Week of 4/16-4/20

Wow! 3rd grade had an awesome and busy week! We had our poetry contest (CONGRATULATIONS Brook, Quincy, and Tesla), we dived deeper into our Age of Exploration Unit, finished up Topic 11 in Math, and Grandparent’s Day was a huge success! Thank you to everyone for coming to visit our classroom. It was so nice to meet everyone. Also, a huge thanks to all of the parents that helped to set up the refreshments for our visitors.

We have been getting more comfortable with the “testing language” by doing Math and Language Test Prep activities in the classroom. If you have not already done so, please check out the CAASPP Practice Training Tests with your child.

The 3rd graders really enjoyed our Age of Exploration centers this week. We were able to take a voyage on a ship to the New World  and either apply to navigation school or apply for a royal sponsorship for our voyages. We also began writing our persuasive letters to the King and Queen to sponsor our voyages. We investigated in these centers to answer the following questions:

What was the journey to the New World like?

How did explorers get royal sponsorships?

What challenges did explorers face? 

What did explorers need to know before going on an expedition?  

Please ask your child about what we learned this week!


Important Reminders: 

  • Field Trip to the History Center in Balboa Park is on Friday, June 1st at 9:30 am. Please e-mail me if you are able to chaperone and drive, along with how many students you can take, so I can get a list going. If you are chaperoning and driving, then you must get a packet from the office to fill out.
  • CAASPP Testing Week will begin on May 21st and will last all week. Please e-mail me if you will NOT be here this week. Monday and Tuesday will be the ELA assessments, and Wednesday and Thursday will be the Math assessments. Friday is reserved as a make-up day.
  • Talent Show Try-Outs are on April 25th and April 26th at 3:15Please e-mail Ms. King with any talent show questions.


  1. Explorer passage packet due: Monday, April 23rd
  2. Topic 11 Math Exam will be: Tuesday April 24th. I will send home a review sheet on Monday. Please look over this with your child.
  3. Spelling/Vocab and Multiplication Quiz this Friday.
  4. I went over the Q4 Extended Learning projects with the class. These will be due on Tuesday, June 5th. Please check the Extended Learning Page for more information. Your child will come home with detailed directions on Monday.

For the spelling list this week, your child will have to write the contraction and then write the two words it stands for.

Spelling Words:

  1. don’t –  do not
  2. won’t –  will not
  3. haven’t –  have not
  4. isn’t –  is not
  5. I’m –   I am
  6. I’d  –  I would
  7. can’t  –  can not
  8. they’d  –  they would
  9. weren’t  – were not
  10. hadn’t  – had not

Vocabulary Words: (Navigational Tools used during The Age of Exploration)

  1. Compass- used to determine the direction in which ships were traveling.
  2. Astrolabe- used to determine latitude by measuring the sun.
  3. Caravel- replaced larger slower ships; was able to maneuver quickly through water.
  4. Chip Log-  used to measure speed, which was multiplied by time in order to calculate distance traveled.
  5. Hourglass- a tool used for measuring time.


Have a great weekend!

Week of 4/9-4/13

3rd grade had a great week! We started our new unit on The Age of Exploration, and finished up Topic 10 in Math. I am so proud of everyone for doing so well on the Math test!  We also began preparing for the CAASPP.  We worked very hard on reading different articles on explorers, the events leading up to the age of exploration, and the reasons that explorers wanted to explore unknown lands. We also researched about the caravel ship, and each student created their own. Each table investigated and researched to answer the following essential questions:

Why was the caravel so important to explorers?

How fast did the caravel sail?

How did the caravel improve navigation?

What are the most interesting facts about a caravel? 

Ask your child about what we learned this week!

Important Reminders:

  • 4/17: 3rd Grade Poetry Contest. Please have your poem memorized and be able to recite it with “character!”
  • 4/19: The 3 winners from our class will participate in a final competition with the school. 3rd grade will compete with the 4th and 5th graders.  I will contact you on Tuesday evening if your child has made it to the final competition. It will take place at 1:30 pm in the seventh grade classroom.
  • 4/20: Minimum Day, Grandparent’s Day (see end of post for schedule)
  • 4/21: OTA Gala! Time is running out, as the OTA Gala 2018 is coming up quickly! Please join us at the Broadway Port Pavilion in downtown San Diego. This is our biggest fundraiser of the year, and we need your support to continue all of the great programs and activities at OTA! Please buy your tickets if you haven’t already done so!
  • I have updated the blog to include an Amazon wish list.
  • Please take note of the Q4 Extended Learning Projects Tab on the blog. These projects are meant to be completed throughout the quarter.  There will be two hands on projects that are meant to enhance the learning that we do in the classroom. Rubrics and more information will be sent home next week.


  1. Math Packet is due on Monday, April 16th.
  2. Spelling/Vocab Test and Multiplication Quiz will be on Thursday,4/19 this week, since Grandparents Day is on Friday.
  3. I sent home a packet today that included reading passages from 6 explorers that we will be focusing on. Your child is required to read each passage and then write 1 sentence on the back about what they learned from the explorer. This is due on Monday, April 23rd. We will be making a big chart in the classroom, comparing these explorers, and also tracing student’s bodies to create life size models of each explorer.


Spelling Words:

  1. propel
  2. provide
  3. provision
  4. prologue
  5. project
  6. antibiotic
  7. anticlimatic
  8. antifreeze
  9. antidote
  10. antibodies

Vocabulary Words:

  1. dead reckoning: a way to measure speed when traveling through water.
  2. establish: to start something that is meant to last a long time.
  3. evidence: information that helps show if something is either true or not true.
  4. barbarous: wild, sometimes violent

Field Trip:

  • Please mark your calendars. Our field trip will take place on Friday, June 1st at 9:30 am. More information will come.
  • We will be going to the San Diego History Center in Balboa Park and participating in the Mapping Balboa Park program. They require at least 1 chaperone for every 8 students attending.
  • Students will enter the museum classroom and learn about the building materials used to construct Balboa Park in 1915. Students will mix and pour a plaster flower to take home at the end of the visit. Students will also get to explore the park using a compass, a map, and photo and directional clues.
  • The cost is $7 per student.
  • The program lasts about an hour and a half long. I am considering having a picnic in Balboa Park before returning to OTA. Please let me know if anyone is familiar with a spot where we can have lunch that is close to the History Center. I can bring a cooler for our brown bag lunches.

Grandparent’s Day Schedule:

Grandparents are invited to come to OTA from 9-11am. Here is what our day will look like:

9:00-9:30– Spanish. Mrs. O will be doing a Spanish lesson in our room.

9:30-10:10– 3rd Grade Poetry Contest Finalists will recite their poems. Then, students and their special person will read a passage and answer questions about The Kapok Tree and the rainforest. After, they will complete an abstract drawing of the understory and forest floor, using a variety of different art materials that they choose. We will read the story, The Great Kapok Tree in class the day before.

10:10-10:30- Recess

10:30- 11:00- Finish activities in the classroom, and begin a writing prompt to go along with the drawing for any early finishers. At this time, students can give a tour of their classroom and show them work that is on their chromebook or in their cubbies. They will also give their poem that they created in class as a gift.

11:15-12:00- Music Open House

12:00– Dismissal

Have a great weekend! Please e-mail me if you have any questions about what is going on in our classroom!



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ZenTotz Summer Experience!

Hello Parents!
If your child would like to participate in this awesome experience, please contact me as soon as possible. There are few spots remaining on the roster. You may read the attached flyer for more information, and please be in touch with any questions or ideas. Thank you! ​ Copy of Summer Camp (1).pdf <drive.google.com/a/oldtownacademy.org/file/d/1DhElY6SbPjC4WpN8z-XZ7qobMyao3YyX/view?usp=drive_web> ​

First Week

What a great first week back from Spring Break! The 3rd graders had a blast planting and painting butterflies and presenting their Animal World Presentations. We read and wrote a lot of poems, and started a new topic in Math: Multiplying by Multiples of 10. Thank you so much to everyone for coming to watch your child and for all the volunteers this week. If you have any questions about anything please feel free to email me.

Important Reminders:

April 13th- Half Day End of Q3. Disney Day/Spirit Day. You may come to school dressed in Disney attire.

April 20th- Half Day. Grandparent’s Day 9-11am. We will be doing Earth Day activities with your grandparent or special person.

April 21st- OTA Gala


  1. I sent home a Math packet that will be due on Monday, April 16th. Your child will be opening, designing, and running a Fast Food Restaurant. Please take your time in completing this packet. It should not all be rushed and done in 1 night.
  2. Practice and recite your poem daily. 3rd grade contest in classroom will be on Tuesday, April 17th. The 3 winners will move on to the school wide contest, which will take place on Thursday, April 19th.
  3. Spelling/Vocab and Multiplication Test will be this Friday, April 13th. Again, multiplication tests are no longer timed. Please practice your multiplication facts on a daily basis.
  4. Math Topic 10 Test will be on Wednesday, April 11th. We will have a review day in Math on Tuesday. I will send home the review sheet, please review it with your child at home the night before the test.

Spelling Words:

  1. mother
  2. father
  3. grandfather
  4. grandmother
  5. Earth
  6. environment
  7. pollution
  8. lemonade
  9. poetry
  10. poem
  11. recite
  12. contest
  13. mathematics
  14. practice

Vocabulary Words:

  1. conquistador: a former warrior, usually from Spain, who took control of something by force.
  2. slash: to make a path by cutting plants
  3. precious: very valuable
  4. scarce: hard to find

Please be aware that the CAASP testing window is May 21st to June 1st. We will be starting to do Math Test Prep before every Math lesson, in addition to Reading and Writing Test Prep activities. Please look over the online CAASP Practice Test with your child.

Have a great weekend 🙂

Free Dress

Also- just a quick note to add. Tomorrow will be free dress. 3rd graders may come to school dressed in their Animal World Presentation clothes.

See you tomorrow!

Animal World Presentations

The 3rd graders had so much fun planting and painting the butterfly garden today. Lots of pictures to come!

Just a reminder- our spelling/vocab test and multiplication test will be tomorrow. Our multiplication tests will no longer be timed.

Here are the times again for the Animal Presentations. We hope to see you there!


Amphibian News

Wild Cats

B.B. News


Arctic News

Indestructible Fish

Reptile News

Fwd: Just a few reminders

We’re having a technical difficulty, so I’m forwarding a message from Ms. Klim. 🙂
———- Forwarded message ———- From: Michelle Klim <[email protected]> Date: Mon, Apr 2, 2018 at 1:57 PM Subject: Just a few reminders To: Jon Centofranchi <[email protected]>
Hello 3rd grade parents,
We had a great first day backI I hope everyone was able to enjoy their break with their families.
Just a few reminders:
1. Please remember to bring in your stamped and addressed envelope for Grandparent’s Day tomorrow.
2. Thursday (4/5) from 4-6 pm, Meet and Greet. Please stop in anytime to say hello and see the classroom.
3. Also, on Thursday 4/5, the 3rd graders will be participating in helping to plant a garden and butterfly activities with Rooted in Place Landscape. The students will help plant, make bug hotels, and help paint wood butterflies. The students will be helping from 8:45-10:10. We are asking for parent volunteers who are able to stay from 10:30-12:30.
4. Friday (4/6) Animal World Presentations!
I hope everyone has a wonderful week! Thank you for all of your help.
Ms. Klim