Summer is Here!

THANK YOU so much to everyone for a wonderful year!! I am so proud of everyone for working so hard this year. We had a great last week of school and a sugar-filled end of year party! Here are some pictures from the last two weeks of school.

Enjoy your summer!! 🙂

Uniform Donations Reminder

If your child has outgrown his/her uniform, and it is still in good shape, please consider donating back to OTA. We will have bins out at drop-off and pick-up and in the lobby, from Monday, June 11 to Thursday, June 14. Thank you!

We Are Almost 4th Graders!!!

3rd grade had such a fun week! We had field day, we supported our friends in the Peter Pan production, and we were the teachers for the day. We also have been working very hard on our autobiographies and are almost done!!!

Everyone did a great job on the extended learning projects. The treehouses are on display in our classroom and we presented our musical instruments to the 1st graders.

Next week, are our book report presentations. We worked on our “sandwich book report” poster in class. Your child must wear their decorated book report T-shirt to school on their presentation day. These T-shirts are created at home. Please bring back the book too!

Monday, June 11th- Skunk Scout and Justin and The Best Biscuits In The World

Tuesday, June 12th- Frindle, Slimed, Jake Drake

We are very excited for our classroom party on Friday. Remember, it is a minimum day and also free dress. Thank you to those who have signed up to bring in items for the party. Here is the link to the SignUp Genius if you would still like to donate.

Your child will be going home today with all of the items/supplies that have been in their cubbies. We do not need these for the last week of school. Please have your child still bring their take home folder and backpack for any extra things that will be passed out to be taken home. The Step Up to 4th Grade Math packet was distributed, and the 3rd Grade Summer Review packet was also handed out. I only handed out the summer review packet to those that I received an e-mail requesting one.

If anyone has any old books/classroom supplies/games/etc. (1st-2nd grade) that you need to get rid of, please feel free to donate them! I would greatly appreciate it as I transition into 2nd grade next year. Thank you so much!!

Have a wonderful weekend! 4 1/2 more days left 🙂

P.S.- I have a TON of pictures from field day and from this week. I am having some difficulties posting them onto the blog today. As soon as I can, I will post them. Thanks!


3rd Grade: Week of 5/28-6/1

3rd grade had another successful week! We wrapped up Topic 13 in Math, and are now experts on all things fractions. We have been working extremely hard on our rough draft for our autobiographies. I have been loving reading them and learning new things about everyone. We read 6 chapters in our Light and Sound reader and also completed a few science experiments.

Please ask your child the following questions to see what we learned about light, heat, and sound:

  1. What is happening when popcorn is popping?
  2. What does it mean if an object is transparent, translucent, or opaque?
  3. What are natural light sources vs manmade light sources?
  4. What is sound? What are the different parts of our ear?

Next week, we will continue our autobiographies and transition to completing and illustrating  our final draft. We will also complete the end of the year MAPS Testing in Math and Language Arts. We will be presenting our instruments that we created to the 1st grade classroom, and have a gallery walk of the treehouse projects in the classroom.

Very Important: I gave everyone their book report book to bring home to either finish reading (if they have not already done this in class) and to use to create their T-shirt. These books must come back to school in perfect condition. Please be mindful when reading these at home. Do not have them in the kitchen near food and be gentle with the pages. Thank you 🙂

Important Reminders:

  • Teach Week- June 4th-June 7th. Please email me if you are unsure of your child’s presentation date.
  • Extended Learning Projects (Treehouse and Instruments)- June 5th 
  • Field Day- June 6th 1:00-3:00
  • Peter Pan Field Trip- June 7th 
  • Book Report presentations- June 11th and 12th. On your child’s presentation day, they must wear their decorated T-shirt and return their book. Please email me if you are unsure of your child’s date.
  • Last day of school- June 15th is a minimum day! We will also be having an end of the year party. Please see the end of this post for a Sign Up List.
  • Summer Packet- Prevent the summer slide!! I have a 3rd grade summer packet for students that will better prepare them for 4th grade.  However, in order to save paper, please email me if you would like this packet for your child to work on over the summer. It is a review of all of the skills learned in 3rd grade and will help when entering 4th grade. Even if you have an extra 5 or 10 minutes a day, it is good practice to keep everything that we learned fresh in our brains. Our Math curriculum also comes with a “Step Up to 4th Grade” preview lessons. I will be stapling those and giving them for your child to complete. Students who choose to complete the summer packet and/or the Step Up to 4th Grade lessons will have a treat waiting for them on the first day of school! Again, please email me if you would like this summer packet! I am happy to either send you a PDF or print one out. Just let me know before the end of the school year.

Last Day of School-

I can’t believe it is almost the last day of school! The last few months have flown by and I have enjoyed all of the time that I was able to spend with this group of amazing 3rd graders. To celebrate all of their hard work and accomplishments, we will be having a party on the last day of school, June 15th. After completing our popcorn experiment, and discussing our love for popcorn, we decided to have a popcorn and ice cream bar for our party. We will also be watching a movie, and I created a “photo booth” for students to take pictures in with their friends.  We will set up and start making the popcorn before recess, and then eat/begin our movie after recess.

In order to make this happen, I need your help to bring in things for the party. We have decided on a list of toppings that we would like included for our popcorn and ice cream. Below is the link to a sign up to donate. You can bring in any donations between now and the time of the party. I will be providing cups, bowls, and spoons! Thank you so much!

Have a wonderful weekend! Please feel free to email me with any questions about end of the year events!

Please Read- 3rd Grade Field Trip Tomorrow!

We are getting very excited for our field trip to the History Center tomorrow! Please read the following information from the director of the History Center on what to except during the program.

What to expect during your program:

We will start the visit with a quick introduction to Balboa Park in front of the San Diego History Center (marked with a #1 on the map). I will be giving chaperones a map on how to get there when they get to OTA. Students will then enter the museum classroom and learn about the building materials used to construct Balboa Park in 1915. Students will mix and pour a plaster flower to take home at the end of the visit. These will set while we explore the Park! Students will be led back outside and partner up. Each pair will receive a bag with a compass, a map for navigating, and a set of photo and directional clues. They should take turns using each of these tools as they explore.

Parents will receive a cheat sheet (just in case students get off course!), short information on reading a compass, and fun facts to share at each clue stop. We will briefly review how to use a compass (directions attached here, as well). Students in their pairs, with their adult(s), will use photo and directional clues to navigate to the Plaza de Panama in the center of the central mesa of Balboa Park (marked with a #2) and take a look around. Once all groups arrive, I will share some additional information about Balboa Park’s history and we will discuss what we see around us and what changes have occurred over time. I will pass out laminated maps of Balboa Park and dry-erase markers for student to plan a route back. Students will then plot their route to travel back to the grass in front of SDHC (marked with a #3), and use their maps and compasses, as a well as any noted landmarks to navigate.

When we all return to SDHC, students will receive and un-mold their (now dry) plaster pieces to take home. I will collect all the materials students used on their explorations and plaster-making and remain available to answer any questions.

We will be spending a lot of time outdoors and doing a good deal of walking, so good shoes, reusable water bottles, hats, and sunscreen are all recommended (for adults and for the students!). In the case of rain, we will do an alternate activity indoors with Google Earth, navigate under the covered walkways and complete the plaster activity.


Let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you to our chaperones! I will see you all tomorrow!

No Movie Night

As a reminder, the OTA Movie Night previously scheduled for Friday, June 1 has been *canceled*. Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns, and have a good day! 🙂 Jon

We Survived Testing Week!

3rd grade had a great week! Everyone worked very hard on testing each day. We celebrated testing week with ice cream and a movie at the end of our day today. In between all the testing, we began our autobiography project. We created our self portraits for our cover page and completed our planning packet which helped us brainstorm important events, challenges, accomplishments, and achievements of our lives so far. Next week, we will work on our rough draft of our 5 paragraph story and begin to illustrate the pages too. We are almost done with our novel study books! We will be finishing them up next week and begin to work in our groups to prepare a presentation to present. Your child may wear their decorated book report T-shirt on their presentation day. More information at the end of this post. We also completed an escape room challenge! We split up into different teams and worked through challenging math puzzles to try to escape from Emoji Island. Everyone worked hard in a group reviewing the math skills that we have learned all year. Finally, we began our light, sound, and heat unit with discussions about the different types of energy sources and man-made vs. natural light sources. Next week, we will dive deeper into our unit and conduct a few science experiments!

Please email me separately if you have a popcorn popper that you are willing to let us use for an experiment on Tuesday.

Last week was our final multiplication or division quiz of the year. In lieu of the quizzes, we are starting to make multiplication and division mini books that will be brought home to review over the summer.

Check out our inspirational quote quilt that we designed. It is on display in our window!  We researched our favorite quotes and added our own creative design to them.

If you would like to order books for your child to read over the summer, please do so through Scholastic Book Club. My teacher code is TCDMV.

Go online to:

Look up my name: _______________________

Or enter our Class Code: _______________________

Important Reminders:

  • Balboa Park Field Trip- Friday, June 1st. We will return to OTA for lunchtime.
  • Field Day- Wednesday, June 6th 1:00-3:00. We love volunteers! Thank you in advance to whoever has signed up.
  • Peter Pan Field Trip- Thursday, June 7th


  • Extended Learning DueTuesday, June 5th. Directions to these assignments on on the blog.
  • Book Report T-Shirt. Your child will be decorating a white T-shirt to wear on their book report presentation day. A paper explaining the guidelines of what belongs on the T-shirt was sent home this week. Please look for it in your child’s take home folder. I realize that they will need the books to complete this. Since some of us are still finishing reading, I will be sending the books home sometime next week. These are brand new books, so please be careful with them at home. Thank You!
    • Skunk Scout and Justin and The Best Biscuits In The World- Monday, June 11th
    • Frindle, Slimed, Jake Drake- Tuesday, June 12th
  • Teach Week! June 4th- June 7th. Your child will be the teacher for the day! This paper was also sent home this week. Please look for it in your child’s folder. Your child will be preparing a short lesson to teach me and their classmates. It can be anything that they want! The date that your child will be presenting should be on their paper. If not, please e-mail me.
  • Week 5 and Week 6 Vocabulary Test- Friday, June 8th. This will be the last weekly test before the cumulative assessment of all the words learned in the unit.

Week 5 Vocabulary Words:

  1. drowsy- ready to fall asleep
  2. mend- to repair
  3. unite- to come together
  4. accurate- free from mistakes
  5. massive- large
  6. WOW Word- noncontagious

Week 6 Vocabulary Words:

  1. maximum- the highest amount
  2. minimum- the lowest amount
  3. bellow- to holler loudly
  4. decade- a period of ten years
  5. century- a period of 100 years
  6. WOW Word- decagon

Enjoy the long weekend! 3 more weeks left until Summer 🙂