Age of Exploration Museum Information

Age of Exploration Museum Hours- Friday May 18th 1:00-3:00

3rd grade has been working hard for the past two weeks on our museum exhibits. We will be  perfecting everything over the next few days to be ready to present. We are excited to share everything that we learned with you this Friday. The museum will be open from 1:00-3:00.  Since this will be a gallery walk presentation, you may come by anytime. If you are able to come early, please do! We are hoping that our visitors will be seeing our exhibits spread out over the two hours. If you come early, your child must stay until closing. We will end our exhibit and line up at the turf for regular dismissal. If you come late and you stay until the end, your child may leave the class with you at 2:55. Otherwise, we will all be lining up to go down to the turf at 2:55. There will be 6 different interactive exhibits that you may visit when you come.  If your child has a sibling here, they are welcome to join you when you come. Students are expected to come to school in nice presentation clothes. This will not be free dress. Collared shirts, ties, dresses, etc. I understand that we have P.E. in the morning, but to reduce the amount of time spend changing, please have your child come to school dressed in their presentation clothes. Shoes will be OK to change. If your child is bringing something for their presentation from home, please bring it in by Thursday. If your child is bringing food from home (Journey to the New World Group) this may be brought in on Friday morning. Please let me know if you have any other questions about this day!

We hope to see you there! 🙂

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