Adventures in Third Grade-Week 20

To continue our commitment as a Heart Safe School, and to increase awareness of a healthy life style, next week we will be handing out “felt” hearts in exchange for “heart felt” donations of a minimum of $1.00. These hearts, cut from felt by the students, will help us sustain AED supplies and ongoing heart hero education for the students. Cash will be accepted at morning drop off an afternoon pick up starting Monday February 11 through Thursday, February 14th. Thank you for joining in our celebration as a heart safe school.

Important Dates and Reminders

  • Saturday, February 9th: OTA Family Dance 6-8pm
  • February 11-14th: “Heart Felt” Donations 
  • February 14th: Valentine’s Day activities plus Popcorn Bar and Movie. Please return the permission slip that went home yesterday if you wish for your student to watch “Because of Winn Dixie”. Here is our Valentine’s Day Class List.
  • February 15-18th: President’s Weekend, no school Friday or Monday

Curriculum Highlights

Daily Morning Meeting: This week our focus word was CARING and our mantra was, “I show that I care for my self and others”. We especially focused on how we show we care in our classroom by following expectations, listening and showing ourself and others we are ready to learn.

Reader’s Workshop: Our book clubs are going well and students are working on how to “push the conversation” with your book club by asking questions that dig deeper and ask for more from the person sharing. We explored making connections to what we read such as text to text, text to self, text to world and text to media. I was impressed with all of the types of connections the students were making!

Writer’s Workshop: We have started our Opinion Writing Unit and it is so fun! This class is not short on opinions so they have been very enthusiastic about this writing process. We discussed how authors brainstorm to help them find a topic for an opinion essay. The students brainstormed ideas of “favorites”, “wants” and “take a stand”. We also explored the difference between a weak and a strong opinion and came up with some strong opinions of our own.

Math: We took our Topic 6 Assessment and will continue working with area and perimeter. Students also took a Topic 8 pre-assessment. We begin Topic 8 Use Strategies and Properties to Add and Subtract on Monday. We’ve also been working on fact fluency with multiplication and division bingo-the goal is by the end of the school year, students are fluent in their multiplication and division facts. This will make a big difference for them in 4th grade.

Read Aloud: Opal continues to make us think about what it means to be open minded. She learned about a friend with a criminal past, why Gloria Dump has glass jars hanging in her tree and why Amanda always has a pinched face. She’s learning many lessons and one of them we talked about in depth is that you never know what a person is going through so be careful to judge them. I can’t say it enough but this book is truly incredible in so many ways. We are all very excited to watch the movie version of Winn-Dixie on Thursday!

Science: We completed our unit on Human Body Systems. Each expert group had smaller more specialized experts within their group who created Google Slides to share their expertise on a specific part of their system. We all learned so much from one another. We also enjoyed making brain hats:)

Social Studies: Our Ancient Rome unit has officially started and we are going to have the best time learning about this fascinating civilization! We discovered where ancient Rome is located and why it made such a perfect spot to grow an empire. We touched upon their geography, diet, architecture, and the Colosseum to get those third grade brains extra curious. The Legend of Rommulus and Remus gave us some insight into how Rome came to be.

Art: The symbol of the she-wolf with Rommulus and Remus is a very common one throughout Italy. We took a look at ancient Roman coins and observed how this symbol was found on their currency as well as other symbols called Roman Numerals. By examining the relationship between Arabic numbers and Roman numerals, we had a good idea of how to create numbers like the Romans did. So using clay and carving tools, students created coins in the style of the ancient Romans. Next week when the coins are dry, we will use metallic paint to paint them.

Music, from Ms. KIng: Students have completed learning the melody for happy birthday this week on ukulele. They have also completed our learning unit on three note piano songs.

Celebrations! Congratulations to Leonard, CJ, Jane and Betey! These students did such a great job showing they cared for themselves, others and our classroom. Your class is so proud of you all!


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