading about the Romans and having intriguing and exciting discussions. We will be reading, researching, writing, sculpting, creating, conversing, building and critically thinking about Ancient Rome as expert historians.  

Below are the main driving questions and learning targets to be covered, but we will cover, as usual, much more!

Quarter 2 Project-Based Learning Unit: Roman Civilization

Driving Question(s):

Who were the mighty Romans?

What were the contributions of Rome that still affect us today?

How can we, as experts of the Roman Civilization, coordinate a production for our families and school community a presentation about the Roman/Greek gods & goddesses from the era of the Roman Civilization and make them come alive for them?


Learning Targets:

  • I can recall the Legend of Romulus & Remus/How Rome began.
  • I can locate on a map where Rome is located.
  • I can explain what a Republic is.
  • I can tell you 3-5 facts about the Roman gods and goddesses. I am an expert about the god/goddess topic of my choice.
  • I can tell you some of Rome’s strategies used in battles.
  • I know who Julius Caesar is.
  • I explain why Cleopatra was important to Rome.
  • I can explain some of Augustus’ improvements to Rome after the war.
  • I can list 2-3 of Rome’s important inventions and contributions that affect our society today.
  • I know what an Byzantine Mosaic is.

The Roman/Greek Gods and Goddesses…

Fun Thematic Connection: The planets in space we just finished learning about through our astronomy unit represent the Roman gods and goddesses too!

These are the god and goddess topics students chose for their Quarter 2 Project-Based Learning as we dive deeper into the Roman Civilization. Students chose the Roman or Greek names. The S3G’s Gods & Goddess Spectacular is not until the end of January TBD toward the end of quarter 2, however, you can start thinking about their costumes as this will be the only part they complete from home will be due for a in-class dress rehearsal date TBD. You can find/buy/make/borrow a costume with all the props for your child to become the live version of the god/goddess they chose. 


Roman/Greek Gods and Goddesses

Cupid- Zachary

Hercules- Quincy

Apollo- Chace

Jupiter- Noah H.

Zues- Noah F.

Juno- Isobel

Hera- Brianna

Poseidon- Jaden

Neptune- Kellen

Mars- Dimitri

Ares- Nate

Cerberus- Brooklyn

Bacchaus- Elias

Diana- Lylah

Medusa- Tesla

Artemis- Elle

Hades- Robert

Pluto- Julian

Hermes- Jonah

Mercury- Vincent

Ceres/Demeter- Novie

Aphrodite- Isla C.

Venus- Sophia A.

Hephaestus- Caden

Vulcan- Valentin

Pegasus- Isla K.

Minerva- Abby

Athena- Sophie H.

Vesta- Maya


Challenge Extended Learning Opportunity for Quarter 2:

Since we are completing our ELA and MATH HW in class this week, next week and we have Thanksgiving break coming up. I wanted to invite you all to do some extra credit extended learning projects.

  1. Choose a topic.
  2. Research about it and type up a research report/script/or a creative written understanding/expression of your topic. 
  3. Built, construct, model, create your topic. Be CREATIVE.
  4. Write the title visibly and your full name.
  5. Submit it for extra credit points all the way through January 12th.

Here are the topics you can choose:

  1. The Coloseum
  2. The Pantheon
  3. Roman Republic
  4. Julius Caesar
  5. Cleopatra 
  6. Carthage 
  7. Punic Wars
  8. Roman Architecture
  9. Gladiators/gladiator fights
  10. Roman Art
  11. Roman Education
  12. Roman Army
  13. Roman Calendar
  14. Roman Letters/Writing 
  15. Geography of Ancient Rome
  16. The Roman Gods & Goddesses (do not do the same topic of the one you are already doing in class).
  17. You can choose any topic related to the Roman Civilization, but you must complete all parts of the project for credit. Read above.

Precious slideshow of the S3GS Roman/Greek Sculptures: Wait for it to fully load to view all photos… 

Great work S3Gs!!!



Happy Thanksgiving Byzantine Mosaics from the S3Gs

The S3Gs have made these beautiful Byzantine Mosaics along with beautifully written Thanksgiving letters for you. We hope you are filled with love.

The Spectacular 3rd Grade wishes you a Happy Thanksgiving! Count all the blessings in your life. Soak in all the precious moments with your family and friends. Enjoy delicious food. 



It has been a truly pleasure meeting with you all at parent conferences… thank you everyone!

Spectacular work, S3Gs! Jog-A-Thon Assembly 2017 Photos

What a wonderful job, S3Gs, we did it, 100% participation….. you shine so bright superstars…

I am speechless at all your hard work and support to OTA, S3Gs. You did it, you shine as shooting stars!

Thank you for raising money for the school you love. The S3Gs wanted to share with our families since we know you are all wondering, so you know the results of the hard work and love your child put into collecting pledges:

The S3Gs won the 100% participation– only class to have 100% participation.

The S3Gs raised the most money in the grades 3-5 category.

Zach Caviness had the most sponsors in the whole school.

Quincy Ricker earned the 2nd most money in the whole school. 

Many students at OTA won cool prizes and the S3Gs won many as well. Their faces were precious and priceless. Some of our S3Gs even passed when their names were drawn more than once to give their prizes to other students. Thank you for your kindness and generosity S3Gs. 

The S3Gs will celebrate with an ice cream and pizza party soon on a date TBD. This is how you choose to be SPECTACULAR in the Spectacular 3rd Grade. We smile silently with joy together.

The S3Gs are proud, but we talked about staying humble. So proud of you all!!!

~A special thank you to the Celentino Family for your time to put together this wonderful assembly~