Adventures in Third Grade-Week 16

Happy New Year! I hope you all had a wonderful winter break. The OTA Foundation Holiday Gift Card Drive has begun. If you have any unused gift cards valued over $10 that you would like to donate, they are for our Spring Fundraiser. You can send them to school with your student and I will be collecting them through January 18th.

Important Dates and Reminders

  • January 11-January 18th: OTA Foundation Holiday Gift Card Drive
  • Wednesday, January 16th: Native American Museum Opening! Museum hours: 2:15-2:45pm. Hope to see you there!
  • Friday, January 18th: FREE DRESS DAY! Congrats to our class for collecting 280 pairs of socks for the sock drive.
  • Monday, January 21: MLK holiday, no school
  • February 1st: Last Day of the 2nd quarter, minimum day with dismissal at noon

Curriculum Highlights

Daily Morning Meeting: This week we focused on our Core Virtue of COURAGE with a mantra of “I am courageous even when things are unknown to me”. We spent some time discussing, sharing and working together on encouraging one another and being aware of the words we use with others and how those words either encourage or discourage others.

Reader’s Workshop: This week we practiced asking and answering questions to demonstrate our understanding of what we’ve read. We used the book “Because of Winn-Dixie” (great book) to guide us in asking questions with details from the text as well as answering those questions with details. We also took our Language Arts MAPS winter assessment.

Writer’s Workshop: We completed the final draft of our paragraph about the homes our Native American tribe lived in which means we have completed all of the writing for our project! Very proud of the growth I’ve seen from these kiddos with their paragraph writing.

Math: We did some review of multiplication and division as we moved on to Topic 6: Connecting Area to Multiplication and Addition. We read the math story “Spaghetti and Meatballs for All” which introduced the topics of area and perimeter. We then drafted our own restaurant while calculating the area of the tables. This is a very fun unit! We also completed our winter MAPS assessment.

Read Aloud: Bradley Chalkers continues to surprise us and teach us just how much a character can change and develop in a story. He actually did his homework-even if he ended up putting it in the trash. He actually made friends and he actually got invited to a birthday party. But then, he gets some bad news and we’re left wondering if he’ll go back to the way he was or continue to be the person he has become. Big changes for Bradley and the kids are loving this book:)

Word Work: We learned about pronouns and how they replace other nouns in a sentence. We also were introduced to abstract nouns which are the kind of nouns you can’t see, hear or touch…like knowledge and wisdom:) As challenging as these can be, the students did a great job.

Social Studies: We are all in the finishing stages of our Native American Museum Project. The students were given a bucket of materials to try and create a model of a home that their tribe lived in. We have been hard at work and look forward to the celebration of opening our museum doors and sharing our final project with you all!


Congratulations to Peyton whose Osprey ticket was pulled at Friday assembly before break. We had a fun time celebrating this honor together with Jimmy, Uno and pizza! We also wanted to acknowledge that Peyton celebrated his birthday on the very first day of 2019:) We hope you had a wonderful birthday!

Congratulations to Talis, Wyatt Mc. and Jimmy for showing courage this week. These gentleman worked very hard even when things were unknown or a bit tough to find answers to-they just kept going no matter what! Your class is so proud of you all!


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