OTA 2015 Spring Gala • K-8 Student Art Projects!

Fourth Grade Student Art Project Finds a Home

Fourth Grade Student Art Project “Peaceable Kingdom” Finds a Home

Thank you Sonja Donahue, Kathy Mitchell, Steve Shupper, Alex Carter, Angela Chalfant, Dug Coleman (Surfboard Artist) for helping the students create these amazing Art Projects • Dan Schwartzman for the wonderful Photography • OTA Teachers & OTA Parent-Volunteers for helping in the classrooms… [Slideshow]

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Thank you OTA Families and Friends who bid on the projects at the
2015 Wine & Dine and raised over $13,000 to help support Old Town Academy.

Note: OTA Site was offline from Sat-Tues due to server/database crash at MediaTemple. Updates on Grandparents Day, Wine & Dine, Spring Testing & Field Trips on the Way!

Poetry Contest Final: April 23 in the 7th Grade Room

Directions to the Poetry Contest: Please Take the Elevator or Stairs to the First Floor and turn right to find the 7th Grade Room * Grandparents Day tomorrow!

Poetry-Finalists 2015 First Grade

First Grade 2015 Poetry Finalists

Every year OTA holds a Poetry Recitation Contest. All students in grades K-8 memorize a poem from the Listen, My Children Core Knowledge K-5 Poetry Collections, the 6th-8th Core Knowledge Poetry Lists, or any passage from Shakespeare. Outside judges evaluated recitations for understanding, delivery, & difficulty and chose 3 students to represent each grade in the Poetry Final.

Click link to see finalists from each grade2015 Poetry Final Contestants

Browse the Core Knowledge Poetry Selections:

The Nine Muses: Clio, Euterpe, Thalia, Melpomeni, Terpsichore, Erato, Polymnia, Ourania and Calliope. Learn more about each Muse below**

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Highlights • April 12 Point Loma High “Future Pointers” K-8 Track Meet (Slideshow)

OTA Outdoor Ed-2015 Track Meet 1

Blue Ribbon!

  • Thank you to all OTA students who competed and parents who cheered!
  • Thank you Coach Curry & Mrs Curry for making it all possible!
  • Slideshow with more highlights coming soon!
OTA Outdoor Ed-2015 Track Meet-First Place

First Place Boys 4×100 relay (back to back victories 2014, 2015)

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OTA Outdoor Ed-2015 Track Meet 2

First Place “Boys 4×100 relay” team… and friends!

“Because we had two girls we had to run with the all boys division! Lyndon, Aiyana, Shyla, Spencer. They were magnificent. The ONLY coed team.” — Coach Curry

6th Grade Starts Piano Maestro – Sight Reading Music – Playing with the Band!


Why Piano Maestro? OTA Students started their piano journey with Soft Mozart, a perfect introduction to musical notation and the keyboard. But now they are ready to move up to the next level. The program is free on iPads for students at OTA (Download App, sign in, register w/ Anthony Kaneaster as teacher): all you need is an iPad and a keyboard (no cables!).

Piano Maestro-Joy Tunes Why Study Music

Piano Maestro-Learning Lab App of the Week

Reminder: Introducing Music Academy of San Diego! Friday 4 PM • OTA Parents & Students, come learn about the new After School music program

  • Music Academy*NEW Violins, Violas, Cello Instruction, Mon, Friday

*** Please arrive early so we can start on time. Parking is available in front of the field after 3:30. Old Town Academy address: 2120 San Diego Ave, 92110  7th Grade Room is on the first floor, first right out of elevator ***

Musicians Playing for you today:

Ai Nihira – Violin
– Contracted Musician from the San Diego Symphony
– Master Graduate from Cleveland Institute of Music and Yale School of Music    
Chiyuan Chen – Viola
– Principal Viola of the San Diego Symphony
– Top-prize winner of 2000 Fischoff Chamber Music Competition and 2004 International Paris Viola Competition Ville d’Avray
-Doctoral’s degree from State University of New York at Stony Brook and Master’s degree from the New England Conservatory 
Yao Zhao Photo

Yao Zhao – Cello
– Principal Cello of the San Diego Symphony
– Top Ten Outstanding Young Chinese Cellist
– Faculty at the SDSU and Idyllwild Arts Academy
– Graduated from USC with Ms. Eleonore Schoenfeld
Jian Chan
Jian Chen – Cello
– Contracted Musician from the San Diego Symphony
– Master’s degree and Doctoral candidate from USC
– Three grade Sydney Chan’s mom!!!
Stanny Shiu / 肖宁
Director/  Music Academy of San Diego, Inc.
Director/ Asia Pacific Arts Management Ltd.
Executive Director / Great Wall International Music Academy
US +1 858 3450159

Enrich After-School logo

Young Violinists

Friday, January 26th 30th at 4 PM in the 7th Grade Room, musicians and instructors from the Virtuoso Music Academy and the San Diego Symphony will present a 30 minute concert and presentation for parents interested in signing up for After School Strings Instruction.

Classes will start the second week of the quarter, meeting Monday and/or Friday (exact schedule TBD). Students will be accepted in Violin, Viola, and Cello (See What Instrument Do You Want to Play?), Grades K-8 welcome. OTA Orchestra with Mr. John Nettles will continue Tu & Th, with the VMA Teachers focusing on technique and on teaching students how to practice.

Why Study Music? Is Music the Key to Success?

Music Academy of San Diego Logo

Learn from the best!
Dear Parents: Based on our decade of classical music education experience, we can’t wait to bring the best music education to students in greater San Diego. We will also bring the most renowned artists from the stage to our classroom; and vice versa, we will bring our best students from the classroom to the International music stages!

— Music Academy of San Diego Director, Stanny Shui

Reminder: Instruction begins promptly at 8:10. Please arrive early so your child gets the best hours of the day

Dear Parents, we have noticed an increase in tardy children whose late arrival is disrupting ten after 8 o clock-gray bkgrndclassroom instruction…

  • Old Town Academy students start every day with Mathematics: missing even 10 minutes a day adds up to 30 hours of missed math instruction over the course of our 185-day school year!

Please help your child and other OTA students do their best by arriving on time.

Thanks for your cooperation!

Mrs. Kamanski

Thank You ResMed, for Supporting the Music-Math Lab!

ResMed, a local medical company specializing in sleep apnea and respiratory care solutions, is a generous supporter of San Diego Education non-profits that work with children. At an Awards Luncheon yesterday ResMed presented OTA with a grant to support our Kiwanis Club of San Diego (Serving the World’s Children) Music-Math Learning Acceleration Lab
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What is ST (Spatial Temporal) Math?

Why ST Math?

ST Math score nationwide

Why Music at OTA?

2014 Music-It-Makes-You-Smarter-and-Younger

Violin, Viola, Cello, Bass

OTA Jog-a-Thon Surprise Dedication: ALICIA & TONY GWYNN FIELD!

Gwynn Family at Tony & Alica Gwynn Field Dedication

* * *  Channel 10 News Coverage  * * *

Tony & Alicia Gwynn Field*


Reminder: Tomorrow, April 17 is deadline to accept your Admissions Offer for 2015-2016

Dear Prospective OTA Families, Admissions Offers were sent out over Spring Break. If you received an offer email like the one below, we need your reply by Noon, this Friday.

  • We have long waitlists for all grades; we need to hear back from you so we can contact the next family if you are not planning to accept your admissions offer.

Thank you

—The OTA Admissions Team

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2015 Wine & Dine News • The ONLINE AUCTION is NOW OPEN!

Online Auction-Amazing ExperiencesCLICK TO VISIT THE ONLINE AUCTION!

Old Town Academy K-8 Charter

  • Help us Celebrate four years of Equity and Excellence for all Students!

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2015 Wine & Dine News • The ONLINE AUCTION is NOW OPEN!

Online Auction-Amazing ExperiencesCLICK TO VISIT THE ONLINE AUCTION!

Old Town Academy K-8 Charter

  • Help us Celebrate four years of Equity and Excellence for all Students!

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Wine & Dine News • ONLINE AUCTION Starts Tomorrow at 9 AM! (Thursday, April 16)

OTA 2015 Wine & Dine: April 25! Click to Purchase Tickets . . . and support your school!

2015 Wine and Dine Online Auction Front Page

California Charter School Families, We Need Your Help

CCSA Families facebook twitter youtube
The voice of California’s charter school parents

Apr 15, 2015

¿Prefiere recibir este boletín en español? Haga clic aquí.

Dear OTA Parents

We need your help. State lawmakers are considering new legislation that will have a big impact on charter schools across California, including YOUR charter school. Some of these laws will help support and grow high-performing charter schools. But others are designed to attack charter schools and hinder the independence and flexibility that enable our schools to thrive.

Can you take just a couple of minutes today and share your voice on these critical issues?

Send an email to lawmakers TODAY urging their NO VOTE on 2 anti-charter bills – SB 322 (Leno) related to charter school expulsion, suspension and admission policies and SB 329 (Mendoza) which will allow school authorizers to deny charter petitions if they might have a negative financial impact on the school district.

Send an email to lawmakers TODAY urging their AYE VOTE on CCSA’s 3 sponsored bills – AB 1198 (Dababneh) which will allow charter schools to save money on facilities financing costs, AB 1344 (Jones) which will help charter schools better navigate the zoning waiver request process, and AB 1426 (Levine) which creates flexibility for site based blended learning programs.

Please take action now. This legislation will be heard on Wednesday, April 22. Your voice will make a difference!

Thank you for your partnership,

Jed Wallace
President and CEO
California Charter Schools Association